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2015 Florida State Game Summaries

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by runthepound, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    2015 Florida State Game Summaries

    2015 Florida State Football

    FSU 10 3 7 7
    PSU 0 3 7 7

    FSU Game Stat PSU
    379 Total Yards 220
    22 1st Downs 9
    104 Rush Yards 54
    275 Pass Yards 166
    2 Turnovers 3
    15:40 T.O.P. 8:59

    1st Qtr
    4:09 FG FSU: Jeff King 51 yd FG
    2:19 TD FSU: Jason Scott to Alex Parker from 11 yds out

    2nd Qtr
    1:31 FG FSU: Jeff King 35 yd FG
    0:00 FG PSU: J. Jones 50 yd FG

    3rd Qtr
    3:23 TD PSU: Watkins to J. Keyes
    1:51 TD FSU: Steve Meyers 1 yd TD run

    4th Qtr
    4:57 TD PSU: A. Bush 72 yd INT return for TD
    2:51 TD FSU: Jason Scott 1 yd TD run

    Opening the season is always an anxious time for Coach Runtheound and his Florida State squad and nothing can get the juices flowing more than a top 10 match up on the road. Penn State and Coach King_Ceps welcomed the Noles to Happy Valley for this one. What they didn't mention was all the rain they would encounter when they got there.

    Despite the amount of points scored in this contest, this was largely a defensive contest. Penn State and Florida State easily have 2 of the best defenses in the nation. In the 1st qtr alone, Penn State turned the ball over twice setting up good field position for Florida State. The Noles were only able to get 10 points from that. FSU would look to take a 13-0 lead into the half, but Penn State was able to drive just into FG range and connect on a 50 yarder as time expired in the half. Florida State clearly dominated the first half giving up less than 50 yards to the Nittany Lions.

    1st Qtr Fumble Recovery from Matt Hargrove (1st qtr)

    Jason Scott to Alex Parker (1st qtr)

    Nate ONeal intercepts a Watkins pass (1st qtr)

    Penn State would wake up in the 2nd half and drive the field and bring the score to 13-10 after a nice corner route from Watkins to Keyes in the back corner of the endzone. FSU knew they had to answer, so they put together a drive that ended with Steve Meyers first college TD.

    Chris Smith's Int inside the 10 yrd line (3rd qtr)

    FSU would hold a start another drive that went into the 4th qtr, but just when they crossed into PSU territory, Jason Scott mistimed his through and LB A. Bush for PSu would house and INT for 72 yds, once again bringing the PSU to within 3 points; 20-17. Once again the Noles would answer. Jason Scott would lead Florida State down the field in just over 2 minutes and sneak it in from a yard out to go back up by 10; 27-17. Penn State would stall on their next drive after turning the ball over on downs. Florida State would drain the clock out after converting a 1st down.

    Excellent Game to Coach King_Ceps! Good luck in the Big 10 man. you have an excellent team man and I think you can do some serious damage with those guys. Good Luck the rest of the season!

    Jason Scott got the nod as the starter for game 1.
    Steve Meyers and Jimmy Ingraham played big roles in their first college game.​
  2. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    2015 Florida State Football

    Cal 14 0 0 14
    FSU 21 28 7 10

    FSU Game Stat Cal
    381 Total Yards 445
    18 1st Downs 18
    127 Rush Yards 208
    254 Pass Yards 237
    1 Turnovers 2
    12:21 T.O.P. 12:29

    FSU did what they wanted to on Offense...but so did Cal. Cal brought in a tough running attack that was tough for the FSU D to stop. The best thing FSU did was put points on the board to help minimize the ground game of Cal. FSU put up 49 points in the 1st half, allowing playing time for the 2nd and 3rd sting players to get some experience. All 3 QB's saw action in this one with Jason Scott getting the bulk of the work and reps.

    Kevin Ross scoop and score in the 1st Qtr

    Jason Scott Option Keeper for a 54 yd TD in the 1st Qtr

    Nate O'Neal scoop and score in the 2nd Qtr

    Scott to Hawthorne for the precision TD late in the 2nd Qtr

    Next up is West Virginia in Morgantown. West Virginia also gave FSU fits running the ball last season. We will see if a tough week of practice for the Noles will help shore up the Nole Defense.​
  3. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    2015 Florida State Football

    FSU 7 24 10 3
    WVU 0 0 3 7

    FSU Game Stat WVU
    400 Total Yards 277
    11 1st Downs 114
    34 Rush Yards 120
    366 Pass Yards 157
    0 Turnovers 1
    13:34 T.O.P. 11:17

    Coming off a terrible game defensively, Florida State had worked all week on stopping the run and playing better defense as a team. Well the hard work paid off. Although the stats may look like FSU had trouble stopping WVU at times, that is only party true. FSU's 1st team dominated on both sides of the ball. The 1st team defense gave up only 115 yards in the 1st half and only 23 of those yards were on the ground. Once the starters were sat down for rest up 31-0, the 2nd team came in and played exceptionally well. Offensively, Jason Scott was a field general. He led his team up and down the field all game long against a very aggressive defense in WVU.

    Jason Scott to Peter Young in the 1st Qtr.

    Jason Scott to Peter Young in the 2nd Qtr.

    Jason Scott to Andy Parker just before the half.

    FSU now enters Conference play with a big game against Miami in Doak Cambell Stadium. Should be another great match up. FSU won last years game 31-10. Miami returns alot of starters including their QB Marquardt who nows has a year of experience under his belt.​
  4. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    2015 Florida State Football

    FSU 7 7 7 14
    Miami 3 14 7 0

    FSU Game Stat Miami
    437 Total Yards 390
    23 1st Downs 11
    209 Rush Yards 52
    228 Pass Yards 338
    1 Turnovers 1
    15:10 T.O.P. 9:10

    Everytime Miami and Florida State meet, it is a battle for in state bragging rights and a chance to court some highly sought after recruits in the state of Florida. This time was no different as both teams were entering this contest to stake claim as the leader in the ACC. Miami lost last season to a senior laden, experienced FSU team 34-10.Alot of last season loss was due in large part to the young team Miami had. This year, with another year of experience under their belts and FSU being on the rebuilding end, the Canes were hoping to blow out that Seminole wind.

    The 1st Qtr was more of a time for both teams to feel each other out. FSU would put together a nice drive and score a TD on a FB dive from Jared Jacobs from 4 yds out to give FSU a 7-0 lead. Miami would follow suit and put together a nice drive of their own, but the Canes were only able to put up a FG and bring the score to 7-3, FSU. The Seminoles next drive would stall and they would punt it away entering the 2nd Qtr.

    Miami would drive the field quickly and Nate Marquardt would throw his first TD of the day to Art Felder for a 30 yards TD strike giving the Canes a 10-7 lead. On Florida State’s next drive, Jason Scott would throw an INT setting up Miami with good field position and a chance to break the game open. Marquardt would connect for another TD, this time it was a 32 yrd strike to A. Copeland. The Canes were in control with a 17-7 lead with 2 and a half minutes to go in the half. Coach Runthepound felt the urgency and the need for his team to draw closer before the half, especially with Miami deferring to the 2nd half. Jason Scott would string together some nice passes, driving his team within scoring position. Danny Thompson answered the call for the score, taking it in from 6 yds out to make it a 17-14 game in favor of the Canes. Coach JCA and Marquardt were satisfied with the 3 point lead knowing there was just over a minute left on the clock before the half. The Canes marched the field with a quickness and were within striking distance of taking a commanding lead. Marquardt dropped back to pass to a man slanting across toward the end zone when he was hit and the ball floated. FSU All American OLB Charles Smith came down with it and saved the Noles from disaster. Halftime score: Miami 17 FSU 14.

    After a tough halftime break for the Noles, one in which Coach Runthepound would get in his defender’s ears about blown coverage, Miami would receive the ball for the opening of the 2nd half. The Canes wasted no time getting things going. The 2nd play from scrimmage was another Marquardt TD pass. This time K. Griffin snuck behind the safety and took it 78 yards on a catch and run to give the Canes a 24-14 lead VERY early in the 2nd half. Coach Runthepound was furious after another blown coverage, especially after his halftime speech on such. He urged his offense to stay calm because they were not out of it and there was still plenty of time left. Jason Scott and Danny Thompson would work the ball down the field with some passes and some nice runs. FSU would eventually score on another FB dive from Jared Jacobs. FSU pulled within 3 again at 24-21. After Coach Runthepound’s tantrum on the sideline, and him threatening to take every player in the secondary off the field, the defense finally decided it was time to tighten up some. The D would force a punt giving their team a chance to take the lead on a scoring drive. FSU would eat some clock and drive the field.

    Entering the 4th Qtr, the Noles still had the ball and had converted on several 3rd down conversions. They would take the lead on an end around to WR Matt Hawthorne. Hawthorne would take the handoff 8 yds in for the score. FSU had reclaimed the lead they once had in the 1st Qtr, 28-24. Miami took the field and looked to put together a nice drive of their own. But the FSU D stood strong. After a tackle on a handoff in the backfield, FSU would sack Marquardt for a 9 yds loss, forcing a 3rd and 20. Miami would not get enough yardage to convert and would punt the ball away with about 4 minutes left in the game in hopes of holding the Seminoles offense and forcing a punt. The Miami punt would go out of bounds at the 1 yd line. This left FSU with 2 options; play it safe and run the ball to keep from giving up the safety, or drive the length of the field and put the game out of reach. Coach Runthepound liked the sound of the latter so he called some plays to make it happen. As Florida State controlled the ball and the clock, they marched toward midfield converting on all 3rd down attempts. At midfield, and on a 1st and 10, Jason Scott tossed the ball left to Danny Thompson and the blocks were made as Thompson found plenty of daylight. Thompson outran the defense and housed a 51 yarder to seal the victory for the Noles. Miami would have a last chance to make something happened but would turn the ball over on downs. Final Score: FSU 35 Miami 24

    Player of the game:
    FSU 2nd string HB Danny Thompson 20 carries for 158 yds and 2 TD’s

    Jason Scott is cool in the pocket as he finds Andy Parker for a 29 yard connection

    Charles Smith intercepts a Marquardt pass after the QB pressure to force a crucial turnover just before the half

    Nate Marquardt is sacked to force 3rd and 20 in the 3rd Qtr

    Matt Hawthorne takes the end around for a 7 yd TD in the 4th qtr to take the lead

    Danny Thompson's 51 yard TD run in the 4th Qtr to put the nail in the coffin

    Great Game again to Coach JCA! Always a fun one man. GL the rest of the season.​
  5. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
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  6. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    2015 Florida State Football

    FSU 40
    UNC 10

    FSU Game Stat UNC
    457 Total Yards 217
    16 1st Downs 7
    118 Rush Yards 19
    339 Pass Yards 198
    0 Turnovers 0
    15:26 T.O.P. 9:36


    Scott to Parker for 26 yd TD

    Scott to Parker for 63 yd TD

    Safety and Sack

    Scott to Wright for 19 yd TD​
  7. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    2015 Florida State Football

    FSU 35
    NC State 21

    FSU 0 7 21 7
    NCSU 14 0 7 0

    FSU Game Stat NCSU
    286 Total Yards 406
    13 1st Downs 20
    38 Rush Yards 88
    198 Pass Yards 368
    4 Turnovers 3
    9:12 T.O.P. 14:48

    Florida State had been keeping their eye on this one with NC State, knowing that NC State would be coming in with an upset on their minds. The Wolfpack has been very good this season and has beaten some very good teams. Coach RTP and the Noles have managed to stay undefeated to this point and the team is just trying to stay focused on the task at hand and not the big game coming up with The Gators.

    Well this one almost slipped up and bit em. NC State came out guns a blazing. Driving the field quickly to go up 7-0. FSU's potential AA QB, Jason Scott, apparently had his head up his butt or his mind on the Gators as it sure wasn't in this game. Scott would throw 3 INT's in the 1st Qtr, allowing NC State to build a nice lead at 14-0, before getting benched for the game. Jr(RS) Darrell Parham has been sitting patiently, awaiting his turn to step in and take the reigns. Well his time finally arrived. Midway through the 2nd Qtr., Parham was called on to help dig his team out of a deep hole. Parham would complete his first 8 passes including a TD to Matt Hawthorne from 20 yds out. The halftime score was 14-7 Wolfpack.

    FSU's Travis Bailey would take the opening kickof of the 2nd half the distance to tie the score at 14. From that point on, Parham would control the game throwing 2 more TD's, one to Peter Young and one to Andy Parker. NC State would get on the board one more time, but the Seminole defense was just too much.

    Coach RTP know that he has to try to keep his player minds on the upcoming games and not on the Florida Gators. Only weeks away from Armageddon, things in Tallahassee are getting tense. One key issue that has to be explored in the coming weeks is who will be the Noles QB. Will Jason Scott be able to refocus and lead the team or will Darrell Parham step up and take control?

    Player of the Game
    Darrell Parham 11 for 13 for 178 yds 3 TD's and 1 INT.

    2nd Qtr
    Darrell Parham to Matt Hawthorne for 20 yd TD.

    3rd Qtr
    Darrell Parham to Peter Young for 11 yd TD.

    3rd Qtr
    INT by Charles Smith

    3rd Qtr
    Derrell Parham to Andy Parker for 15 yd TD.

    4th Qtr
    INT by Ryan Luke returned 80 yds for TD.​
  8. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    2015 Florida State Football

    FSU 14 7 7 10
    UF 7 7 14 7

    FSU Game Stat UF
    432 Total Yards 468
    20 1st Downs 14
    98 Rush Yards 127
    334 Pass Yards 331
    1 Turnovers 3
    14:25 T.O.P. 9:35

    This was the game everyone had circled on their schedules for a long time and it definitely lived up to the hype. #1 Florida vs. #2 Florida State for bragging rights in Florida and quite possibly in the nation. Both teams have already qualified for their respective Conference Title games and the winner of this one would have the inside track for a shot at the national title.

    FSU was juiced coming out of the tunnel expecting to see sunny skies, but the rain was pouring down. Never does a team want to play a contest like this in a monsoon. But Coach RTP knew his boys were ready to bring it, Rain or Shine.

    Florida would win the toss and defer to the 2nd half. FSU would take the opening kickoff and march down the field in just over 2 minutes. Jason Scott would find Peter Young for a 22 yd TD to give the Noles a 7-0 lead.

    Jason Scott to Peter Young for 22 yd TD

    Florida would waste no time tying things up after a long run to open their possession, HB A. Darrison would punch it in 2 plays later from 1 yd out. 7-7.

    FSU and their back -up QB would put together a nice drive after converting several 1st downs and score their next TD on a 2 yd Dusty Thompson run. Noles lead 14-7 nearing the end of the 1st Qtr.

    Florida, firing on all cylinders, would march right down again in the same type fashion as the previous drive. Garrison would get free and eat up some yardage before Joel Brown would had it off to his FB B. Tidwell who would take it in from 3 yds out and tie up the game at 14-14.

    Both teams were hitting their stride and executing perfectly on offense. Florida State would score on their next possession. After a long pass down the sideline from Jason Scott to Peter Young, Dusty Thompson would take it in again from his 2 yd line for his 2nd TD of the day. Noles lead 21-14.

    It was obvioous that the first team to get stopped or make a mistake was going to haev trouble making up lost ground.

    Florida would again drive a large potion of the field and look like they were going to score on this play action from Joel Brown but Nate O'Neal had other plans.

    Nate O'Neal Forced Fumble

    This fumble would give FSU a chance to go down a take a 2 possession lead into the half. After drving the length of the field, and chewing up some clock, Jason Scott didn't see the coverage he was hoping for. But instead of calling a Timeout, he ran the play which resulted in an interception near the goalline, snuffing out any hopes FSU had off breaking this thing wide open. Not to be outdone, and making sure the Gators didn't sniff the endzone, Micheal Hargrove would punish A. Garrison the last play of the half.

    Micheal Hargrove Forced Fumble

    Florida, knowing they had to keep up with the FSU offensive attacks, came out and pot together a nice drive to tie the score up. This time on a pass from Joel Brown to J. Haley on a 13 yard strike to the back of the endzone on 3rd down. J. Haley was recruited by FSU and had given Coach RTP a silent commitment before swapping his allegience to the University of Florida. The FSU coach was glad to see Haley having success, but dissapointed it was with another team. Haley's score woud tie the game up at 21-21.

    Coach Runthepound knew that he had to keep the pressure on the Gators and Coach Dean. Jason Scott was controlling the game and making the plays when he needed to. After a long drive down the field, Scott would hook up with his TE Wesley Wright for a 6 yd TD strike to make it 28-21 in favor of FSU.

    Jason Scott to Wesley Wright for 6 yd TD

    Once again, Florida would drive the field after a few nice 3rd down conversions and A. Garrison would get his 2nd TD of the day, this time on a pass from Joel Brown from 24 yds out. The game was tied 28-28 going into the 4th qtr .

    Again Jason Scott would go under center and execute another drive to perfection. This time FB Darren Wise would have a part in it showcasing his skills from the NFL scouts in attendance. Wise would take a swing pass and make some gators look silly on their home turf.

    Jason Scott to Wise for a catch and run with some shake-n-bake

    This play would set up a run from Wise from 1 yd out to take the lead 35-28 just 1 minute into the 4th Qtr.

    Florida would try to drive the field again and eat up some clock but would stall out in FSU territory and turn the ball over on downs with 3 mins left in the game.

    Now FSU hadn't been stopped to this point. The Noles wanted to play it safe and not turn the ball over and give Florida an easy score. They were forced to punt and give the ball back. Florida would drive and score. This time it was on another A. Garrison TD run from 9 yds out, his 3rd TD of the day. Teh score was tied with just over a minute to go in the game.

    On the next FSU possession, FSU would go 3 and out and were forced to punt. On the punt, the UF players bobbled the punt and it was recovered inside the 30 yardline setting the Noles up in good field position. Coach RTP had 2 options. One was to play it safe and try to run some clock and make the Gators use up their timeouts and rely on thie Defense or the second thing was to try and catch the Gators off guard and try to put up another TD. Instead of being greedy, the Noles would run the ball 3 times and force Florda to use their timeouts before kicking a FG and taking a 3 point lead. With 37 seconds left in the game.

    Florida took the next kickoff to about the 35 yd line and that is where they would start their drive. Joel Brown would complete a few passes and convert on a 3rd down before the Gators would complete a long pass to inside the 20 yd line. The problem was that the Gators had used up all their timouts and couldn't get to the line to spike the ball before time ran out.

    Florida State would hang on to win it in dramatic fashion 38-35.

    Great Game to Coach Dean! Easily the best game I have been a part of in this league. Not to downplay other great games, but this one was intense.

    FSU should move into the #1 spot and will be matched up with soon to be #2 Ga. Tech in the ACC Championship game. This looks to be another epic match up between these 2 ACC Rivals. The Noles took 2 from the Yellow Jackets last season. This is a whole new season and Coach Runthepound knows that his team will have to be ready for an all out war with Coach G-Unit and his boys. ​
  9. Iron Mickey

    Iron Mickey I'd take her out for some casadias

    Jul 14, 2009
    If Tech gives up this kind of offensive yardage to FSU. It will be a blowout win for FSU.
  10. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    2015 Florida State Football

    FSU jumped out to an early 17-0 lead in the first half and just couldn't put it together in the second half to seal the deal. GT made the plays when he needed to and FSU became hesitant and complacent. FSU had 2 chances within the last 2 minutes of the game to get the ball back, but GT was able to convert the 2 first downs need to drain the clock out. Despite gaining more yards and creating more turnovers, the Noles just didn't get it done.

    Jacons 27 yard TD Romp

    Jacobs FB Dive for his 2nd TD

    Forced INT

    Sowell lofts a TD to score just before the half

    Jeff King missed this 50 yarder(well within his range) after a laggy kick meter mishap

    Great game by Coach G-Unit! You deserved a shot at the title game and you earned it bro. Now represent fool! But this game has left a bitter taste in the mouth's of the FSU players and Coach RTP. Look for a better performance from the team in the bowl game and the next season!​
  11. runthepound

    runthepound Get on the Bus!

    Feb 18, 2010
    2015 Florida State Football

    FSU 14 14 3 3
    UW 0 0 8 0

    FSU Game Stat UW
    308 Total Yards 165
    17 1st Downs 6
    138 Rush Yards 30
    170 Pass Yards 135
    0 Turnovers 4
    18:50 T.O.P. 6:24

    Wisconsin found themselves in a position no team wants to be in; the first opponent for FSU after and FSU loss. Unfortunately for them, The Noles took out the frustration from their loss to Ga Tech in the ACC Championship game. FSU controlled the game from start to finish and made it difficult for the Badgers to get anything going on a consistent basis.






    The Noles now look to the Off Season to polish off what is already one of their best recruiting classes ever. FSU graduates some very important players from this year and last years National Title team. ​

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