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2016 All-NikPin Team

Discussion in 'The Dirty Dozen' started by nikpin, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. nikpin

    nikpin Universitas Brunensis

    Apr 14, 2010
    Back by popular for a demand for a 4th consecutive season the All-NikPin Team!

    This year I added a second team as well. I'll have the defense posted by the weekend.

    2016 All C-USA Offense

    Quarter Back

    [​IMG]Dennis Brewster 6'0 236 Senior(RS) Captain Impact Player
    90 OVR 91 SPD 78 ACC 79 AGI 82 AWR 86 THP 87 THA
    Brewster makes his triumphant return to a starting spot after riding the pine for a couple of seasons. He was barely able to edge out Jim Rice of Idaho and Richard Lundy of Middle Tennessee State in a conference that is quickly becoming dominated by quarterbacks. His arm is well above average especially when you take into account his athleticism. A 91 Speed QB is still something to be fearful of despite the majority of the conferences defenders getting faster and the slider change.
    2nd Team: MTSU Richard Lundy

    Half Back

    [​IMG]Dan Andrews 5'8 183 Senior(RS) Impact Player
    98 OVR 90 SPD 84 ACC 88 AGI 85 AWR 99 BTK 91 CAR 84 TRK 90 ELU 99 BCV 95 SFA 98 JKM
    Andrews narrowly missed out on this spot last year as he was the runner up to Idaho RB Rashad Carrington but takes it home this year over Utah State RB Billy McClain and ULL RB Titus Cox. He doesn’t have the great athleticism I like to see in a RB but is very skilled and refined in his techniques. His break tackle, carrying, elusiveness, ball carrier vision, stiff arm and juke move are all top notch. I’m not sure how some of that translates in user games but he’s still the 2nd highest rated player in the conference and that has to count for something.
    2nd Team: ULL Titus Cox

    Full Back

    [​IMG]Charles Singletary 6'0 244 Junior(RS)
    91 OVR 72 SPD 97 ACC 79 AGI 88 BTK 97 CAR 84 STR 89 TRK 81 RBL 85 IBL 81 RBS 84 RBF
    The more things change the more they stay the same as the LSU transfer places on the all NP for the 2nd consecutive season and might be the only all NP full back in H4Y history due to the prevalence of the passing game. He doesn’t have average speed but makes up for it by having elite acceleration, elite break tackle and great trucking. He’s an excellent short yardage threat as he should always fall forward. He cleared the way for a 2000 yard back last season and a lot of credit needs to go his way for that as well.

    Wide Receiver

    [​IMG]Zach Berry 6'5 215 Senior Impact Player
    88 OVR 84 SPD 96 ACC 78 AGI 85 CTH 89 RTE 87 CIT 85 SPC 88 JMP 92 RLS
    It was really hard to put Berry as my #1 wide receiver as I’m all about speed and he’s just frankly slower than most of my LB’s. His 96 acceleration, 92 release and 89 route running should allow him to get enough space to separate from most conference cornerbacks. When the ball is thrown in his area he’ll make the catch more often than not with his 6’5 height 85 catching, 87 catch in traffic, 85 spectacular catch and 88 jumping. He reminds me a lot of what used to be said about Keyshawn Johnson. If you need 7 Keyshawn will get you 9 if you need 12 Keyshawn will get you 9. He doesn’t possess the ability to stretch the field like I’d like but he does enough things well to beat most 1 on 1 coverage.
    2nd Team: WMU Adam Vaughn

    [​IMG]Shaun Griffin 6'6 189 Senior Captain Impact Player
    82 OVR 92 SPD 76 ACC 80 AGI 82 AWR 93 CTH 84 CIT 83 JMP
    Griffin doesn’t quite have the jaw dropping athleticism I expect from my wide receivers but he’s leaps and bounds above Berry and should provide the deep threat this lineup needs. His 92 speed, 6’6 height, 84 catch in traffic and 83 jumping lead him to be able to consistently beat cornerbacks deep and out leap them for the ball. He’s got the best pure hands in the conference with 93 catching as well. He’ll surely be enshrined in the H4Y HOF after this season as he leads the nation in career receiving yards by a wide margin and has broke every conference USA career receiving record.
    2nd Team: Idaho Cory Reid

    Tight End

    [​IMG]Gerald Johnson 6'4 264 Senior Impact Player
    87 OVR 89 SPD 77 ACC 98 AWR 77 CTH 78 PBL 76 RLS 80 STR 84 RBS 81 RBF 83 PBS
    Johnson is the first 4 time ALL-NP team member and a well deserved one as he’s been a dominant receiver and blocker his entire career. He’s coming off Mackey and 1st Team All American accolades and looking to repeat in both regards. Johnson is the quintessential dual threat TE with 89 speed and 77 acceleration which will shred most LB’s and the blocking ability to handle mostdefensive ends and outside linebacker.
    2nd Team: ULL Kevin Brooks


    [​IMG]Kyle Lynch 6'4 289 Senior
    83 OVR 99 ACC 85 PBL 81 RBL 71 STR 92 RBS 83 RBF 91 PBS
    The tackle crop is particularly weak this year as Kent State standout Vincent Palmer was head and shoulders above everyone else last year but has moved on to the league. This leaves Kyle Lynch to man the quarterbacks blind side which can’t leave the quarterback feeling too comfortable considering most of the defensive ends in the conference. Lynch is really weak at the point of attack but is very refined in his technique which allows him to get by. I would probably kick Daniels or Bonner out here due to what the position requires but for the hypothetical team I’ll leave it be.
    2nd Team: WMU Anthony Craft

    [​IMG]Brandon Powers 6'5 314 Senior(RS) Captain
    80 OVR 83 ACC 90 AWR 86 STR 78 PBL 77 RBF 79 RBS 79 PBF 80 PBS
    Powers makes the team in consecutive years but is rather underwhelming. He does hold captain status on the Western Michigan squad and that is a notable achievement in itself. He’s also one of the stronger offensive linemen in the conference with 86 strength and the intangibles he brings with his 90 awareness. He’s not much for technique those as he’s just average in most of those categories but he should be able to get a solid push against most DE and OLB on the right side of the line.
    2nd Team: Army Brandon Benson


    [​IMG]Kevin Bonner 6'3 321 Junior(RS) Captain
    91 OVR 77 SPD 90 ACC 93 AWR 88 PBL 88 RBL 88 IBL 89 STR 81 RBF 93 RBS 87 PBS
    Bonner would team with Powers on the right side to form a pretty stout tandem who would be able to push around most defensive lines. Bonner’s going to be one of the better players in the conference as he was a transfer from LSU and was an elite high school recruit. His 90 acceleration allows him to get to the 2nd level and when you couple that with 88 impact blocking and 89 strength he can really do some damage in the open field. He’s an ideal all NP team linemen.
    2nd Team: WMU Mike Davis

    [​IMG]Jon Mills 6'3 306 Senior
    80 OVR 81 ACC 83 PBL 79 RBL 78 IBL 84 STR 90 PBF 89 PBS
    Mills was a :3stars: JUCO recruit and makes his debut on the all NP team as a Senior. He’s an excellent pass blocker and would play Left Guard on this line as he’s not an elite run blocker. He does make up for his average run blocking technique by being an excellent pass blocker as well as having the strength, acceleration and impact blocking to qualify as a great blocker by C-USA standards.
    2nd Team: EMU DeMarcus Hardin


    [​IMG]Jamil Daniels 6'2 309 Senior(RS)
    99 OVR 97 ACC 95 PBL 93 RBL 90 IBL 81 STR 95 RBF 91 RBS 93 RBF 89 PBS
    He takes the spot as the best player in the conference two years in a row and though I’m continually puzzled by a white center named Jamil you can’t question his talent. I would try to run dive’s off him all game and just key off his block as you know that guy is getting sealed nearly every play. I could go on and on about his attributes but I don’t think anything else really needs mentioning as a 99 OVR speaks for itself.
    2nd Team: USU Jonathan Thompson
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  2. JQwon13

    JQwon13 Walk On

    Apr 15, 2010
    2016 All C-USA Defense

    Defensive End

    [​IMG]Adam Carter 6'0 235 Senior Impact Player
    88 OVR 84 SPD 91 ACC 78 AGI 76 STR 83 TAK 92 PMV 92 FMV 87 BSH 87 PUR 86 POW
    Carter 3 repeats on the All-NP team as one of the two dynamic :4stars: recruits in Kent States vaunted 2011 recruiting class along with Gerald Johnson. He’s won the Lombardi award once and been nominated a 2nd time and is looking to make that 3 consecutive seasons. He’s a terror coming off the edge and would be going up against and beating most Left Tackles in this conference with ease. He’d be in the 90’s OVR wise if It wasn’t for a 1 year experiment at LB and is going to be irreplaceable for the Qwon next season.
    2nd Team: WKU Adam Butler

    [​IMG]Kevin Scott 6'3 244 Junior
    83 OVR 84 ACC 78 STR 78 TAK 86 FMV 83 FMV 82 BSH 82 PUR 85 POW
    I went back and forth between Kevin Scott and Adam Butler for this spot and at one point even had Butler penciled into this spot but flipped it back to Scott. Scott was about 10 points faster and 5 or so points more agile which tilted it in his favor. He’s got great acceleration and strength which are two keys at the position as you have to be able to overpower the linemen and close on the ball carrier. He also possess a great finesse pass rushing move(86) and power move(83) with 82 block shed he’s tough for anyone to guard 1 on 1.
    2nd Team: WKU Jacob Lamb

    Defensive Tackle

    [​IMG]John Goowdin 6'1 312 Junior(RS) Impact Player
    84 OVR 76 ACC 81 STR 81 TAK 87 PMV 87 FMV 78 BSH 87 PUR 79 POW
    Goodwin was leaps and bounds better than any other DT in the conference but with an injection of talent through transfers and JUCO recruits the position has really taken a step forward. Goodwin is still the best as he’s just so well rounded that the only fault I can find is he doesn’t possess any elite skills. He’s still gets by with being at least above average in all of the traits needed to make a DT. He’s a force inside and will have to fight through constant G/C double teams but he’s got the talent to do so.
    2nd Team: ULL Roderick Carroll

    [​IMG]Brian Anderson 6'4 279 Junior(RS) Impact Player
    84 OVR 75 ACC 89 STR 84 TAK 83 PMV 81 BSH 77 FMV 77 POW
    Anderson is in his first year of eligibility in the C-USA after transferring from Tennessee. I love strength in linemen and he’s loaded with that at an 89 rating. He doesn’t quite posses all of the elite trademarks that Goodwin does but is still a solid DT that will be able to dominate most guard at the point of attack. I also strongly considered ULL :3stars: JUCO DT Roderick Carroll here as they were pretty even but the strength advantage won out. This would be a stunning line and probably the nation’s best.
    2nd Team: WMU Jason Lewis

    Middle Linebacker

    [​IMG]Terrence Johnson 6'0 204 Junior
    81 OVR 83 SPD 89 ACC 83 PRC 86 BSH 79 PUR 77 ZCV 89 POW 85 PMV 86 FMV
    Johnson played weakside LB on last year’s team but moves to the middle this year. If players but on size like they do in real life he’d be a stout player but needless to say he’s just thin at this point. He’s only developed by 6 points in his 3 years on campus. He’s got more than adequate speed(83) and great acceleration(89). His intangible are top notch with 83 play recognition and 79 pursuit. He also posses the ability to rush the passer with 86 block shedding, 85 power move and 86 finesse move. He’s just a really well rounded linebacker who excels in so many areas.
    2nd Team: WMU Ed Mason

    Outside Linebacker

    [​IMG]Patrick Williams 6'2 243 Senior Impact Player
    78 OVR 92 SPD 92 ACC 76 TAK 80 BSH 78 POW 79 STR 78 PMV
    I could really just write 92 speed 92 acceleration for Williams and skip to the next guy as you’re not going to find that too often at as position. He’s also got great size for a college linebacker and I’d play him on the strong side and let him get after the passer with that athleticism. He’s got decent pass rushing ability with a 78 power move and 80 block shedding. His 79 strength will also allow him to get through blockers at the point of attack. Williams is just the kind of athlete I can’t pass up.
    2nd Team: UAB Brian Branch

    [​IMG]Andrew Garrett 6'4 223 Sophomore(RS)
    80 OVR 88 SPD 91 ACC 79 TAK 88 BSH 79 POW 82 STR
    With the addition of Garrett and Williams this would be one of the fastest hypothetical defenses in the country as 88 SPD and 91 ACC isn’t quite Pat Williams fast but it’s CB speed for a lot of teams. He’s got the ability to run with any TE in the conference and the height to go up and compete for balls in coverage. His 88 block shed is matched by no one else on the team. He’s not going to win to many awards for his technique but he makes up for it with all that athleticism.
    2nd Team: WKU Trent Edwards

    Corner Back

    [​IMG]Alex Allen 6'4 210 Junior(RS) Captain
    78 OVR 93 SPD 88 ACC 89 AGI 93 AWR 89 MVC 77 ZCV 83 PRS 90 JMP
    Allen really progressed from his Sophomore season to Junior season as he’s always been a great athlete but is now a capable cover man. You won’t find a cornerback that can match his combo of 93 Speed, 88 acceleration, 90 jumping and 89 agility. He’s also moved up in, coverage ability with 93 awareness, 89 man coverage and 83 press. In a passing conference Allen can cover any WR 1 on 1.
    2nd Team: WMU Akeem McCray

    [​IMG]Dennis Boyd 6'0 193 Junior(RS) Captain
    81 OVR 91 SPD 87 ACC 86 AGI 85 AWR 88 MCV 88 ZCV 89 PRS 87 PRC 85 JMP 81 POW
    Boyd is actually 3 points better overall and is a much better technical cover guy but just doesn't have the size or athleticism of Davis. In an ideal world I would lock Boyd on the better route runner and Allen on the better athlete. Regardless of who he's on Boyd excels with 85 awareness, 88 man coverage, 88 zone coverage, 89 press and 87 play recognition and should never find himself lost on the field.​
    2nd Team: WMU Chance Davis

    Free Safety

    [​IMG]Malcom Cochran 6'3 210 Junior Impact Player
    87 OVR 95 SPD 88 ACC 77 AGI 88 TAK 86 MCV 86 ZCV 78 PRC 82 POW 87 PUR 79 STR 88 PRS 83 BSH
    Year 2 for Cochran as his Sophomore season was a bit of a disappointment but is looking for a rebound as a Junior. He's one of the rare athletic safety's in the conference and was head and shoulders above all other free safeties. He's got the coverage ability to man up on wide receivers and strength to play up near the line of scrimmage. Cochran is one of the elite players in the conference.​
    2nd Team: ULL D.J. Bush

    Strong Safety

    [​IMG]Patrick Sherman 5'11 204 Senior(RS) Impact Player
    96 OVR 94 SPD 95 ACC 85 AGI 85 AWR 93 TAK 91 MCV 91 ZCV 88 PRC 86 POW 90 PUR 95 PRS 97 JMP 87 BSH
    Sherman checks in as the #3 player in the conference and the #1 overall defensive player. I'll let HH take over from here with his thoughts on Sherman. "He can block, tackle, score the touch down, snap the ball, and kick the extra point. Hell, the boy will fill up the Gatorade cooler, walk the dog, and paint your back porch. I'm telling ya, the boy can plain outplay football. OOHH! And he can pass! "​
    2nd Team: ULL Adam Pino
  3. nikpin

    nikpin Universitas Brunensis

    Apr 14, 2010
  4. Steamer43

    Steamer43 Cleveland Steamer

    Apr 17, 2010
    2 years, 2 different USU QBs. I like [​IMG]
  5. JQwon13

    JQwon13 Walk On

    Apr 15, 2010
    Still no defense?
  6. hammerhead1010

    hammerhead1010 Walk On

    Jul 22, 2010
    There is no defense in H4Y
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  7. nikpin

    nikpin Universitas Brunensis

    Apr 14, 2010
    The mans point is correct. I've actually had the defense all done but Patrick Sherman for a couple of days. Just been to lazy to post it.
  8. hammerhead1010

    hammerhead1010 Walk On

    Jul 22, 2010
    "He can block, tackle, score the touch down, snap the ball, and kick the extra point. Hell, the boy will fill up the Gatorade cooler, walk the dog, and paint your back porch. I'm telling ya, the boy can plain outplay football.
    OOHH! And he can pass! "
  9. JQwon13

    JQwon13 Walk On

    Apr 15, 2010
    Friday Night Lights. Great quote.
  10. nikpin

    nikpin Universitas Brunensis

    Apr 14, 2010
    The defense is up. I apparently hit the charachter limit per post in the writeup so I had to erase whatever useless dribble JQwon posted so it's now the 2nd post.
  11. JQwon13

    JQwon13 Walk On

    Apr 15, 2010
    useless drivel*

    And if we didn't have useless drivel on these boards, we would only need 1 thread.

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