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2015 Preseason Leaders

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by CoachRedd, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. CoachRedd

    CoachRedd I come through in something real foolish

    Jan 23, 2011
    Top Returning Leaders(Users)
    Career Stats
    Wisconsin QB Robert Gandy 225-458 3843 33 TD 29 INT​
    Iowa QB Jake Rudock 144-309 2600 20 TD 21 INT​
    No other B1G users have QBs with significant playing time​
    Nebraska RB Adam Gore 385 attempts 2731 yards 7.0 avg 34 TD​
    Wisconsin RB Melvin Gordon 417 attempts 2625 yards 6.2 avg 17 TD​
    Penn State RB Ryan Moore 404 attempts 2052 yards 5.0 avg 17 TD​
    Purdue RB Doug Gentry 287 attempts 1811 yards 6.3 avg 15 TD​
    Michigan RB David Harrison 283 attempts 1490 yards 5.2 avg 18 TD​
    Nebraska WR Erick Fountain 94 rec 1679 yards 17.8 avg 15 TD​
    Purdue WR Matt Lee 79 rec 1170 yards 14.8 avg 5 TD​
    Michigan WR Matt Herron 75 rec 1416 yards 18.8 avg 10 TD​
    Purdue TE Mike Tucker 65 rec 921 yards 14.1 avg 4 TD​
    Iowa WR Danny Davis 54 rec 1025 yards 18.9 avg 7 TD​
    Wisconsin WR Derek Whitlock 50 rec 1201 yards 24.0 avg 13 TD​
    Offensive Line
    Purdue LT Cole Patterson 31 pancakes(these are blocks completed, not food consumed)​
    Michigan C Jack Miller 25 pancakes​
    Defensive Leaders​
    Wisconsin OLB Chuck Mcdonald 77 solo​
    Iowa LE Erik Davis 74 solo​
    Michigan RE Brennen Breyer 69 solo​
    Nebraska OLB David Santos 69 solo​
    Nebraska CB David White 66 solo​
    Nebraska DT Todd Peat 47​
    Iowa DE Erik Davis 46​
    Michigan DE Brennen Breyer 36​
    Wisconsin OLB Chuck McDonald 34​
    Iowa OLB Chris Henry 34​
    Nebraska DT Todd Peat 24.0​
    Iowa DE Erik Davis 18.0​
    Penn State DE Deion Barnes 15.5​
    Wisconsin DT Steven Fisher 13.5​
    Iowa OLB Chris Henry 13.5​
    Nebraska DE Austin Harrison 13.0​
    Nebraska CB David White 12​
    Michigan CB Blake Countess 9​
    Penn State CB 8​
    Purdue CB Taylor Richards 7​
    Wisconsin OLB Chuck McDonald 5​
    Purdue FS Kendall Harris 5​
    Penn State FS Robert Brown 5​

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  2. hornfaninbama

    hornfaninbama GT: BulgyTexas

    Oct 21, 2009
    Nebraska's defense is going to be very, very good this year. This is the year Harrison is going to break out and become a star. He's got 99 acc and 87 speed at DE. Next year though is gonna be tough. I've got 21 scholarships to fill.
  3. Oshiomogho

    Oshiomogho Donnie Darko

    Mar 12, 2011
    I actually looked at B10 career stats a lot yesterday. I'm debating if I should pull Gandy but he's going to enter the year as the starter at least. Gordon splits too many carries to excell statistically. Whitlock sat out his junior year last year. And McDonald is a beast on D

    You forgot to add punter stats. :) or KR/PR. Special teams is my strength.
  4. CoachRedd

    CoachRedd I come through in something real foolish

    Jan 23, 2011

    Good joke bro.
  5. Philstyle3005

    Philstyle3005 Walk On

    Oct 19, 2011
    Not sure what kind of season the Wolverines are gonna have. Probably going to start a true freshman at qb

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