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2015 Team Previews

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Hova, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009
    Post up your team preview after seeing your new ratings for the season.
  2. MurkYa21

    MurkYa21 Walk On

    Apr 19, 2009
    Alabama Crimson Tide
    The Coach:​
    With HC Murk at the helm the Tide will have new life in the SEC. There is enough talent on this team to be successful, but with the power already established with the other teams in the SEC it is going to be hard to get going. Murk has set high goals for his newly acquired program that include - 10 wins, win the division, and make a BCS bowl.​
    The Players:​
    At QB the Tide will be rolling with JR Todd Price 91 overall (91 THP/99 THA), but also hope to incorporate SR Phillip Ely speed into the offense as well.​
    With a solid group of running backs and wide receivers Murk plans on having Price hand the ball off just as much as he passes it. Murk believes a key to his offenses success will come down to whether or not they can get SR TE Pat Richardson plenty of touches through out the season.​
    Richardson is 6'6" 247lbs and 94 overall, he proves to be a great blocker, but he does the most damage with the ball in his hands (96 BTK, 97 TRK, 88 CTH)​
    On the other side of the ball the Tide will have a veteran defense that Coach Murk hopes will keep them in games. As of now the defense will start 7 seniors, 2 juniors, 1 sophomore, and 1 freshman.​
    The secondary will be led by SR CB Scott King (93 overall). The LB'ing core will have plenty of speed off the edges with Seniors Sam Johnson (92 overall) and Brent Calloway (85 overall), a stout run stopper in the middle in SR Xzavier Dickson (88 overall), and coverage specialist to take away the deep middle in JR Seth Howard (87 overall).​
    SR RE DJ Pettway will being giving opposing OL coaches headaches as Bama's best pass rusher. The 6'3" 270lber's goal this year is 10 sacks on the season, and atleast all conference honors.​
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  3. MoonBBad

    MoonBBad http://twitch.tv/moonbbad

    May 22, 2010
    Team Preview 2015
    Notre Dame comes into the 2015 season earning a sixth star for the first time since their second season in the Legacy. That star should definitely help them recruit in 2015. Despite lacking the sixth star, Notre Dame has some talent on both sides of the ball this season. Here is the break down of what you can expect to see next season out of the Irish.
    Reggie Williams is coming off a good first season where he was the starting quarterback for the team. Last season he was 113 for 226 with 2137 yards 19 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. As the season progressed Williams definitely was playing better and this season he should continue to blossom in the Irish's spread offense. Williams was bumped up to a 90 overall and is looking to put up some good numbers this season.
    The running backs last season were the catalyst of this Irish offense. Both George Atkinson and Frank Pierre return for their senior seasons and look to split time in the background and continue with their two headed monster moniker. Atkinson was bumped up to a 93 overall and Pierre is now a 90 overall. Waiting in the wings it looks like for another season barring injuries is Sophomore Cory Riley.
    The Irish definitely don't lack talent in the receiver department. Reggie Williams is going to have plenty of targets next season. With the departure of leading receiver Davarus Daniels from last year, Junior Cliff Williams, a 91 overall with 92 speed and 89 catch looks to lead the talented group. Junior Steven Blake 89 ovr, Manny Flowers a 6'4" 92 speed 88 catching 82 jumping monster, and Caleb Gold the 6'1" speedster of the group round out the receiving core.
    89 overall Brett Wiggins leads the TE group with senior Ben Koyack who is an 87 overall go into the season looking to make an impact on the offense. The Irish haven't had a very productive tight end for a few seasons, however that could change this season with the talent that is there in that department.
    The Irish are pretty balanced on the offensive side of the ball. RG Conor Hanratty a 93 overall RS Senior leads the group going into 2015. RT Brad Carrico and LT Zach Dowdell bookend the Irish line, both being great players should make Reggie Williams feel a bit better dropping back to pass knowing he should have time to throw the ball. Matthew Hegarty is also a 91 overall, and is second to Brad Carrico at the RT position. Due to the depth there, he might move to LG where the Irish are a bit weaker to further bolster the line.
    Senior DT James Pierce anchors the defensive line for the Irish this season. The 6'5" 278 tackle looks to have a great senior season. Other than Pierce, the Irish are really lacking depth or quality at the defensive line position. Two recruits could possibly make an immediate impact here. 4 star DE Darrius McCoy who's a 6'5" 211 lb recruit out of MD could see time at the DE position. DT Marques Keenan out of Tennessee is 6'3" 311 and could move to the NT position which will allow James Pierce, who is a bit undersized for the 3-4 NT, move to the other DE spot.​
    There is no lack of talent for the Irish at the linebacker position. Seniors Ishaq Williams and Ben Council are the outside backers coming into the Season. Williams a 89 overall has been with the Irish for five seasons now and looks to make his mark this year. Ben Council has also been with the team for five seasons as well. Middle linebackers Jeremy Johnson and Jarrett Grace are speedy linebackers who can run sideline to sideline and make plays. The linebackers should be fun to watch this season.​
    Junior Tony Lane, an 88 overall Jr leads the Irish corners going into the season. Sophomore Joseph Geoff and Christian Carter look to be the future of the secondary and both are going to be heavily involved in the defensive secondary this season. Junior Dominique King is the nickle corner and Christian Carter is the dime corner going into the year.​
    Senior Free Safety Sheldon Robinson looks to be a ball hawk again this season. His 92 rated speed, 75 overall strength and 83 tackle make him extremely versatile. The Irish lack a true Strong Safety and Coach Kelly is going to have to decide between three 83 overall free safeties who he wants to move to the SS position however early reports out of camp suggest it's going to be between Mark Ranson and Kevin Thomas.​
    Special Teams
    Redshirt Sophomore Edwin Baker is the punter for this season. The 93 overall product of Oxford, Alabama has been solid for the Irish in his career thusfar.​
    Junior Drew Freeman, a 94 overall kicker out of Dayton, Kentucky has been phenomenal for the Irish so far in his career and looks to continue that going into his Junior year with the team.​
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  4. Wick36

    Wick36 Welcome to the Jungle

    Jul 14, 2010
    I thought Randall was a senior last year, but apparently not. He is a 98 this year and will likely be the starter unless his lack of accuracy hinders the offense.

    Steve Smith will get the bulk of the carries while Magee is the big change of pace back.

    My number one receiver will be Seward. Then, there is a lot of quality depth that falls in just behind him.

    Woods returns and looks to have another good season. He is great in the trenches and his 6'8" size makes him an easy passing target for QBs.

    I only lose one starter off of my line from last year. I believe my lowest rated player will be an 89.


    The defensive end spot has some capable players but no game changers. These guys will be asked to do their jobs, but don't expect any ridiculous performances.

    Tye Abrahms is a monster and converted DE Rasco should be able to provide an inside pass rush. Not nearly as good as the inside duo from last year, but they should be good enough to get the job done.

    I return all of my starting linebackers. Anchoring the middle is my run stopper Thompson and the speedy Randle when we were in the 3-4 last season. On the outsides, we have All American Morris Smith and on the other side is the 6'7" pass coverage linebacker Richardson.

    Rating wise, we're in about the same position as last year. However, this group has a lot more raw talent. It is still up in the air which players will end up starting because some of the ratings are so close, but there will certainly be some good talent.

    I didn't lose anyone who got on the field last year and my corners should be some of the best in the nation. My top 2 enter the year with 94 and 90 ratings respectively.

    -I am still uncertain on which offense/defense I will be running this year, so that is probably not a good thing.

    -Being the last season with the initial draft class, LSU will be in search of another undefeated regular season culminating with a national title. However, one or two losses might be acceptable depending on the schedule dealt to the Tigers this year.
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  5. gwill

    gwill Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta

    Jul 22, 2009
    Tennessee Volunteers
    After a disappointing 4-8 year last season, the Vols look to rebound this year and give the fans on Rocky Top something to cheer about. This year's squad is a combination of senior leadership and freshman youthfulness. On the offensive side, the offense is led by senior QBs Nic Mayfield and Justin Worley. At this point it's unknown who will start week 1 but whoever's under center will have a solid target WR Fred Houston who racked up 1119 yards last season. The Volunteer run game is led by senior RB Tom Smith who will be expected to carry the load this year. The O-Line is senior laden with right tackle being the lone exception. The line is anchored by LT 6'6" 349 lbs Antonio Richardson who had 15 pancakes last season.​
    The Volunteer D has a blend of senior talent and inexperience. Only 4 guys have extensive playing time so guys will be expected to learn on the fly; especially playing in the SEC they'll be expected to learn really quick.​
  6. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009
    2015 Michigan Wolverines

    -Ann Arbor, Michigan

    QB: Now SO Thomas Jones will continue to be the starting QB this season going into week 1. He looks to be more poised this year and is out best QB rating wise with 91 THP and 90 THA. He looks to make more plays and try to be the young leader of this offense. Backup QB SR Russel Bellomy is close behind and is much more mobile than Jones. He may see time if Jones throws 20 more INTs.

    HB: Star SR Thomas Rawls returns and will be the driving force of this years offense. He is 99 Overall with 95 speed, 99 Accel, 89 Brk tackle, and 96 elusiveness. He should have a heisman like season and could push near the 2,000 yard mark depending on health and production behind him. JR Franklin Williamson will also see carries at 85 OVR and blazing 99 speed. He will play a role much like HB Scott Holt did last year backing up Rawls.

    FB: SR Nick Walker comes in at 94 OVR and will be a strong point of our running game, leading the way for Rawls. Walker hopes to make many holes to give Rawls that Heisman winning season, in a run heavy offense.

    WR: SR Spencer Bain will lead the corps at 89 OVR and 96 speed. WR Issac Timmons will get the other starting WR spot, and will look to be a major deep threat once again. 6'3 speedster Kris Thomas will play in the slot this year and look to cause mismatch problems. JR Phil Dunn rounds out the WR corps with 94 speed and a 6'2 frame.

    TE: SO Randall Johnson will start at TE this season, at 6'4 242 lbs. His backup is straight trash so the TE will not be a strong point this season. We should have help next season as traitor Buckeye TE Washington comes off redshirt. ;)

    Oline: The oline will be much stronger this season with 90 rated G's on both sides. 87 OVR SR C Jack Miller will hold down the middle. Our weakest link is still at RT with 82 OVR Tony Posada starting, still an upgrade from last year though.

    DE: All American SO Will Bolen will hold down the left end this season at 86 OVR. JR Gerald Thomas at 90 OVR on the RE looks to have a huge season for the Wolverines. We expect him to get 12+ sacks this season.

    DT: This will be the weakest part of the defense this season. 85 OVR Thomas Rogers and 78 OVR DT Justin Davis will start, with basically no depth behind them. We will have to get pressure from the outside because these useless fat asses will do nothing.

    LB: SO LB Jeremy McDonald work the left side at 87 OVR and a good motor. SR Brandon Davis will be on the right side at 86 OVR and 99 accel. He should be a great run stopper this season. MLB's Kellen Jones and Marcus Murphy will hold down the middle in Michigans 3-4 defense.

    CB: CB will be the strongest part of the Michigan defense this year. Our 4 top starting CBs are all rated 90 or better and have 94+ speed. We will play alot of man leaving them out to fend for themselves. We need turnovers and expect these guys to neutralize the big WR threats we will see this season.

    FS: SO Erik Hill will start at FS this year at 82 OVR. He should be able to cover alot of space with 93 speed and 99 accel. Also a good tackler at 89.

    SS: JR Darren Terrell will step into the starting role this season at 84 OVR. He is a bad tackler but has the speed to cover some room. All we need him to do is NOT get burned deep.

    K: Robert Armstrong is 92 OVR. The best kicker we have ever had.

    P: Robert Armstrong will be punting for us as well... because he's mobbin like that.

    KR/PR: We expect HB Franklin Williamson to be huge in the return game this year with 99 speed. Should replace the lose of Returner of the Year Scott Holt.

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  7. BigKing

    BigKing Enforcer of Freedom

    Mar 13, 2011
    The Huskies lost a whole lot of starters from last year including their Quarterback, Runningback, both starting receivers and basically their whole offensive line. ​
    Redshirt Freshman Scott Greenwood will get the starting nod at Quarterback, but might not last long with a shaky offensive line. Senior Halfback Kyle Lewis will likely have to carry the Husky offense early. The Husky defense looks to be the strength of the team, which is good because they may have to shut out most opponents. In all the Huskies will have 8 Freshman starters, including 6 on offensive side of the ball. ​
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  8. Kaen

    Kaen Walk On

    Nov 3, 2011
    Took me a while to notice their was any text to that post.
  9. uncleho

    uncleho Walk On

    Jan 20, 2010
    QB Adam Reese returns to start his third year in a row and needs to show growth as a passer and make better decisions with the football for Iowa's offense to take it to the elite level. Already a shaky start in week 1.

    RB Damon Bullock on the other had we knew would be our offensive production this year and his great start to the season solidified our faith in him, especially after Bo Keller's departure last season.

    WR E.J. Turner returns for his senior season looking to break a couple of career marks and is our best rated offensive player. Maybe the best set of hands in all of college football and runs outstanding routes. Some solid players round out the rest of the corps.

    TE Ray Hamilton is back and will team with Turner to be Iowa's receiving threats, he too has outstanding hands and runs excellent routes, also is a decent blocker. Solid players behind him as well.

    OL is a big question again this year as they didn't have the best year last year. All starters return except a G, but there is a good fill in this year there.

    DE somehow we let this slip by and now will graduate 5 DE's this year, meaning next year will be all incoming freshmen, this year though its a solid group headed by the 4 years starters Kevin Harmon and Anthony White.

    DT is a big question as well with (RS) JR Jonathan Jackson a career backup until now as the top guy. It will go along way if he steps up and the two FR DT from last years class step up as well. Especially Jon Hollis as he is manning the other DT position.

    OLB returns both starters from last year, who are average, but added some depth they were lacking.

    MLB transfer Andrew Timmons gets to play this year and is an instant starter and leader in the middle of the defense and by far our best linebacker.

    CB sees the return of all 4 top cornerbacks, with them all being solid players, and FR Jake Booker on the depth chart in the 5th spot.

    FS SO Robert Ivey returns and looks to make more of an impact this year as he has only improved from his freshmen campaign.

    SS Danny Weddle is back to lead the secondary in his senior season and is the best DB on the team.

    KR Torrey Campbell already torched one team this year and is looking to make himself the best return man in the nation.
  10. Kaen

    Kaen Walk On

    Nov 3, 2011

    LOS ANGELES, CA - The 2014 season didn't go well at all and is something UCLA would like to eliminate from their memory as soon as possible. A 4-8 record is nothing to write home about and just added to the long list of issues UCLA has faced over the years. There were injuries, safe recruiting, lack of direction, poor play and even worse play calling.

    James Lofton hopes to be the amnesia everyone in this program needs. He enters this coming season with a young team, as UCLA only has seven Seniors on the entire roster. They had the 18th best recruiting class in the nation last year, but that was mostly due to quantity rather than quality. A good portion of those players didn't even end up making the team. That quality vs. quantity aspect of UCLA's past recruitment efforts is the first thing Lofton aims to change.

    In the past, UCLA has been criticized for going after recruits they knew they could get and not really pursuing higher rated player that would be considered a reach for this program. Coach Lofton and his staff have proven that they play for keeps when it comes to recruits and look to make a statement this year by going after some four star players to start rebuilding this program around.

    Lofton also brings in a completely different offensive scheme from what UCLA has used in the past. UCLA has been running a Pistol style offense for some time now and Lofton will bring a more Pro based scheme. This will be a difficult adjustment at first for current players and there will be some holes in the talent needed to run his offense. Look for Lofton to recruit players this first year to help fill those holes.

    Good luck ever getting a coach to tell you that their goal is anything but winning their Conference Championship, but inside sources have stated that Lofton and Guerrero have a five year plan in place around expectations for this team that is a little more realistic. This first year's goals appear to be getting a strong recruiting class for 2016 and on the outer limits, to reach a bowl game and put UCLA back into consideration for top recruits and recruits outside California(Read trying to get to :4stars: and make TX a pipeline).

    Quarterbacks: Brett Hundley will lead the offense going into 2015 and a lot of UCLA's success is going to predicate on his move to a Pro Style offense. Hundley is a mobile QB with a decent arm, but we'll have to wait and see how well he transitions. Coach Lofton seemed pretty confident Hundley had what it would take to pick up the new schemes, "I watched alot of tape on this kid coming in and he's smart. We just need him to manage the game and not turn the ball over. I believe that is something Hundley will do for us." One thing is for certain, Coach Lofton has no choice but to make that bet as their is no real challenger in the QB spot. Jay Witherspoon looks like he could develop into a promising performer, especially in the new offense, but as a red shirt Freshman, he still has some development before he would be ready to be a day to day starter.

    Running Game: Jeff Barner will be leading the running attack this year, although that could be a problem. Garner is a red shirt Junior and has still not shown anything that would suggest the halfback position will be successful at UCLA. This will be the biggest weakness this year for the Bruins, especially considering the switch to a Pro scheme. A potent O-Line can make a decent halfback look better, but the Bruins don't even have that this year. Lofton may use the passing game to setup the run this year, until he can establish what he has in his halfback stable and get them more confortable with carrying a good portion of the load on offense. FB Dontae Morrow should be excited with the new scheme as he will see more field time than he would have with the previous Pistol offense. He will be relied on heavily in the running game to provide solid run block performance.

    Receivers: This was actually one of the bright spots in last year's recruiting for the Bruins, as Jeff Rogers was one of only two 4-star recruits that chose UCLA as home. It was a tough decision, but even though Rogers could step right in and compete with UCLA upper classmen for the starting receiver position, Lofton chose to redshirt him and allow him to take a year to develop further. This is the long term approach Lofton is taking with this team, choosing future long term success over minor improvements today. Outside of the bright spot that is Rogers, the rest of the receiving corp will be pretty much the same as last year. Slade Fritz will lead this group that is decent at best. Not a lot of weapons here to pick from for Hundley.

    Offensive Line: Junior Center, Michael Barnes, will anchor the line this year and is by far their best lineman(77 OVR). Senior Guard, Ben Wysocki will start at LG and will also be about where the depth stops for this O-Line. The rest of the squad are all underclassmen and not very talented from a scouting perspective. This is the first area Lofton and his staff hope to begin recruiting and shoring up. For this season, they will rely on Hundley's mobility and a balanced attack to keep defenses off-balance. Let's just hope Hundley doesn't get beat up to bad and go down for any period of time.


    Alex Cobbs and Greg Terrell will anchor the line in Lofton's 4-3 defensive scheme, with Pat Adams and Chase Neal at the Defenive End positions. Underclassmen Jeremy Hopkins and Jason Jackson will be at the Outside Linebacker positions while Aaron Wallace, the only Senior in this group, keeps watch over the middle. It should be noted that the other bright spot in last year's recruiting was OLB Chris Adams, the only other 4-star recruit. Lofton also opted to redshirt Adams in an effort to build on the future.

    While the front seven are average talent, the defensive backs have huge challenges this year. CB Jake McFadden, FS Anthony Thompson and SS Tanner Jones are expected to lead this group of young and underwhelming performers. Pass defense looks to be a glaring hole in UCLA's game this year, unless this crew can get some help in the form of QB pressure from the front seven.


    Special Teams will be a work in progress for the Bruins with a true Freshman punter and kicker going into 2015. Coverage also appears to be a glaring problem with the lack of athletic talent on the roster. This could prove to be very important since UCLA will be relying heavily on field goals and field position this year.


    Overall, we don't expect much more from UCLA in 2015 over 2014. They have an extremely tough schedule that starts with Georgia and then LSU. Recruiting will be what fans will want to watch this year. Who knows though? If Lofton can get this team motivated and executing gameplans to perfection, UCLA could play spoiler for more than a couple teams this year.

    **I didn't include a lot of ratings because, let's be honest, what's the point. Imagine a team with a handful of low 80's players and the rest in the 70's and 60's. That's my team. :) **​
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