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2015 Team Previews

Discussion in 'The Trifecta' started by Dru50, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Dru50

    Dru50 Still Chicago's #1 son

    Sep 13, 2009
    Florida St 2015 Season Preview
    The 2014 season was a mixed bag for the Seminoles, as they won 13 games and their 3rd consecutive BCS crown, but got absolutely embarrassed by the Penn St Nittany Lions in the BCS title game. Thankfully, the sour taste of that blowout loss caused all FSU underclassmen to return for their senior seasons with the exception of star DE Jeremy Miller, who was told he was a lock 1st round NFL pick. The team is returning 15 out of 22 starters and looks like a preseason favorite to win the ACC and a good candidate to make a run at the BCS title.

    Offensive Outlook – The leaders of the offense will again be juniors Brenton Newby at QB and Andy Frank at HB. Both have started the past 28 straight games and their experience will be key to the success of the offensive unit. The team has to replace 2 starters at WR, but the position should be fine with returning contributor Maurice Jones and incoming freshman Jay Arnold, who was the #1 recruit in the nation last year and should bring speed to the offense that was missing last year. TE John Cantrell was a great addition to last year’s offense as a JUCO transfer, and looks to give Newby a solid target over the middle again in his senior year. The offensive line returns 4 of 5 starters, and the hope is that the experience gained by the 3 young players at RG, LT and RT will help them play a bit better in the big games in 2015. Another new weapon for this season will be HB David Carter, who sat out last year following a transfer, and will likely play as much WR as HB this year. He has great speed and receiving skills and should help the offense be more explosive in 2015.

    Defensive Outlook – The defense was awful in the last 3-4 games of 2014, and the coaches attribute that to having to be a bit too vanilla due to the youth in the secondary. Another year of development at the CB position, and the move to a multiple playbook that will utilize a large amount of 3-4 looks, causes hope that the defense will be more effective in user games. The team lost 3 out of 4 DE’s on the roster, and it appears that one of last year’s starting DT’s (Joseph Chambers or Matt Goodwin) will move to DE this year in the 3-4 base sets. The LB corp should be stacked this season, led by returning senior (and 4 year starter) MLB Chris Wright. He will be joined by OLB’s Grady Keyes and Jermaine Miller and sophomore MLB Eric Moore. Moore is a player that the coaches are excited to see get more playing time, at 6’3” and 268 lbs he is huge for a LB, but he has freakish athletic ability for a player that size (88 speed, 89 strength, 84 agility, 87 acceleration, 89 hit power). If the light turns on for him this year, it could be a great season for FSU. The secondary returns all players from last year, but they need to play better for this team to contend. CB Cory Jackson was the star of the unit last year, winning the Thorpe award as a true freshman, and he is joined by senior CB Skylar Roberts and juniors Alan Minor and Timothy Irvin. FS Robert Bowser and SS Henry Everson are both seniors and 3 year starters and should help anchor the unit.

    Team Prediction – Depending on the schedule, this team should be favored in nearly every game they play. Anything less than an ACC crown and a shot at the BCS title will be considered a large disappointment.
  2. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    Last season was a disappointment for Ohio State's coaches, players and fans. Team leader Larry Walters was so upset by his poor performance that he again passed on the NFL Draft and will finish out his college eligibility this season.


    Defenses around the country seemed to catch on to the air raid attack so a change in scheme will take place at OSU. Former Arkansas offensive coordinator Garrick McGee will bring his pro style offense to Columbus. The scheme mixes in a power running attack with some of the spread formations OSU has used the past few seasons. The decision to focus on the run was taken for two reasons. First OSU brings back all five starting offensive linemen and has tremendous depth at that position. Second Ohio State lost its top four wide receivers last year and they will be relying heavily on some incoming junior college transfers. This will be an interesting test for Walters who has rarely passed the ball from under center. Halfback is also a position that has depth for this Buckeyes team. Chad Gilbert led the team last season so he will get the first crack at starting halfback. His more experienced teammates Gary Nealy and Michael Vickers will also get a crack at that position.


    Ohio State is currently debating on the best scheme to use for next season. The team likely returns with the mixed playbook used last season, mixing 4-3 and 3-4 plays. Matt Cummings left early, so the defensive end spots will have two new starters. Fortunately the middle of the line boasts a lot of experience with senior starters Brady Hill and Brandon Robbins returning. The defensive line will be backed up by a very talented linebacking core led by a trio of returning starters. Brady Davis returns to shepherd the middle of the field. The outside will be flanked by Michael Stone and Jordan Norton. Secondary is a bit of a concern but the starting cornerbacks should be solid. Ross Hand picked off seven passes last year so quarterbacks would be wise to stay away. Unfortunately Dave Hadley is manning the other side and he continues to get better each season. Jeff Cox is also a threat at free safety as he can cover on pass plays and make tackles on run plays. The only real weakness is speed at strong safety. Jesse Allen was a four-year starter at Ohio State so he will be missed. In his place will likely be senior Robert Sullivan but he is not the same caliber player as Allen.


    Ohio State's one and only goal is beating Penn State and winning the Big 10. At this point I do not care if we lose all non-conference games, I just can't stand seeing the Nittany Lions walk away with another conference championship. The schedule has not been set for out of conference games so it is difficult to predict how the team fares in those games.

    Depth Chart

    QB - Larry Walters (R-SR 99) Chris Ford (SO 82)
    HB - Michael Vickers (JR 84) Gary Nealy (JR 84) Chad Gilbert (SO 82)
    FB - Chris Dixon (R-SO 83)
    WR - Ryan Barrow (R-SO 85) Casey Porter (SR 78) Reggie Robinson (R-JR 77)
    TE - Joe Johnson (SO 80) Michael Holland (R-JR 77)
    LT - Larry Ham (R-JR 96) Marcus Butler (R-JR 91)
    LG - Rory Alexander (R-SR 95) Paul Cooke (R-JR 95)
    C - Justin Moore (R-SR 98) David Johnson (R-SO 88)
    RG - Kevin Mann (R-SR 89) Thomas Ross (R-FR 81)
    RT - Robbie Skinner (R-JR 92) Roland Fenton (SO 78)

    RE - Tyler Washington (SR 83) Justin Mitchell (R-FR 80)
    DT - Brady Hill (SR 94) Brandon Robbins (SR 93) Cedric Smith (R-SR)
    LE - Bruce Williams (R-SO 86) Vincent West (R-FR 75)
    ROLB - Michael Stone (SR 92) Jamal Williams (SO 81)
    MLB - Brady Davis (R-SR 90) Paul Harris (R-SR 84) Victor Russell (R-SR 84)
    LOLB - Jordan Norton (R-SO 87) Tyjaun Wade (R-FR 78)
    CB - Ross Hand (R-SR 92) Dave Hadley (JR 85) Shannon Mitchell (SO 78) Gary Dingle (SO 75)
    FS - Jeff Cox (R-JR 88) Roy Jones (JR 79)
    SS - Robert Sullivan (R-SR 86) Blake Wesley (R-SO 82)

    K - Aaron Allen (R-SR 89)
    P - Eric McKinney (R-SO 84)
  3. vBIG SLICKv

    vBIG SLICKv Varsity Baby !!!

    Mar 21, 2010
    2015-16 Texas Longhorn Preview

    The Longhorns are excited to get under way after a disappointing 2014-15 season that saw The Longhorns Big XII streak end. Texas will start the new season with fresh faces in key positions and new schemes on both offense and defense.

    Offense: Texas hired LSU offensive coordinatior in the offseason to revitalize a stale offense. JR QB Stephon Williams will be the field general and lead the Texas offense. The Horns are moving to a multiple scheme that will hopefully keep defenses guessing as they line up in different formations and personel packages. R-So and Texas leading rusher the last two years bolted for the NFL, but R-So Gary Kemp looks ready to take over as the horse to pull this wagon. Kemp was the #1 HB in the Season 3 recruiting class and has balanced skills across the board. After losing (7) 90+ ovl receivers to graduation last year the Horns will reload with young talent. The yound receivers will look to Sr WR Carlos Woods at 98ovl for leadership. The offensive line will be anchored by 99ovl RG SR Jacob Richardson and 94ovl LT SR Ryan Allen. The offensive line averages 308lbs so they will look to pound on smaller D-lines and get back to running the ball. The offense will start 6 srs, 2 jrs, 2 so, 2 fr.

    Defense: Texas on defense will switch from the base 4-3 to the Multiple D. Texas wants to eventually move to the 3-4, but does not yet have the personel to make a complete switch. Coach Slick felt by running the multiple he would have more time to get use to some of the 3-4 schemes but yet still have some base packages that fit the players currently on the roster. The D-Line will be lead by DE Jr Bryant Willimas(94ovl) to get pressure on the edges. The Linebackers will be lead by R-Jr MLB Nick Gibson(90ovl) who will patrol the middle at 6'5 250lbs. The secondary will again lean hard on 4yr starter Sr CB Josh Holloway(98ovl) to be the shut down guy and match up with opposing offenses go to receivers. Sr FS Cedric Heinz(95ovl) will be the last line of defense to keep teams from going deep. The defense will start 4 srs, 4 jrs, 1 so, 2 fr.

    Texas looks to regain its swagger they lost last year. The Horns want to reestablish their spot atop the Big XII and return to the National Championship game.
  4. Twister18

    Twister18 I aint got time to bleed!

    Oct 26, 2009
    Oklahoma Sooners: 2015-16

    Offense: the Sooners will replace the big shoes of QB Jim Massey with LSU transfer Brandon Gutierrez, who brings a bit more athleticism and accuracy than what the QB position had last season. Also Jebari Ryan is also waiting to take over if injury or ineffectiveness occur. RB is in the good hands of 99 overall rated powerhouse Marvin Jones and HB Tommy Fergusen. WR is a strength as John Weber is rated a 98 overall and Mark Robinson and Jim Thomas round out a corp that is 6 deep and deadly as they come. TE Chaz Stephens takes over for Trey Millard and TB Tom Bratton will take some reps at TE as well as the Sooners look to recruit a good one this season. The main question mark is the OL as there are 5 new starters along the front 5:

    LT: JR (JUCO) Alex White 87
    LG: FR Dom Davis 79
    C: SR Jermaine Booth 86
    RG: FR Ronny Everett 82
    RT: JR Barrett Robbins 84

    Could be some changes as the C position is very strong and may move to G if needed.


    The defense will be led by their strong secondary as their top 3 CBs are 90 and above and all have 98+ speed. 6-5 FS Ryan Johnson and SS Kareem Simon are rated 88 or better and are only Jrs. The DL will be led LE Brett Sims and RE Mike Smith. The DTs are a mixed bunch that will be led by DT Pat Tyree. The LB corp will be led by AA candidate Johnny OConnor.

    ST: K Rob Griffin and P Brad Whitehead have 97+ power and will be the best in the NCAA. Ricks and Thomas are very fast and agile and will make opposing teams pay if they miss a crucial tackle.
  5. Colemanchu

    Colemanchu GOAT SPLITTER

    Feb 23, 2009
    QB - #7 Mitchell - SR - 99
    TB - #24 Powers - SR - 95
    FB - #47 Carlson - JR - 91
    WR - #88 Manning - SR - 99
    WR - #84 Parrish - JR - 85
    TE - #83 Houston - JR - 86
    LT - #66 Foster - JR - 86
    LG - #61 Brink - SR - 96
    C - #71 Harris - SR - 87
    RG - #70 Swan - JR - 99
    RT - #67 Williams - SR - 99
    RE - #96 Barnes - JR - 85
    DT - #94 Jackson - SR - 96
    DT - #97 Kennedy - JR - 91
    LE - #93 Cantrell - SR -99
    ROLB - #56 Joseph - SR - 91
    MLB - #58 Barber - SR - 98
    LOLB - #57 Humphrey - SR - 97
    CB - #21 Ward - SR -86
    CB - #43 Hill - SR - 85
    FS - #26 Brooks - SR - 93
    SS - #42 Taylor - SO - 81

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