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2015 offseason FA starts today

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Psycho, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. Psycho

    Psycho Walk On

    Oct 6, 2009
    2015 offseason FA starts today

    FA Starts today, we'll have four days (ish) of FA. Since we don't have many people left n the league the full four days may not be necessary, so when your done with FA, you're free to start the season.

    FA Rules below
    We're doing something different this season, since I have a big inbox at Tradition, just send me a PM. In the PM the subject line should read "2015 FA Bids, day-X". The reason you do this is so I can see it's a bid offer, and I won't open it before I do my own FA bids.

    If you have questions about offseason FA, put "FA Questions" in the subject line.

    Rules below
    2015 "offseason" FA will work like this.

    There will be 4 days of FAs. Everyday you'll send in up to 4 offers on the first day and two offers for the next three, and for the first three days I'll post whose in the lead and the offer someone will have to beat to get them. If a FA is posted as having an offer, if he goes 24 hours without a counter, ie the time I post the offer till the time I post the next days offer, he will then be the property of the highest bid.

    On the fourth and final day is a silent auction. everyone sends in there final bid for the guys left. The highest bid gets the player.

    Every day I will post the leaders, the team in the lead can put in a ebay bid. An ebay bid is a bid in which you specify how high you'll go, if all the bids that get sent to me are equal to or less then the ebay bid, then the team with the ebay bid continues to be on top of the FAs wish list, or if it's the final day the the team with the ebay bid wins the FA. Make sure if you have an active ebay bid to resend every day it's active. You can lower your ebay bid, you can also chose not make it active, which means the next guy that bids will now be in the lead.

    You can only offer 4 contracts to FAs on the first day and 2 each additional day. An offer constitutes a contract offer to a FA you have yet to make an offer to.

    You have unlimited Counter offers. A Counter Offer constitutes an offer to a FA that you have already made an offer to.

    If you win he's yours, if you win and go over the salary cap you will be penalized a draft pick, a simmed game, or something else I haven't quite decided and it all depends on whether you went over trying to screw someone out of a guy or it was just poor planning. After you sign the guy you must keep him for at least one season and you must release someone else to get back under the cap.

    You cannot retract an offer, so you better make sure you want him if you make an offer.

    I'll post a new email for everyone later. Send the offers by Tradition PM, make sure it includes your team, the players name and offer of money and whether it's an ebay bid or regular bid in the actual PM.

    FA Day one deadline is Thursday 5pm est.

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