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2016 Draft Grades

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by The Richuation, May 24, 2014.

  1. The Richuation

    The Richuation Walk On

    Jul 18, 2010
    How did you do? Who was your top rated player? Biggest bust?
  2. The Richuation

    The Richuation Walk On

    Jul 18, 2010
    San Francisco 49ers

    1st Rounder - DE Dontavious Hadley - 79 Overall... strong and solid, needs some technique work. Will start right away.
    2nd - DE K'twon Bishop - 71 overall - quick development... physical raw, was expecting more
    3rd - DE Tremarcus Doyle - 69 overall - adds depth, will learn with the rest of them
    4th - FB Tramarcus Ponder - 74 overall - strong as hell, will be a good one after a year of coaching

    The rest of them were just shots in the dark and not very good...
  3. BRUCE80

    BRUCE80 Let the dirt just shower over you..

    Feb 11, 2009
    1st round pick 16 - DE Jude Umodu 89 overall RDE Star - replaces Chris Long
    1st round pick 20 - RT Danny Pierre-Charles 85 overall RT Star - starter replacing Saffold at RT
    2nd round pick 38 - WR Trey Garcia - 72 overall - 97 speed and 80 catch Needed for 4th WR and PR
    2nd round pick 52 - WR Edward Ancar - 80 overall Quick - A really solid all around WR good size and speed - starter with Dez
    4th round pick 102 - QB Dalton Boseman - 76 overall nice arm str 95 - needs to work on accuracy. Clipboard QB glitch guy this year.
    5th Rd pick 134- RB Dontavia Maxime 97 speed and 90 acc - good rb skills - very solid return skills
    7th rounder - RB Barry Benjimen - carbon copy of maxime with 96 speed.
  4. publik drunk

    publik drunk King of the East

    Jun 21, 2013
    1st RD #6 - Jacob Fernadez WR 82ovr
    Knowing I had 3 WR with expiring contracts, WR was the first thing I scouted. He is 6'2" 220lb with 98 speed, 88RTE, 86CIT, I liked him so much that I even had his personality scouted (91) and him being able to sell jerseys sold me.

    3rd RD #6- Patrick Couts 82ovr C
    Completely goofed here. Just did a draft in HK Sunday where I had a need a right guard. Seen a Right Guard get selected looked and I had no more scouted (Because I hadn't scouted any) and went with this guy. Not bad at all for an oops pick but doubt he ever touches the field this cycle.

    3rd RD #20- Andres Burch 72ovr DT
    Wanted DL depth and he had the highest blockshed I scouted. Pretty much a shot in the dark.

    4th RD #20- Kameel Steed 73ovr DT
    No use fishing if your only throwing the line out once. Dont have any needs so went with the second highest blockshed I had scouted.

    5th RD #20 - Some guy that will punt for me on 4th down. Noticed during the draft my punter retired, seen a Punter from OU knew he had to be golden. When he does something of value I will learn his name.

    6th RD #20- By this point I had no one left on my board so I choose to delegate. The CPU decides to choose the real "Mr. Irrelevant" the guy who is 3rd string to AP and CJ Spiller. He wasnt cut because he went to Davidson and knows Steph Curry and promised me Warriors courtside seats.

    7th RD #20- Who the hell knows. Another delegated pick that was promptly cut and is filming a reality show with Michael Sam.
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  5. The Richuation

    The Richuation Walk On

    Jul 18, 2010
    wow. nice draft
  6. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012

    1st Round : DE Geoffrey Tyrell - SC State Wolfpack
    6'5" 277 78 OVR
    (Solid 82 PMV, 83 FMV, 83 BSH, 80 SPD Tyrell comes to the league with both swim moves and spin so his aresnal is full for a rookie and he will see time on the defensive line roatation at the left defensive end position behind Aaron Maybin.

    2nd Round : WR Brian Brown - Washington Huskies
    6'2" 202 77 OVR
    (87 catching, 87 catch in traffic, 96 speed with solid run blocking skill set, will see time in the slot and take over roles on special teams)

    3rd Round : TRADED last year to 49ers

    HB - LaMichael James
    James provided a great spark on special teams and did well in his spell of both Foster & Brown last year. Well worth the 3rd round pick in this years draft as the value wasn't there with players in this years draft at the HB position.

    4-7th Rounds were all CUT
  7. The Prudent

    The Prudent Walk On

    Jun 22, 2011
    Miami Dolphins

    1st Round: DT Malcolm Lamothe - USF
    6'4" 278

    The Dolphins DTs are well in to their 30s and with a DT like Lamothe they couldn't pass on adding depth(as well as someone who could start immediately if needed) to this position.
    Scouting keys: 80 OVR, 88 STR, 81 PMV, 78 FMV, 88 BSH, 88 TAK, 84 POW, 85 AGI, 81 ACC

    1st Round: QB Christian McNulty - LSU
    6'3" 240

    The Dolphins ended the marriage with inconsistent QB Ryan Tannehill in the offseason. He is a good QB and will play great for another team, but the relationship just wasn't there in Miami. So a QB was an obvious priority for the team. Miami personal felt there was enough depth at the position in this draft so opted for the DT with the first overall pick.
    Scouting Keys: 76 OVR, 96 PER, 96 THP, 74 DAC, 70 SAC

    2nd Round: CB Ladarius Chambers - Arizona St.
    6'2" 190

    This was a rather disappointing pick for the Dolphins. They really coveted the LE out of Kansas State, Welsely Stecko, but watched him leave for the Patriots 2 picks ahead of them. Instead of smartly trading the pick they opted to just blindly pick a player at this postion. They received a decent cover corner, but what he lacks is the speed you need in the NFL for this position. He will likely hold his roster spot and attempt to move to FS in the future.
    Scouting Keys: 66 OVR, 75 MCV, 76 ZCV, 87 PRC, 76 PRS, 83 SPD, 76 ACC

    Out of the remaining rounds the Dolphins only kept two players: HB Shakir Heard (depth) MLB Dejon Fason (depth, but could develop)
  8. mboda

    mboda Walk On

    Jul 26, 2010
    Eagles 2016 Draft Recap

    1st Round - Pick 10
    TE Bo Scott - NC State 6'6" 248

    80 OVR 88 SPD 73 STR 80 CTH 80 CIT 71 RBK
    The Eagles traded last years first round pick SS Vorhesse Kirby to move up and get their guy TE Bo Scott. Zach Ertz had a decent year and made the pro bowl last year but they figured getting a guy like Bo would make their offense very difficult to stop. At 6'6" with 88 speed and pretty good catching, Bo should be a playmaker from day 1.

    2nd Round - Pick 64
    FS Ciante Butler - Weber St - 6'3" 219

    70 OVR 90 SPD 86 STR 72 TAK 74 ZCV
    Butler has great size, speed and strength. We need to work on most of his other stuff but we don't need him to play yet. In a couple years he could be something special.

    3rd Round - Pick 81
    QB Kain Clark - Northwestern - 6'1" 217

    73 OVR 87 THP 86 SAC 83 MAC 70 DAC 84 SPD
    We didn't have any glaring needs at this point so we the QB we liked the best which was Clark. We liked his short and medium accuracy. He doesn't have a huge arm or great size but he makes up for it with good speed and running ability. He will be the 3rd QB on the depth chart for awhile.

    3rd Round - Pick 96
    WR Jaren Vanhorn - Washington - 6'3" 207

    69 OVR 96 SPD 78 CTH 70 CIT 76 AGI 77 ACC
    Didn't know much about him other than he was tall and fast. If he improves his catching attributes he might be something down the road.

    4th Round - Pick 128
    CB Avius Bluette - Carroll College - 5'11" 198

    71 OVR 86 SPD 85 MCV 78 ZCV 79 ACC 87 AGI
    Didn't know anything about Bluette when we took him. Turned out to be better than we thought. He is a little bit slow but he is already pretty good in coverage. Will provide good depth.

    5th Round - Pick 160
    John-David Colbert - Western Illinois - 6'5" 265

    71 OVR 88 SPD 81 STR 87 HPW 82 BSH
    We knew Colbert was fast but he turned out to be faster than we thought. We really need to work on most of his other skills but for a 5th round pick, this guy turned out to be really good.

    6th and 7th rounders were cut.
  9. UniQue2Three

    UniQue2Three Walk On

    Jul 12, 2011
    New England Patriots

    1st Round - Pick 29th
    DE/OLB Wesley Stecko - K-State 6'3" 253 lbs

    82 OVR 87 SPD 87 STR 87 PMV 70 FMV 84 BSH 80
    We didn't expect Stecko to fall all the way down to the bottom of the first round so we didn't get to involved with him while scouting him but we knew enough about him to know we could not pass on him. We love his speed/strength combo as the "hybrid" player. Stecko will look to pass up Sapp on the depth chart as the #3 DE and will play OLB opposite of Melvin Ingram on certain passing situations. Stecko looks to make a immediate impact as he will be all over the field.

    2nd Round - Pick 58
    OL Jarell Shelley - UAB 6'2" 306 lbs

    84 OVR 70 SPD 86 STR 80 RBK 79 PBK 84 IBK
    OL was our first need coming into the draft but could not pass up on Stecko as defense pressure was another need. Shelley was the last OL we had on our draft list and were suprised he landed in our laps. Jarell has very good speed and decent strength. Shelley may become a starter by the years end or come out starting next year.

    3rd Round - Pick 87
    FS Earnest Homay - Coastal Carolina 6'1" 185 lbs

    OVR 66 SPD 88 STR 64 ZCV 61 PRC 57 TKL 63
    We came into the draft looking for depth at the safety position and found Homay. Earnest is very raw and has to learn how to play his zone and learn how to read the play but he has good speed for a safety.

    4th Round - Pick 116
    P/K Ladarius Greco - Oklahoma St. 6'0" 189 lbs

    OVR 74 KPW 90 KAC 87
    Ladarius was a reach here but at the time didn't know what we wanted to take and knew we were gonna take a special team player at some point.

    5th Round - Pick 145
    DE Timmy Westerman - Southern Utah 6'6" 270

    OVR 73 SPD 86 STR 82 PMV 65 FMV 75 BSH 80
    Timmy was a depth chart fill guy. Love his size/speed/strength combo but is yet very raw and will work on technique and moves. Will only see field if there is a injury or a blowout.

    6th Round - 7th Round
    Both players didn't make it past training camp and dont even their names.​
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