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2016 Draft Countdown

Discussion in 'Rookie Symposium' started by RRAHx2, May 31, 2013.

  1. RRAHx2

    RRAHx2 Cleared for Takeoff

    Aug 22, 2012
    for real;.png
    2016 Draft Countdown

    Welcome to the 2016 Draft Countdown show! We are to talk about one thing.. the draft. We will be analyzing all the top picks of the draft, including the headline players and the busts. So stay tuned!​
    Episode 1: Sleepers
    We all see the big names in the Draft this year. There's Robonovich, Smoke, Bethune-Jones and guys of 1st round talent. We are not gonna talk about them today, everyone knows about them. Today, we are gonna talk about the biggest players you don't know in this draft class.​
    Welker, Gates, Brady, Warner all these guys were to late draft picks, even some were undrafted. These Hall Of Famer's have given the guys we are talking about today hope. Hope that they too, can rise through the depth charts, get a starting gig, then start their road to Canton.​
    With the athletes we have out there now, there is no telling what gems you will find late in the draft. There is only so much you can learn about a man through film, some guys just have that "it" factor that doesn't show up in the scouting reports.​
    Here is a list of our biggest sleepers in this year's NFL Draft in no particular order:
    • WR Nick Yates
    • 6'2" 227 lbs - LSU
    • Projected: Mid-Late 5th Round
    Nick Yates is a solid WR this draft. While he doesn't have the athleticism to be the next Megatron, Yates can certainly emerge as a capable starter in the 2 or 3 slot. Yates has great hands and solid route running, his leaping ability will certainly make him a dangerous red-zone weapon, giving him an advantage against smaller DB's.

    NFL Comparison: Davonne Bess

    • RG De' Adrian Jackson
    • 6'5" 314 lbs
    • Projected: Late 5th Round
    De' Adrian Jackson is quite the physical specimen. He has great size for an OL, and has experience at every position on the offensive line. During his Senior year, Jackson played starting RT for the Huskies. Jackson boasts good footwork, along with impressive acceleration that allow him to be more than competent in pass blocking, and set up great blocks on screen plays. He does miss some assignments in run blocking, but in the right passing offense, Jackson could thrive.

    NFL Comparison: Ben Grubbs


    • DE Te' Quan Smith
    • 6'5" 275 lbs - Utah
    • Projected: Late 5th Round
    Smith is a talented defensive that is coming out of Utah's freakishly good D-Line this season. Along side projected first-rounder DT Bethune-Jones, Smith proved himself a force to be reckoned with. He amassed 6 sacks in his last season, along with 10 TFL. He has good speed for a DE and strength to match. Smith might have gone higher in this draft except he was largely overshadowed by Jones.

    NFL Comparison: Justin Babin


    • OLB James Hazzard
    • 6'2" 240 lbs - Akron
    • Projected: 7th Round
    LB James Hazzard, to put it simply, is very talented. He could easily be a 3rd round draft pick, or higher. However, Hazzard has fallen far down the draft boards all the way to the 7th round. This has more to due with his maturity and discipline, than his talent. Hazzard has had multiple run-in's with the law, and also was suspended for 4 games this season for fighting. If a team can figure out how to get this man under control, he will be a great player in the NFL. Hazzard has exceptional speed, and is arguably the hardest hitter in college football.

    NFL Comparison: Tavares Gooden


    • OLB Marcus Barnes​
    • 6'1" 229 lbs UAB​
    • Projected: 7th round​
    Marcus Barnes, cousin of OLB Anwan Barnes, has a skill set very similar to his relative. He comes in as arguably the most athletic OLB in the draft. He has great speed, and was graded with "A" acceleration. His jumping and strength are also very impressive given his size. Barnes does not have the skills or technique to match his athleticism unfortunately, hence the reason for the low draft stock. If a team is willing to coach this young athlete into a football player, he could prove to cause fits for offenses everywhere.​

    NFL Comparison: Antwon Barnes​

    • CB Lincoln Davis
    • 6'0" 190 lbs Oklahoma
    • Projected: 7th Round
    It is hard to call any player on Oklahoma a "sleeper" but that is the case here with Davis. Davis didn't get much playing time in Oklahoma, as they already had a stacked secondary. However, that doesn't mean the kid can't play. Davis has great size for a CB and uses it to his advantage. He is a very physical corner, who has great man coverage skills. He likes to beat up WR's and "get inside their jersey". He has great field vision, and his awareness is superb. Davis is a liability in Zone coverage though, as he tends to fade from his assignment. Also, he is a step slow compared to other DB's, so he does often get beat on the deep throw.

    NFL Comparison: Brandon Ghee


    • HB Nicholas Akuna
    • 5'9" 199 lbs New Mexico St.
    • Projected: 5th Round
    Nicholas Akuna is projected to go in the 5th round. Depending on the back you are looking for, he could easily be a 4th or 3rd round pick. This kid has great hands for a RB and even better BCV. His small stature helps him in the run game, hiding behind big blockers. Also, his elusiveness is outstanding, he can wiggle away from defenders like few others. Akuna's greatest ability though, is in the return game. He can break a big return at a moment's notice. This player is not a "pro-bowler", but he can definitely be very effective. His biggest weakness, is his carrying ability. At times he gets sloppy in his grip and tends to cough it up.

    NFL Comparison: Stefan Logan​
    These are all players that are sure to be pleasant surprises for whatever team calls their name this spring. Tune in next week, as we will cover rounds 3 and 4. Good night, everyone!​

    Crowe - JAX
    brizz98 - IND
    BrewBomber - HOU
    Hitmhrd72 - TEN

    oneshot24 - NE
    whatspeakyou - NYJ
    AwaLL - MIA
    CCTxWonTon - BUF

    nellycuz - PIT
    mmorgan184 - CLE
    Snake Eyez - CIN
    Wiznerd420 - BAL

    Aspect1 - OAK
    GDip - DEN
    SFRANGER6969 - KC
    T.B.A.R. - SD

    Jonathan Applegate - DAL
    The Rulah - WAS
    Craig Brown - PHI
    nicknick68 - NYG

    PantherKing1983 - CAR
    jay2149 - ATL
    Coachmedicis - NO
    Chief9 - TB

    Anthrax78 - SF
    SmashMouthFB33 - STL
    UofCWildcat - SEA
    RRAHx2 - ARI

    Toasted Cheeto- MIN
    TryHardNation - DET
    dillonb15 - GB
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  2. Coachmedicis

    Coachmedicis Walk On

    Feb 21, 2013
    Awesome stuff - I didn't scout some of these guys bc I only scout areas of need, but I might have to invest some points into a couple of these guys as depth players. Thanks
  3. Aspect1

    Aspect1 Walk On

    Aug 21, 2012
    Great write up, rrah could you make sure everyone is aware of draft rules. It seemed to me that in the last draft their were some players picked way before they were projected.
  4. Toasted Cheeto

    Toasted Cheeto Walk On

    May 25, 2013
    Found a gem from this post. Great post, looking forward to drafting the player.
  5. RRAHx2

    RRAHx2 Cleared for Takeoff

    Aug 22, 2012
    Ep 2: Mid-Rounders
    Now that we ahve shown you how this draft looks like a dam Borsheim's with so many gems, let's talk about the mid-round guys. There 3rd and 4th round picks, have plenty of talent and are sure to be serviceable weapons to whoever drafts them.​
    • QB Christian Burke
    • 6'3" 226 lbs Oklahoma St
    • Projected: 3rd Round
    Christian Burke was another great QB out of Oklahoma St. As we all know, this school has a track history of turning mediocre QB's into stat gods with their spread offense. Will be another "gimmick QB" or is he the real deal? Burke certainly has the tools to be great, with a cannon arm and outstanding leadership qualities. This senior looks poised to make the jump to the next level.
    NFL Comparison: Brandon Weeden
    • Daniel Rice
    • 6'2" 239 lbs Southern Miss
    • Projected" 3rd Round
    When it comes to running backs, Daniel Rice is in a breed of his own. A player who many scouts have compared to NFL RB Brandon Jacobs, has all the tools needed to excel on Sundays. His height and weight are comparable to most LB's in the NFL and he has strength to match. This guy is a bull rumbling out of the backfield, and is always looking to put defenders on their backs. If you are looking for a power back, there is no better. Beware, this players size comes at a price. He is mediocre in straight-line speed.
    NFL Comparison: Brandon Jacobs​
    • Garrett Maynard
    • 6'4" 299 lbs Southern Miss
    • Projected: 4th Round
    Garrett Maynard was a standout defense-lineman this season. He amassed an impressive 7.5 sacks including 3 FF. He had a nice year, and ultimately helped Southern Miss win a Bowl game. Maynard is great at getting upfield and rushing the QB, he has great moves in his arsenal for getting around the offensive line. Maynard's one glaring weakness is his durability. He has had issues with his stamina and work ethic.
    • Omari Maeweather
    • 5'11" 184 lbs Iowa
    • Projected: 3rd Round
    Omari Maeweather is the next great RB to come out of Iowa. He is a speedy back who works well in open space and has soft hands. He has great moves, and can break a big run at anytime. Lacking in power and toughness, leaning more towards "finesse running". Would be great in a spread offense as a receiving back.
    NFL Comparison: Bernard Scott
    • TE Ruckus Cage
    • 6'7" 255 lbs Rutgers
    • Projected: 3rd Round
    Ruckus Cage is an athletic specimen. At 6'7" he played basketball for Rutgers his Freshman / Sophomore season, before deciding to stick to football. He has great speed and blocking ability. Arguably the best blocking TE in the draft, Cage uses his massive frame to lock up defenders and sustain long blocks. Cage is decent as a receiver, but his stock took a hit this season after having A LOT of drops. He has amazing speed for a TE, so if his catching skills are improved, this TE could be truly great.
    NFL Comparison: Antonio Gates
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