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2015 Virginia Tech

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Wick36, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Wick36

    Wick36 Welcome to the Jungle

    Jul 14, 2010

    :5stars: #2 MLB Brian Mansfield
    He doesn't have amazing speed at a C+, but he's very strong in other areas. He's very strong and is great at getting off of blocks. He rarely misses a tackle. His coverage skills are average. Expect to see Brian either first or second in the depth chart next season. Either way, he'll be getting a lot of playing time.

    :4stars: #19 WR Bill Garcia
    He's not very fast for a WR, but his height and ability to jump lets him come down with a lot of balls. He's got decent hands and doesn't fumble. Expect to see him in the slot next season, with the possibility of moving to the outside if he can develop his speed.

    #14 TE Cole Washington
    Cole has decent speed and is average all around. He's not all that great with his hands yet, but that should be alright with short routes.

    #23 ATH Charles Wright
    Charles has good speed and great acceleration for someone of his size. He doesn't hit all that hard and struggles with zone coverage. He is, however, good at getting to the ball and doesn't miss many tackles. He'll most likely add some depth at MLB, but may play some DE in certain packages or play OLB.

    #17 DE Courtney Lee (JUCO JR)
    Courtney certainly is not a freak of nature like some defensive ends. However, he has good size and is very good at the fundamentals. Whether he gets a lot of playing time or not depends mostly on how highly rated he comes in and whether or not Mitchell goes pro. Although it won't be his main position, Courtney may get some playing time at DT in some of the 4 man fronts or in hurry up situations to replace the quick to tire Gary Walker.

    #13 ATH Kerry Jackson
    Kerry has mediocre speed, but can get to that speed extremely quickly. He has coverage skills comparable to that of most LBs and has good hands. Kerry will most likely be a linebacker, but may also receive some playing time in the 4-6 SS role due to his ability to make interceptions.

    #17 DE Mike Price
    Mike is a small guy who makes up for his size with good fundamentals. He is good at getting off of blocks and getting to the ball. His combine numbers aren't great, but he's a hard worker.

    :3stars: #20 FB Jarred Taylor
    Taylor is just all around solid and very proficient at everything. He doesn't really separate himself in any certain category, but as a whole he is very, very good.

    #31 T Maxe Hale (JUCO JR)
    Max is pretty solid all around, but excels in pass protection which makes him a very valuable asset to the Virginia Tech spread passing game.

    #54 SS Nick McKinney
    He is an extremely mediocre player who is decent in run support but weak in pass coverage. In all likelihood, he will never see the field, but adds depth to the safety position. If he progresses well, he might get some playing time his Junior or Senior year.

    #66 QB Troy Treangen
    With the announcement to go pro by Hicks, the Hokies needed to scramble for a third, safety net QB. His throwing skill are nothing special, but he should be a capable third stringer. He probably won't get to play if Virginia Tech is able to bring in someone good next season.

    #55 OLB John Palmer
    Virginia Tech has quite a few 3 star linebackers on their roster who haven't panned out as hoped so Palmer was a bit of a risk. He won't be a factor in the near future, but if he improves on his coverage skills how quickly he flows to the ball, he has the potential to be a very good player.

    #89 DE Adam Miller
    Adam provides a link to Florida for future recruits. Due to his size and slow speed, it is likely that he will see a move to the DT position, where he seems to fit a lot better than at DE. He has good moves, and is okay at tackling. He needs to improve on his strength and quickness.

    #80 (JUCO JR) HB Alonzo Arnold
    Alonzo fills in a whole left by Taylor Freeman who decided to leave for the draft early. He has good speed and decent moves. He will be a nice change of pace from McGee. However, his receiving and blocking skills are quite poor.
  2. Wick36

    Wick36 Welcome to the Jungle

    Jul 14, 2010
  3. Wick36

    Wick36 Welcome to the Jungle

    Jul 14, 2010

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