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2015 Season Team Previews

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Hova, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009
    This will be a thread where everybody can post up previews of thier teams, preferably position by position.

    I will get mine up tommorow.
  2. Wick36

    Wick36 Welcome to the Jungle

    Jul 14, 2010
    lol at @cnic 's team. All 5 lineman are 98 or higher. Worst starter is an 89. Bet they win the title game.
  3. cnic75

    cnic75 The Legacy

    Feb 21, 2009
    I will probably take a sim lose somewhere in the season.
  4. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    Hopefully we don't get scheduled again this year, I know our schedules never line up. I feel bad about the last 2 cheap wins my team got over your team. There is just no way for me to start a game after 11 PM EST on a week night.
  5. Big Suge Knight

    Big Suge Knight Walk On

    Mar 1, 2009
    QB: Alan Martin will take the keys to the offense with the graduation of three year starter Devin Gardner. Martin saw time as a starter last year completing 53% of his passes for 1422 yards, 12 TDs and 7 INTs. His skill set does not lend itself to continue the spread playbook previously employed at UM so look for a shift to a more pro-style offense. Behind Martin is redshirt Sophomore Isaac Phillips who has seen a little action on the field.
    RB: Hakim Taylor has been more of a special teams player thus far in his career in Ann Arbor so fans will get their first real dose of whether he can carry the load. Justin McFarland was signed in the offseason to be Taylor's lead blocker at a much needed position in pro-style offenses.
    WR/TE: James Garrison, Michael Mosby and John Calhoun will line up on the outside to give Martin some targets to hit. Tyler Williams provided a bit of a spark up the seams for Michigan last year to challenge opposing defenses and with another year of experience should be able to be more of a factor.
    OL: Last year the offensive line was the weak point for Michigan. This year Kevin Mckenzie and Brandon Bennett man the two outside positions with Derek Royal, Pat Lewis and Eric Guidry in the middle. McKenzie and Bennett are the stars while the others have something to prove and their play will determine how far Michigan goes on offense.
    DL: This years strongest element is the defensive line where last years transfer Xavier Vincent and two year starter Jordan Evans are the bookends seeking to provide constant pressure on opposing offenses. Ed Stephens and Terrence Smith will look to provide a push in the middle.
    LB: Robert Smith is the only returning starter for this unit that will need to mature quickly for the defense to have success and keep pressure off the even less experienced secondary.
    DB: Ryan Sparks leads the inexperienced secondary with his 5 INTs and 10 pass deflections last year. he will need to play even more of a factor this year. Kevin Reddick the other returning starter will need to improve his ballhawking skills in the deep middle of the field.
    K/P: Two walk-ons man the Kicker and Punter positions but will all of that matter if the offense cannot score any points or even manage to move the ball?
    Season prediction: fourth place in the Big Ten and another Gator Bowl trip for the WOlverines are likely scenarios.
  6. MaxATX34

    MaxATX34 Texas Football

    Feb 17, 2009
    our teams best assets this season...
    Lee Downing
    #7 (RS)Sophomore 6'2 205lb
    Coach Max is shaking things up at the QB position. Roger Wilson, although efficient in UCLA's previous system, is not what the Bruins new head coach is looking for.
    Enter (RS)Sophomore Lee Downing. Downing has the bigger arm, and is actually quicker than Wilson he just lacks the top end speed. If he executes in the passing game he wont need foot-speed outside of the pocket. Downing will be backed up by true Freshman James J. Jameson.


    Pierre Humphrey
    #39 (RS)Senior 6'2 204lb
    This is the best player on UCLA. The offense will center around him as much as possible. Humphrey has only had 165 touches his entire career, but that number should at least double by the end of this season. He has a capable backup in Justin Smith (another (RS)Senior who is 6'2 230ln. He'll be a good change-of-pace back) and a decent FB (Jamar Taylor- (RS)Senior) to run behind. Watch for Humphrey to make an impact on the field this season.

    Mike Schroeder
    #83 Junior 5'11 210lb
    Hopefully Schroeder, Humphrey, and Downing will become UCLA's 'Big 3'. Mike has what you look for in a solid WR, and Coach Max will line him up all over the field to maximize his productivity. His numbers from last season speak for themselves, but he also has a Receiving Corps behind him that UCLA's new OC will utilize more than in the past. 6'6 Eric Hurd will be involved at the #1 and #2 slots, and look for 6'3 202lb Harvey Phillips to get in the action as well. True Freshman Josh Madison has impressed the new staff and earned the #4 slot.
    Randy White
    #85 Junior 6'0 212lb
    Wondering what this kid is doing at the position... Looks like he was put there to block and thats fine by me. He'll be doing plenty of that. Maybe he'll be able to take advantage of a plodding LB in coverage. We wont know his true value until the season starts.
    Darrius Parks
    LT #62 (RS)Senior 6'6 303lb
    I guess if you could only have 1 good O-Lineman you'd want it to be your Left Tackle but damn. UCLA is clearly hurting on the OL except for this monster. Hopefully Parks will pick up the slack for true frosh LG Ed Charles (66OVR). The other 3/5 of the OL are very very average. UCLA's OL goes(by OVR) 90-66-75-74-78
    They are big enough, but could end up costing UCLA any PAC-10 Championship aspirations they may have after the new hire. Coach Max usually leans heavily on his O-Line, will they be up for it?
    Matt Watkins / Robert Ricks
    78OVR 6'4 263/ 77OVR 6'4 208lb
    A pair of decent ends. Both are pretty quick and have a nose for the ball. Watkins is a (RS)Sophomore, and with his size will play in UCLA's 4-3 and 3-4 looks at DE. Ricks is a true Freshman that will only be out there when the Bruins have 4 down lineman.
    Caleb Thompson/Fred Barber
    75OVR 6'2 301lb/73OVR 6'4 319lb
    Thompson (Junior) and Barber (Freshman) will both be called upon a lot this season. Thompson will be on the field all game for UCLA, as will Barber as the Frosh will slide over to DE in UCLA's 3-4 looks. Watch for the Bruins' other Freshman DT to get some playing time also. Ray McCarty was just edged out by Barber and should see the field often.
    LOLB#57 Ty Thompson - MLB#52 Josh Howard - MLB#51 Craig Russell - ROLB#53 Babatunde Manning
    "Not abysmal" Reads the new DC's evaluation of the Linebacking Corps. Thompson Howard and Manning will be the starters in the 4-3. Manning lacks the size to play OLB in the 3-4 looks, and will be replaced by the #2 LOLB Jason Pollard (6'3 234lb). All of UCLA's LBs will have to step their game up to contain the offenses found in the PAC-10.
    Trey Hawkins
    CB #25 Senior 5'11 180lb
    The CBs look serviceable on paper. Coach Max expects a lot from all his Corners as that was his former position. Hawkins has the speed, but lacks the ability to make sharp cuts. Sophomore Andy Cook and (RS)Junior Jason Williams will duke it out for the #2 and Nickel spots. All-American Keith Edmonds has not impressed his coaches. Unless the men in front of him struggle he will be relegated to Dime duty.
    Travis Morrow
    FS #22 Junior 6'1 185lb
    Morrow is big, fast, and athletic. He should become a household name to UCLA fans by season's end.
    Ronald Lopez
    SS #27 Sophomore 6'0 210lb
    Just fast enough to make the cut. Coach Max has moved a physical Corner (Jamie Cain) to back him up. If his speed becomes an issue, Cain can step in to provide more speed in the secondary.
    Dan Moore
    K #19
    Bleck. Coach Max has been seen at practices drilling longer FGs than this kid.
    Season Outlook
    Well, UCLA is in what looks like the toughest conference in the country. Hopefully we have the horses to compete, but I dont think anyone would shocked if we drop every big game on the sched.​
    Optimistic Prediction: 9-3​
  7. Wick36

    Wick36 Welcome to the Jungle

    Jul 14, 2010
    My offensive line will be solid. Nobody really jumps off the page, but they're all more than capable of getting the job done. Hicks is a great QB who is deadly accurate and has a cannon for an arm. Love is slow, but has decent hands and breaks a lot of tackles. The receiver core is quite weak this year, which will hurt. Freeman is like a clone of Rodgers, lots of speed, but nothing special at the other stuff.
    Defensively, the team is fairly old. The leading tackler, Foster is back. Garnder jumped ahead of Freeman at the SS spot due to Freeman's lack of speed. Lockdown corner Terry is back and Parker is very good in man coverage. Sharpe is a wonderful defensive tackle who clogs up the middle. Mitchell is a special player at defensive end. Ryan gets all over the field to make plays. Stanley is a similar player, using their good speeds. Graham and Scott are decent, but nothing good.
  8. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    QB - Ashton Sykes (R-SR 98)
    Sykes will be a different type of QB than former starters Newsome and Bolden. He is more of a pocket passer than those two players and a new offense will be installed to better fit his strengths. The junior college transfer only has 1 season to make a name for himself.

    HB - Kyle Goss (SR 99)
    Goss has the tools to be a solid back but he did not fare well in the shotgun offense last season. He might do better this year since Penn State coaches are planning to do more under center formations. Goss doesn't possess elite speed (91) but he runs hard. He will be backed up by fellow senior William Keller (92) and junior Matt Williams (84).

    FB - Ralph Lee (FR 80)
    He isn't the rushing type like his predecessor Justin Zwinak but Lee should be a solid lead blocker for Goss and company.

    WR - Johnathon Gray (SR 97) Keith Crowell (SR 86) Bret Smith (R-JR 84)
    Shawney Kersey and Silas Redd are no longer with the team but Gray returns this season. The receivers should put up better numbers in the new offense, especially with Sykes getting the starting job at QB. Penn State has a lot of depth at WR but aside from Gray, Crowell and Smith none of the receivers have much game experience.

    TE - Phil Mills (SR 85)
    Mills is a solid receiver and should be used more frequently this season. He has good speed for a TE (87) but is mediocre as a blocker.

    OL - TJ Harris (R-JR 97) Antonio Clay (R-SR 97) Richard Lawrence (R-SO 91) Antonio Caldwell (R-SR 99) Josh Little (R-SR 93)
    This unit is very talented and should do a good job of opening holes for Goss. The unit also should give Sykes time to find an open receiver. Three of the five starters from this year are returning starters from the 12-1 team last season.

    - - - - - - - - -

    DL - Craig Gaither (SO 83) Lee Broussard (SR 99) Chris Bryant (R-SR 93) Larry Robertson (SR 90)
    The middle should be very strong with Broussard and Bryant eating up blockers. Penn State is sticking with the multiple defense so those two may move outside in 3-4 sets while playing inside on 4-3 sets. Gaither and Roberston are solid but unspectacular at end. Robertson has good speed but is undersized for his position.

    LB - Dan Gooden (FR 81) Ryan Osterander (SR 95) Henry Davis (JR 83) Aaron White (R-JR 90)
    Osterander is returning for his fourth and final season. He has been the starter at PSU since he first came to the school. White also has experience as a starter, this will be his third year in the starting position. Freshman Dan Gooden hopes to start his legacy this year and he should be a solid addition to Linebacker U. Davis is a junior college transfer with solid skills across the board.

    CB - Curtis Garrett (SR 96) Kevin Hall (R-SO 83)
    Last season's star Derrick Thomas is gone but Garrett should be solid as the lead corner. The former #1 recruit has not lived up to the hype so he needs to have a great season. Hall is one of many sophomore cornerbacks on Penn State, so the team has depth at the position. This will be Hall's first shot at significant playing time.

    S - Marcus Jenkins (R-SR 89) Javan Jacques (SR 95)
    Johnson and Nichols are gone but the new starters should be solid. Jacques played a lot of nickel and dime corner last year so he will need to transition back to safety. He flirted with the NFL but decided to come back for his senior season. Jenkins played mostly on special teams but has the skills to be a good free safety.

    K/P - Jeremey Harrell (R-SR 90)
    Harrell flirted with the NFL in the offseason but realized kickers don't even get drafted. He has a good leg (90) and accuracy (91) so he will do double duty again this season. He made 21 of his 23 FG attempts last season with a long of 51 yards.

    Expectations - Last season was a good year for Penn State as they won the Big 10 and the Rose Bowl, and finished #3 in the country. The only disappointment was the final week loss to Florida State which kept the Nittany Lions out of the title game. This year the team will be running a new offense behind Sykes so it is difficult to foresee how the team fares. The defensive unit should be solid despite losing 6 starters. Broussard and Osterander will be leaders up front, while Garret and Jacques man the back half of the field. As always the #1 goal for the team is the Big 10 title, anything beyond that would be a bonus.
  9. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009
    Ya I have never seen a team as good as Cnics. Got like 9 99s lolll, I hope you have alot of seniors
  10. abolishthefed

    abolishthefed Specializing in mediocrity

    Mar 27, 2010
    2015 Georgia Bulldogs


    QB: RS Jr Zach Brown** (92) returns a year after throwing for 33 TD. He is a 2-year starter with the following career stats: 6,224 yards, 50 TD, and 62% completion. His backup is capable RS So Jon Williams (84).

    HB: RS Jr Nick Cole (95) steps into the shoes of departing Sr Ken Malcome**. Last year, the Bulldogs ran for more than 2,000 yards with Cole seeing significant playing time. Cole has 24 career TDs in 2 years. His backup is Sr the Paul Parsons (86) project. Parsons is a change of pace scat back that will see time in shotgun and 1 back sets.

    FB: So Antwan Taylor* (86) returns after an excellent freshman season. Taylor was the #1 overall recruit, slotted as an ATH in the class of 2014 and made strides in his blocking in the offseason.

    WR: The WR position was hurt by the inexplicable early departure of Jr John Edwards**. The Bulldogs were counting on Edwards to help form an effective passing game. Sr Matt Tyson** (93) returns with 140 receptions, 2,094 yards and 18 TD in his career. Playing on the opposite side of the field will be speedy So Jarrett Moore (75), who has limited experience. Georgia will throw inexperienced So Elliott Smith (77) into the slot position.

    TE: Sr Brett Meadows** (85) is back for the Bulldogs. Meadows provides soft hands, with 58 career receptions and 7 TD, but he is known most for his strong run blocking. For the second straight season, So Terrell McGee (79) will be the backup and will play often, as Georgia runs many 2-TE sets.

    OL: Georgia returns 3 starters from last year's offensive line. There are 3 seniors in the middle of the line: LG Sr Matt Malone*** (92), C Sr Chris Ellis* (87), and RG Alfred Leonard (82). The tackle positions will be held by LT RS Fr Willie Allen (85) and RT Jr Kevin Murray** (89).


    DL: Georgia switches from the 4-3 to the multiple defense this year. Returning at RE is Andre Kelly*** (99), who has career numbers of 96 tackles, 37 TFL, and 11 sacks. So Darryl Holley (86) takes over at LE. Holley played in some nickel situations last year. Sr DE Chris Nealy (83) backs up both end positions. RS Jr DT Zac Horner* (95) will again clog the middle. Horner's move to NT should help to take advantage of his strength and ability to shed blocks. He is backed up by So Harvey Harris (82).

    OLB: It will be interesting to see what kind of production Georgia will get out of its OLB with the change of scheme. Both of them are returning starters. Sr Dominique Carter* (86) has 61 tackles and 2 FF in his career. Sr Robert Miller* (88) returns on the right side. Miller had a productive first season, signing as a Juco recruit in the class of 2014. Miller had 54 tackles, 2 sacks, and 6 passes defensed last year.

    MLB: Jr Matt Butler** (83) has started every game at MLB since his arrival on campus in 2013. He brings 79 career tackles into the season. The other ILB position will be filled by either So Matt Walker (83) or Jr Bryant Jones . Walker will be playing at both OLB and MLB this season, while Jones will see playing time in nickel and dime.

    CB: Jr Marvin Robinson (84) switched from FS to CB this season. Robinson has significant playing time the past 2 seasons in nickel and dime formations. Holding down the other side of the field is speedy Derek Jackson* (78). The nickel position will be fielded by RS Fr Aaron Tate (83).

    S: FS Lawrence Flanagan** (88) returns for his Jr campaign. Flanagan has 11 tackles 13 TFL 7 passes deflected and 2 FF in his career. SS Dan Davis** (99) was a transfer from Florida in the 2012 class. After taking a redshirt year, he has been in the starting lineup and has been productive: 11 tackles, 11 TFL, and 4 INT in his career. Sr Kelvin Wade (87) will back up both safety positions.

    Special Teams: Jr Ira Washington** (84) will hold both the K and P job for the second straight year. Washington was 14-16 on FGs last season. Georgia expected to be able to play the incoming #1 K of 2015's class, but he only came in with a 71 rating. The return game will be pitiful, as usual. No shifty players ever enroll at Georgia.

    * = year of starting experience, prior to this season.
  11. JCspartan2

    JCspartan2 Sparty Party

    Feb 21, 2009
    2015 Iowa Hawkeyes
    Sr. Nick Richardson 99 Ovr
    This will be Richardson's 3rd year as the full time starter. He should be a leading Heisman candidate and has already broken the majority of Iowa's passing records. The offense will be just as explosive as last year so if Richardson can limit some of the mistakes he made he should be one of the best in the nation.
    Sr. Troy Smith 80 Ovr
    This offseason Troy switched positions from WR to HB. Troy came on to campus 3 years ago as an ATH and was put in a already deep WR pool. He saw limited playing time but his hands ultimately cost him his position and he was relegated to the bottom of the depth chart. Smith recognized the Hawkeye's sudden lack of depth at HB after losing two HBs to the pros and worked hard this offseason to put himself in position to finally play a role for the team. His work paid off. He was named the opening day starter. The Hawkeyes are happy to finally make use of Smith's outstanding speed.
    So. Greg Porter 77 Ovr
    Porter started as a freshman last year and did a solid job leading the way for standout HB Andre Hurd. He is an excellent blocker and improved his hands in the offseason to become more of a versatile player.
    Sr. Robert DeAngelis (87 Ovr) and Jr. Troy King (86 Ovr)
    DeAngelis and King have both spent time as the team's starting slot receiver. Both have been effective in the position but will finally get their time to shine as the #1 and #2 options for QB Nick Richardson. They are almost mirror images of each other, possessing great quickness and hands but lacking top end speed. Basically your prototypical Iowa WR.
    Sr. Nate McLaurin (74 Ovr) and Fr. Tommy Smith (74 Ovr)
    McLaurin is a 2 year starter and a great receiver. He has worked on his blocking this offseason to hold off incoming freshman Tommy Smith. Smith comes in with ratings similar to McLaurin's and has awesome potential down the road.
    Sr. LT Derrick Wyatt (91 Ovr), So. RG Marcus Wilkerson (91 Ovr), Jr. C Mike Herring (95 Ovr), Sr. LG Ty Sanders (76 Ovr), Sr. RT Josh Ross (90 Ovr)
    By far the strongest unit on the team, the offensive line will allow Richardson to pick apart defenses and hopefully get Troy Smith in open space. Defenses should have a tough time against the hogs up front.
    Sr. LE Joe Ryan (87 Ovr), Jr. DT Josh Smith (86 Ovr), Sr. DT Mark Purcell (82 Ovr), Sr. RE Logan Williams (88 Ovr).
    The Hawkeyes will return to a base 4-3 formation on defense this year. The young talent has finally matured on the D-line, turning the unit into a team strength compared to the past couple years. The Line will need to perform though with the week secondary behind it.
    Sr. LOLB Sam Myrick (86 Ovr), Jr. MLB Terrance Marshall (83 Ovr), Sr. LOLB Jon Wallace (93 Ovr)
    Linebackers at Iowa are always a solid hard-nosed group and this year is no different. Jon Wallace anchors the experience group and looks to build on his All-Big ten season from a year ago.
    Sr. Carey Bell (86 Ovr) and Sr. Chris Payne (86 Ovr)
    Bell and Payne made the transition from S to CB last season and have made amazing progress. Both possess top end speed and boast physical play at the line as former safeties. Unfortunately, behind them is a severe lack of talent so their impact might not be felt as much as it should be.
    [B]So. Clint Freeman (89 Ovr) and Sr. Larry Hollis (91 Ovr)[/B]
    [SIZE=3] After almost winning defensive player of the year honors in his sophomore year, Hollis had a down year in 2014. Much of that can be attributed to the poor CB play in front of him so look for a bounce back year from the Sr play maker. Freeman spent much of his freshman season as a utility player, splitting time at CB and OLB due to a rash of injuries on the defense. That experience should help me become a more well-rounded player this season as he looks to take over the team from Hollis for the upcoming years.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][SIZE=4][B][U]K & P[/U][/B][/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][SIZE=4][SIZE=3]All you need to know is that they suck ass, both walk-ons.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=3][SIZE=4][SIZE=3]It could be a title year for Iowa in the Big Ten. The talent is certainly there but they need to avoid the seemingly inevitable upset against the bottom of the Big Ten this year. Hopefully the wealth of experience on the team can keep them focused through their early success.

  12. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009
    2015 USC Trojans
    USC loses a few key guys, most hard felt is BOTH all star HBs leaving our backfield pretty meek this season. It is time for QB Stanley to come into his own this season and find many of his strong WR targets. The defense looks solid as usual with our strengths in the secondary.
    QB - Kerry Stanley 95 OVR, 94 Speed - Kerry brings alot to the table as he comes into the leader role this season. He is a strong duel threat with great speed but also has the skill and awareness to throw the ball down field. He will be a huge part of the success of our offense.
    HB - Derek Parker 85 OVR - Parker is much slower than the backs we are used to at USC, his is a power back with 90 BTK and 86 Truck so hopefully he can power some plays
    Justin Hicks 78 OVR - This true freshman may see some time and is much like Parker except bigger and stronger. He has 96 Accel along with 88 truck and a larger frame.

    FB- Conrad Dowdwell 90 OVR - Very strong FB this season, he can carry the ball and block, should fit well in our power backfield.

    WR- John Lacey 99 OVR - A blazing 6'3 WR with 98 speed and 99 Accel, should be a huge threat.
    D'Juan Nash 99 OVR - Another 99 WR with 95 speed and a 6'3 frame. Should be an awesome 2 WR.
    Jerome Alvarez 86 - A very strong slot WR, freshman with 96 speed and a huge 6'5 frame. Should be a matchup nightmare. Our WR corps is the strongest group on the team.

    TE- Timothy Kelly 86 OVR - Kelly has been playing since a freshman and playing well with his huge frame. He has nice speed at 87 and can block just as well.

    OLINE - LT Willie Butler 88 OVR
    LG Rob Baker 84 OVR
    C Tariq Hill 99 OVR
    RG Jason Smith 93 OVR
    RT Adam Adams 95 OVR

    Our Oline is very strong, especially from the Center right. Hopefully we can have a strong power game with the runningbacks and should have ample protection for speedy QB Stanley.

    DLINE- LE John Davis 89 OVR
    RE Aaron Martin 84 OVR
    DT Carl Prater 93 OVR
    DT Waylon Green 88 OVR

    The Dline is stronger than it has been in past years, especially on the ends. They lack speed but have power. May not cause major disruption but they are a solid group.

    LOLB - Erick Thompson 88 OVR - This young LB/safety hybrid has a small frame but great speed and hit power. He should play great in coverage and still be able to be physical vs the Run.

    MLB - Nic Jackson 97 OVR - This Senior RS is the leader of the defense. He has great speed, awesome pursuit, and can deliver vicious blows. The Urlacher type and is set to have a huge season holding down the middle.

    ROLB - Joe Ferguson 87 OVR - Another young starter, this sophomore LB is a great tackler and should fit nicely with the rest of the LBs. Overall a strong unit for USC.

    CBs - Randy Franz 94 OVR - A shutdown corner, He has 99 speed along with great coverage skills. At 6'0 he should be able to hang with almost any WR out west.
    Nate Montgomery 85 OVR - Another blazing CB who struggled in coverage last season with his very small frame. Standing at 5'9 he has trouble stopping big WRs. Hopefully he can hold his own this season and make some plays.
    Kyle Baker 83 OVR - A freshman starting in the nickel has the speed to keep up with anyone. He may lack in coverage but hopes to be stronger than any WR he is facing.

    FS - Charles Kidd 93 OVR - Kidd is a great safety with blazing speed and has the ability to lay the lumber. Look for him to be hitting hard and often flying around the field with his 98 speed.

    SS - Rick Washington 91 OVR - Another strong safety with 99 speed. Except him to make plays all year in the secondary and compete for defensive MVP thi sseason. The safety group on this team is the strongest unit on the defense. Look for them to play alot of Cover 2 and 3 and ballhawk in Man coverage.

    K/P - Roland Swain 85 OVR - This SO will be taking care of kicking and punting duty's. With 85 KP and KA he should be solid at both.

    Synopsis - The road to the 3peat will start week 2 with a huge game verse a strong Penn St Squad. Later in the season we head to Blacksburg for a big matchup with the hokies, the first time facing coach Killer. If we manage to win those it will once again come down to beating Hokie and the new UCLA coach late in the season... Then I am sure Bama will be waiting for whoever makes it out..
  13. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009
    USC vs Penn St should be a great matchup
  14. Masler

    Masler Walk On

    Aug 13, 2009
    2015 Miami Hurricanes
    Miami lost quite a bit of there better secondary, leaving our depth at CB pretty weak, looks like the safeties are going to have to help out big time in coverage. Not being able to sign a HB (and the pussy Matt Sowell leaving) hurt us in the backfield but Masler has recently sacrificed the FB position in favor of getting a better HB by moving FB Jason George to the HB position. If he cannot step up he will resume FB duties.
    QB - Jamar Young - 99 ovr - This kid decided he wants another shot with Miami in his Senior season. When I first signed this kid I never imagined he would be a 99 overall. This season he comes in with 98 awareness and 97 accuracy. His power is in the 80s but the awareness/accuracy combo is what I am really excited about. This kid should reinvent the Pro offense for this Miami team. He also has some wheels with 79 speed and 83 acceleration. Look for him to make an impact and hopefully make a statement.
    HB - Jason George - 86 over - Recently moved from his FB position he has some surprising rushing skills with 85 speed and 99 acceleration. Not the fastest man on the field but he can get
    through the defense with 88 Break Tackle and 84 Spin. Another skill that pleased me was his 94 carrying ability, meaning he won't likely cough up the ball. Plus
    being a previous FB he has some decent blocking skills that should help protect Young in the pocket. Another key player to my Pro offense.
    WR - DeMarcus Bass - 86 ovr - He came off one of his best statistical seasons and decided to return for his Senior season. He later told Masler he had a great deal of respect for him and
    couldn't leave without Young. He is not the best receiver in the world but is definitely a huge part of our receiving core while 90 speed, 94 acceleration, 91
    jump, 90 Route Running, 95 Release, and 94 Catch in Traffic. You tell me if he won't make somewhat of an impact?
    WR - Blake Weber - 76 ovr - The best 3 star recruit ever steps onto the field in the slot position once again. 99 speed makes him one of the fastest white boys I've ever seen at this position. He still drops the occasional pass but overall is a huge impact with two 1,000 receiving yard seasons already and looking for a third. This kid is on his way to break Miami records. Masler also commented that Weber is highly underrated as the initial depth chart had him at the 5th position.
    C - Mike Preston & Roshaun Whitmore - Both are 95 overall, one is at natural Center while the other fills a gap. Look for them to pave the way for the offense with their great blocking.
    DE - Kurt Clemens - 86 ovr - Another prospect outdoing himself for Masler, he has 90 pursuit, 90 tackle, 91 Block Shed and 89 Power Moves. He is going to barrel past those O lineman and be in the backfield alot this season. At least we hope so.
    DT - Terrance Brooks - 87 ovr - Previous :5stars: recruit who is shaping up nicely. His skills show that he can get through the line and make an impact by disrupting the passing game. His standout stat is 93 Power Moves.
    ROLB - Adam Samuel - 96 ovr - The big man on defense this season. 89 Speed, 96 Acceleration, 91 Tackle, 96 Hit Power, 88 Pursuit, 85 Man Coverage, 90 Zone Coverage, and 88 Block Shed. Enough said.
    SS - Eric Francis - 86 ovr - He is one of two men on the secondary that doesn't worry me. He has the coverage skills and can put a hit on the ball carrier, looks like the leader of the secondary.
    FS - Travis Davis - 82 ovr - Should be able to get the job done...most of the time...I hope. Not the greatest but let's hope he surprises me.

    Season Prediction - After last season we just want a bowl. A BCS Bowl would be nice along with the ACC Trophy to give Young a nice ending to his career. Getting through FSU and Va Tech won't be easy but I think it's time we stepped up and made the right plays, get the lead and never let it go. I see no worse than 7-5 and 10-2 at best with a possible ACC Champ game appearance.

  15. Wick36

    Wick36 Welcome to the Jungle

    Jul 14, 2010
    My schedule is brutal this year... predicting 9-2 or 9-3... and then it's 50/50 for another win if I get in the ACC Champ

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