2015 Nebraska Cornhuskers

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    Nebraska went through a Bit of a Shocker when Coach Drowskie was Found Partying with some players at a Frat House. and some pictures came out with him Drinking. Not what Nebraska wanted. so the AD Fired Him and went searching for a New Man. Definitely not what they wanted heading into a rivalry game. Alot of Names came out but the Biggest was CoachBama. a NCAA Veteran who prides in taking Big or Small Programs to Bowl Games and having his team ready for Rivalry Games. Heading into the Colorado game on a short week CoachBama said "We will be ready no matter what".

    Vs @Colorado- 21-6, Colorado was hoping to salvage a bad season and pull the upset. Nebraska scored 1st and went up 7-0. Then Colorado put together a drive and kicked a fg to trim it to 7-3. Then Nebraska scored again on a Td Run and pushed the lead to 14-3. Colorado then drove again then kicked another fg and the lead was 14-6. Then in the 4th quarter Nebraska found his WR wide open and he took it to the House for a Td and a 21-6 closeure to the Rivarly game.

    Holiday Bowl Vs Cal- won 10-0, recap in the Bowl thread.

    Nebraska finishes the season 8-5 for the year.

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