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2015 Miami Hurricanes

Discussion in 'Cradle to Grave' started by thebouncer24, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. thebouncer24

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    Jul 1, 2011
    The Miami Hurricanes finished the 2014 season with a 1 loss season, the loss coming in the National Championship vs Alabama in a double overtime effort. A lot of hearts were crushed and it left a bunch of players hungry. Senior leader Duke Johnson spoke on this fact earlier today, "we left that stadium that night with our heads down, we put up a hell of a fight and just fell short". He also stated that this one hurt bad and it left them wanting more, this is the 2nd title chance in a row that Duke was left short on. Duke worked hard over the summer and put in a lot of hard work with one thing set on his mind, the National Championship. "I've done some great things in my college career, but the moment we lost again, it left a whole in my heart, like something was missing. I called coach the next night and talked to him for a while, he reassured me he'll back me on any decision I make on the future, ultimately I couldn't leave college without giving the title one more chance". Coach Ryne Jones sat down with us the other night and mentioned how great of a leader he is on and off the field. So we bring in a new year, backed with new players, but one still remains, Duke Johnson. So here is your 2015 Miami Hurricanes

    Starting at QB will be Junior Preston Dewey, he is a great kid that possess a very strong arm. His mobility is an issue but so was last years starter Ryan Williams and Miami seems to be able to handle pocket passers just well. Behind him will be a Sophomore Kevin Olsen, who possess a little more speed but less arm power.

    Starting at RB will be last year's Heisman Trophy winner Duke Johnson. Nuff said

    FB Steven Stokes comes back for his sophomore campaign to help clear the holes for Duke

    The wide receiver core may be the best core that Miami has had yet, they all have average size but all very fast wide receivers. Redshirt Sophomore Stacey Coley is looking get some playing time this year after having 2 seasons of watching some of the good wide receivers in front of him. Tight end Standish Dobard is looking to have a great season and a lot of hopes for him.

    The offensive line is a little shaky but 4 of them are returning starters.

    The defensive line is looking strong yet again in Miami with 2 returning all-americans in Tyriq McCord and Earl Moore. Look for them to finish off their college career strong and help dominant up front.

    The Linebackers have lost 1 of their starters from last year but bring back 2 stars in Denziel Perryman and Raphael Kirby. Big question of who will fill the void of the linebacker that left. Will it finally be time for Jarmaine Grace to get some action or will freshman LB'er Donovan Davis get the spot?

    The secondary in Miami returns all starters and is looking sick back their. This team will look to shut down passing attacks and hopefully the safeties can come in and stop the run as well. Both the safeties are beasts and should control the game for the most part.

    So this rounds out your Miami Hurricanes. This team is looking solid and preseason are picked #3 in the nation. A lot of eyes set on them but hopefully they will prevail

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