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2016 All-NikPin Ivy Team

Discussion in 'The Dirty Dozen' started by nikpin, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. nikpin

    nikpin Universitas Brunensis

    Apr 14, 2010
    2016 All Ivy Offense
    Quarter Back
    Yale Matt Poland 6'1 194 Senior
    92 OVR 92 THA 86 THP 91 SPD 88 ACC 84 AGI
    When I wrote this up in 2014 QB was the deepest position and it remains so two years later as about half the league has elite QB's. Poland is the best despite being slightely under sized and not having the strongest arm. He's able to overcome those knocks by being extremely accurate and black. Both he and Running Water are Senior's so we'll get some fresh blood next year.​
    2nd Team: Brown John Running Water 91 OVR

    Half Back
    Columbia Drew Johnson 5'5 160 Senior
    91 OVR 96 SPD 93 AGI 94 ACC 80 CAR 83 TRK 93 ELU 83 JKM 82 SPIN
    Johnson finished behind Georgetowns Dusty Morse back in 2014 but Morse has graduated and Johnson's clearly the cream of the crop. He's only 5'5 so he's not much of a receiving threat but he posseses elite speed and should be primed to make some bing plays as a Senior for Columbia in 2016.
    2nd Team: Brown Camen Piho 87 OVR

    Full Back
    Cornell Kelechi Johnson 6'2 247 Junior
    79 OVR 87 SPD 87 ACC 81 AGI 73 STR 72 RBL 74 CTH 82 TRK 76 CAR 68 IBL
    Johnson was the best FB two sesons ago and retains that title. But again just not much here as it doesn't seem like many of us havea desire to recruit the good FB's.
    2nd Team: Princeton Nate Bolen 76 OVR

    Wide Receiver
    Georgetown Manny Webster 6'4 204 Junior
    87 OVR 90 SPD 95 ACC 83 AGI 81 JMP 87 CTH 81 CIT 81 RLS 91 RTE 76 SPC
    Georgetown Chris Little 6'3 207 Sophomore
    83 OVR 94 SPD 95 ACC 80 AGI 82 JMP 81 CTH 72 CIT 80 RLS 92 RTE 73 SPC
    Webster retains his spot on the team and adds a teammate in Chris Little. Little and Webster must wonder what they could do in a passing offense that didn't turn the ball over so much as they probably feel under utilized in the Georgetown offense. Both guys fit the profile of outside WR's with plenty of speed and size. The conference has definitely added some talent at WR over the last two seasons.
    2nd Team: Harvard Donald Wadsworth 80 OVR & Yale Isaiah Wilson 82 OVR

    Tight End

    Georgetown Aaron Matthews 6'5 277 Senior
    89 OVR 80 SPD 79 STR 81 AGI 85 ACC 87 CTH 74 CIT 80 RLS 83 RBL 85 IBL
    Matthews was the tight end two seasons ago and caps off his career as the best TE in the conference. He's a dual threat as he's a great blocking TE while excelling in the passing game as well. This was one of the easiest decisions I made as I didn't even really consider anyone else for the top spot as the conference doesn't posses any other elite TE's.
    2nd Team: Harvard William Newton 80 OVR

    Georgetown Odell Brown 6'8 280 Junior
    87 OVR 89 STR 89 ACC 85 PBL 91 RBL 89 IBL
    Brown Nick Deaver 6'7 314 Sophomore
    82 OVR 88 STR 92 ACC 84 PBL 84 RBL 87 IBL
    This position got substantially better from two seasons ago despite fresh faces. Brown and Deaver are both the guys you want first off the bus. They can both play a little as well with both having great strength and the ability to get to the 2nd level if need be. I think you could find yourself winning a lot of pickup basketball games with them as well.
    2nd Team: Dartmouth Geoff Lawrence 80 OVR & Penn Lance Scott 79 OVR

    Georgetown Anthony Gaither 6'0 317 (RS)Junior
    84 OVR 84 STR 93 ACC 91 PBL 84 RBL 86 IBL
    Yale Robert Willaims 6'2 286 Sophomore
    82 OVR 89 STR 94 ACC 84 PBL 84 RBL 77 IBL
    Guard checked in at the weakest position on the offensive line. Gaither is a little bit weaker than I'd like but he's a better technical blocker. Williams is strong but not at good at blocking. It's kind of a trade off as the position didn't present any perfect blockers. Both guys have some time to improve on their weaknesses though as both have at least a year of eligibility.
    2nd Team: Columbia Dominic Wood 81 OVR & Delaware Ryan Davis 80 OVR

    Georgetown John Hicks 6'6 313 Senior
    90 OVR 89 STR 95 ACC 92 PBL 85 RBL 89 IBL
    Georgetown has an offensive linemen at all 3 positions and John Hicks closes out the offense as the 1st team center. He's the highest rated offensive lineman on the list and if you look at his attributes it's easy to see why. Delaware's Casey Brown came in a close second but both he and Hicks are Senior's so it's the last season conference DT/NT will have to worry abou thtem.
    2nd Team: Delaware Casey Brown 88 OVR

    2016 All Ivy Defense
    Defensive End
    Yale Macrcus Morrow 6'3 247 Junior
    88 OVR 81 SPD 77 STR 86 ACC 88 PMV 95 FMV 85 BSH 97 PUR 86 HPW 85 BSH
    Georgetown Jamar Wolfe 6'3 241 Senior
    88 OVR 78 SPD 83 STR 76 ACC 86 PMV 92 FMV 98 BSH 88 PRC 83 HPW 83 PUR
    Jamar Wolfe maintains his spot on the team but Marcus Morrow relegates Tyrone Johnson to the 2nd team this time around. Johnson was the superior athlete to both Wolfe and Morrow but it was hard to overlook the 3 OVR points he was giving up. Both guys are able to play the run as well as the pass but neither is an elite athlete who can dominate a game. It looks like we'll be seeing two Yale players on top of this list next year.​
    2nd Team: Yale Tyrone Johnson 85 OVR & Delaware Patrick Lynch
    Defensive Tackle
    Yale Terrance Williams 5'11 265 Junior
    89 OVR 86 STR 76 SPD 77 ACC 97 FMV 87 FMV 90 BSH 87 PRC 84 PUR 83 HPW
    Brown James McNamara 6'6 266 Sophomore
    85 OVR 87 STR 74 SPD 87 PMV 89 FMV 85 BSH 84 TAK 84 HPW 83 PUR
    Defensive tackle was poor the first time I did this list but it's improved dramatically across the conference since then. Williams and McNamara both came to college as DE's but were asked to put on a few LB's and move inside for the sake of the team. Both guys feature good but not elite strength and are both decent athletes for their sizes. Interestingly enough Penn took both spot's on the 2nd team.​
    2nd Team: Penn Chandler Beck 82 OVR & Tramon Haynes 84 OVR
    Middle Linebacker
    Yale Austin Wilson 6'0 238 Senior
    81 OVR 88 SPD 77 STR 86 ACC 81 TAK/HPW/PRC 89 FMV 88 BSH
    After saying I'd go with the 3-4 two years ago I'm definitely taking back that statement as the conference has gone from being flush with LB's to a LB wasteland. Wilson wasn't an ideal canidate but he's the best of the bucnch he's more of a OLB playing inside but I can't complain as he's faster than a lot of Safeties in this confernece.​
    2nd Team: Cornell Eric Miller 79 OVR
    Outside Linebacker
    Yale Cole Mitchell 6'2 223 Senior
    85 OVR 83 SPD 82 STR 99 ACC 97 PUR 83 HPW 83 BSH 84 ZCV
    Columbia Adam Washington 6'7 238 Senior
    81 OVR 85 SPD 76 STR 90 ACC 83 TAK 80 BSH 80 HPW
    Let me reiterate the LB position has backsled and all first and second team OLB and MLB's are Seniors. I can't imagine the scrubs I'll have to find next year. I like Mitchell's 99 ACC and coverage ability. I like Washington's Height and SPD/ACC combo. That's really the only nice things I can say about them.​
    2nd Team: Brown Brent Tomlinson 78 OVR & Brown Will Swindell 78 OVR

    Corner Back
    Brown Grant Villeneuve 6'2 180 Sophomore
    83 OVR 97 SPD 91 ACC 89 JMP 88 MCV 92 ZCV 84 PRS 82 PUR
    Brown Michael Hartwick 5'11 175 Sophomore
    84 OVR 93 SPD 91 ACC 86 AGI 87 JMP 93 MCV 92 ZCV 84 PRS 85 PUR 85 PRC
    This one was really a toss up between the two Brown CB's and Gaddis. I liked Villenueve's speed and size. I liked Hartwick's athleticism and cover skills. Gaddid's is kind of a hybrid of the two. Either way you couldn't lose with any of these guys and did DirtycashDylan really need 2nd guys on the 1st team?
    2nd Team: Yale Matt Gaddis 84 OVR & Penn Scott Terrell 81 OVR
    Free Safety
    Yale Jevon Murphy 6'1 213 Junior
    89 OVR 96 SPD 90 ACC 89 AGI 93 PUR 86 TAK 87 HPW 89 PRS 82 ZCV 87 SPC
    When you compare him to him to him teammate Mason the 7 point SPD advantage sticks out like a sore thumb in Murphy's advantage. If you look everywhere else Murphy just doesn't compare but I think they make a pretty good pair.​
    2nd Team: Columbia Travis O'Donnell 85 OVR

    Strong Safety
    Yale Kevin Mason 6'3 198 Junior
    91 OVR 89 SPD 94 ACC 87 AGI 88 JMP 92 TAK 92 HPW 89 BSH 88 PRS 83 ZCV 77 CTH
    He's jumped 10 points since he debuted on the list as a freshmen and Mason is the highest rated player on the defense. He doesn't have the kind of elite speed I'd normally like to see but he's so rounded everywhere else that I can overlook it.
    2nd Team: Brown Hank Lee 84 OVR
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2012
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  2. IrishBearcat

    IrishBearcat tFC OD Commissioner

    Jan 29, 2011
    Dartmouth missed this list entirely. Not sure I'd take any of the receivers over Adam Johnson despite him rated lower. He had 14 TDs and 1400+ yards receiving!

    Also, I recruited Drew Johnson while at Columbia so I'll take full credit for him making this list. :)

  3. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    agreed. Adam Johnson-6'7 95 speed right?
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  4. IrishBearcat

    IrishBearcat tFC OD Commissioner

    Jan 29, 2011
    Nice correction, you got it! :)
  5. nikpin

    nikpin Universitas Brunensis

    Apr 14, 2010
    I considered him actually but I've found height doesn't play quite as well this year as it has in years past. DirtycashDylan had a similar receiver to him as well.
  6. JQwon13

    JQwon13 Walk On

    Apr 15, 2010
    You didn't even list my best WR! He should at least be honorable mention behind my number 2 and number 3 WRs.... My top guy is rated in the 90s...
  7. IrishBearcat

    IrishBearcat tFC OD Commissioner

    Jan 29, 2011
    Adam Johnson is the next Megatron!
  8. nikpin

    nikpin Universitas Brunensis

    Apr 14, 2010
    He'd run a slower 40 than a lot of QB's in our league.
  9. nikpin

    nikpin Universitas Brunensis

    Apr 14, 2010
    The defensive team has been selected and I will have the write up finished tonight.

    Tell me which one of your players you would have had on the list and why?
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2012
  10. nikpin

    nikpin Universitas Brunensis

    Apr 14, 2010
    And it's done.
  11. IrishBearcat

    IrishBearcat tFC OD Commissioner

    Jan 29, 2011
    Recruited him and will also take all the credit. :)

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