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2015 Team Projections

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Wick36, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Wick36

    Wick36 Welcome to the Jungle

    Jul 14, 2010
    Tad bit early for this since we don't know who's leaving us early and such, but with the regular season done I thought it might be a good time to start looking ahead.


    Right now, I am pretty happy to be entering the SEC title game 11-1 with this team. It's (imo) the worst team I've had thus far, with developing talent at DE, RB, WR, and CB. There's a couple career backup type players who have gotten to start.

    There will be a bit of a QB controversy as I switch back to a spread offense like I ran at Virginia Tech in NCAA 11 and season 1 here. The winner barring unpredicted growth will be the balanced option Kendall Miller. He's been pretty bad in the game experience he's gotten but we'll see. If he has throwing problems or is too slow for his mobility to be helpful, I will not hesitate to pull the plug on his ass.

    The running back position will be set. Best case scenario, I have Hilliard back and can use him and Smith again this year. Worst case, Hilliard leaves early and Smith is my feature back with Magee as the power spell. The WR spot will still lack a first round pick talent type of player, but there will be A LOT of depth. The lowest rated in my top 5 will likely be an 85. If TE Woods returns, he will play a key part in my passing game once again. I return 4/5 lineman, and all 5 starters should be 90 or above next season.

    My defensive line lacks depth and I could be in some trouble if Johnson decides to go pro. I have gotten quite a few good linebackers during the seasons here, so I have a lot of depth in that position. If nobody goes pro, I expect to have the best group of linebackers in the country. This is a similar situation to the cornerback position - incredible depth and talent. They should rival my second year group with Claiborne, Mathieu, and Simon. I lose both starting safeties, however, they should be able to fill in pretty well. The stat drop off will be quite small and the size difference should make up for that (6'3" and 6'7" vs both 5'11" this season).

    Next season could really go a few ways depending on what happens with my defensive line and how I like my QB. If I get similar production to what I got this year from the QB and I have to play someone who's not ready at DT, a 3 loss season is not out of the question even with the amount of talent at I have at other spots.
  2. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009
    Michigan still continues to struggle to hang with the bigger schools, on the field and recruiting. Our offense has no where to go but up in both facets, the QBs can only get better. The running game will improve as well barring the rare event that BOTH holt and rawls leave early, crossing me fingers that atleast one stays. The problem with Michigan however is up front. We tend to get dominated on the Dline and Oline. These spots are hard to find good talent with out powerful recruiting. It is going to take that 6th star to get Michigan over the hump. Our only hope this year is to find someway to beat OSU in Indy after getting trounced the week before.
  3. abolishthefed

    abolishthefed Specializing in mediocrity

    Mar 27, 2010
    Ohio St

    QB: Braxton Miller is only 91 overall and isn't in line to win any major awards, so he may be back next season. If not, RS So Anthony Edmonds should be ranked in the upper 80s with mid 90s accuracy next season.

    HB: Sr Rod Smith leaves, after putting up 1,350 yards and 22 TD this season. His loss will be felt, as the depth behind him is limited. So Eddie Johnson is the projected starter, but incoming :5stars: talent may push him for playing time.

    FB: So Antonio Triplett will be back for his junior campaign

    WR: Starters Verlon Reed and TY Williams graduate, but the Buckeyes will have 5 receivers ranked in the mid to upper 80s next season with speed to burn.

    TE: RS Sophs Hawkins and Washington will anchor the TE corps next season.

    OL: All five starters return.


    DL: RS Sr DT Darryl Baldwin is the only one that graduates out of this group. They should be the strength of the defense next season.

    LB: Sr Ryan Shazier graduates. RS Jr Curtis Grant may elect to leave and go to the pros. This group lacks depth and will be a weakness.

    DB: Two year starter CB Doran Grant and SS Corey Brown both graduate. Brown's loss may be felt, but the Bucks should be ok at the CB position.

    Both special team players return, along with KR Malone.
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  4. uncleho

    uncleho Walk On

    Jan 20, 2010
    Iowa is happy we had a solid recruiting class, possibly their best one quality wise this season after the debacle last year. These guys will need to step up.

    QB: Adam Reese will return for his RS JR year and will be the key piece if the offense takes the next step or not.

    HB: Bo Keller should be back for his RS JR year as well and will be the main driving force of the offense again. His backup is Damon Bullock and is solid and should be back next year as well.

    FB: TE Henry Krieger-Coble will make the move here his Senior year since he played it all season this year.

    WR: Iowa loses two guys here including #2 Blake Haluska to graduation, but #1 E.J. Turner should be back to finish his career as a 4 year starter, we also are bringing in some young talent.

    TE: Ray Hamilton will be back and so will Jerod Williams for a solid group.

    OL: G Brandon Scherrf was our best rated lineman this year and he graduates, leaving what was a patchwork effort this year with more questions for next year. Weakness for sure.

    DL: DE Anthony White and DE Kevin Harmon should return to finish their careers as 4 year starters, while starting DTs Carl Davis and Mike Hardy both graduate, opening the door for some recruits.

    LB: Both OLB slots return the starters from this year and hopefully improve, MLB Quinton Alston graduates, but transfer MLB Andrew Timmons can step in and looks to be solid. MLB is desperate for depth.

    CB: All SO and FR this year and will return next year, looking for great training improvement from this group, they were a weakness this year.

    FS: FR Robert Ivey needs to improve for next year, need him to turn into a playmaker, there is some depth behind him.

    SS: Danny Weddle will return to finish his career as a four year starter and will be the leader of the defense.

    We return both K and P next season and are hoping like hell K Adam Dickerson can strengthen his leg. Return man Torrey Campell returns for his senior season with his blazing speed.
  5. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    QB Mike Adams 87 overall JR* - He is more athletic than Murray and Mason, so he will bring a new flavor to the Georgia offense. There is some depth behind Adams if he struggles.

    HB Rasheed Cunningham 88 RS SO, E.J. Swan 87 RS SO, Kevin Jenkins 86 SO* - Will be a battle for the top spot with Cunningham owning the early lead, Jenkins was a beast in his freshman season so not ruling him out.

    FB E.J. Forte 82 RS FR - Not used heavily in Bulldogs attack, solid run blocker.

    WR Sanford Seay 86 RS JR, Donnie Bradley 80 SO, Paul Jones 80FR, Darrell Mitchell 79 FR*, Darrell Mitchell 79 FR* - Hopefully Seay comes back for one more season, other players are talented but untested

    TE Jay Rome 88 RS JR, Brock Gould 83 SO - Talented pass catchers who should see a lot of action with the young WR core. Gould may line up at WR next season in some formations.

    O-Line Xavier Ward 80 RS JR, Seth Levine 87 RS SO, Travis Brooks 86 RS FR, Watts Dantzler 82 RS JR, Brett Rooney 80 RS JR - This should be a solid group, though lacking in some areas. Depth should not be an issue with the incoming freshmen class.

    D-Line Antonio Phillips 80 FR, Seth Bailey 85 RS JR, Mike Gaddis 88 RS SO - Morant will be tough to replace but Bailey will be returning at the other end spot. Phillips will need to fill the pass rushing void.

    Linebackers Ray Drew 85 RS JR, Willie Jenkins SO 86, Amarlo Herrera 83 RS JR, Jay Porter 83 RS FR - The entire unit should return and with progression should be among the highest rated in the NCAA. Drew will be a three year starter at OLB.

    Cornerbacks Nick Marshall 88 RS JR, Chris McKinney 88 JR - Georgia will be 6-deep at CB if all eligible players return. The team should have at least 2 guys over 90 overall and 6 over 85. The top 4 CB all stand over 6'2.

    Safeties William Hodges 86 RS FR, Terrance Washington 86 - It will be tough to pass on Georgia next season, that much is certain. Hodgers put up very good numbers in his first season on the field. Washington will replace Redd at strong safety.

    Special Teams Jesse West 90 SO, Gary Irvin 88 RS SO - Both players are solid. West has some amazing kick power so he will continue to handle kickoffs.

    Overall my offense will be a little green but the defense should be scary. The unit could return 8 of 11 players from a very good season in 2015.

    *Redshirt this season
  6. Kaen

    Kaen Walk On

    Nov 3, 2011
    LOS ANGELES, CA - In a surprise announcement today, UCLA has hired James Lofton, formerly with the Florida Gators, to take over as the head coach of the Bruins football program. This came as quite a surprise to many sources as Lofton had just finished his first year with the Gators and an impressive win against #11 Nebraska in the Outback Bowl. According UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero, talks had been taking place over the last few weeks with Florida and Lofton, but were kept private out of respect for the players and their preparation for the Outback Bowl.​
    For Lofton, this move makes sense as he is a California native, although he is an alumni of what will now be his rival, USC. When asked about how tough it would be to stand on the opposite side of the field from his alma mater, Lofton replied, "It's no different than coaching in Florida. If our programs had continued to grow, there was always the possibility of facing USC. I'm a football coach and that is what I'm here to do. This was a great opportunity to coach a storied program in my home state. I look forward to the challenge and opportunity of bringing this program back to a place where we're competing with our rivals for the Pac-12 Championships year after year."​
    Coach Lofton definitely has more challenges than opportunities ahead of him at this point. Cross-town rival USC, continues to dominate the South Division in both the standings and out on the recruiting trail. UCLA has had difficulty over the past decade competing with USC, Stanford and a perenniel National Championship contender Oregon for recruits in Southern California. Lofton aims to turn things around for the Bruins. Sources close to Lofton have stated that he is fully aware of how "bare the cupboards" are at UCLA and made sure that was key point in discussions with Guerrero. Lofton apparently wants to make sure expectations are realistic and that he will be given time to build the talent pool and implement his system.​
    For the upcoming 2015 season, Lofton will have to work with the talent he has as the majority of UCLA's 2015 class has already committed. He will have a tough time getting to a bowl game, much less winning one. Two things to watch for over the coming year is whether or not he can get his team ready for the 2015 season under his more pro-style system versus the previous pistol offense UCLA has used and how big of a splash Lofton can make on the recruiting trail with the 2016 class.​
    ( I was bored waiting for the advance :) )​
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2011
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  7. abolishthefed

    abolishthefed Specializing in mediocrity

    Mar 27, 2010
  8. Kaen

    Kaen Walk On

    Nov 3, 2011
    Thanks. Figured since I didn't have any players to write home about I'd go with this approach.

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