2016 Draft Recap

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  1. Mozaaik

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    Aug 5, 2014
    Round 2 – Pick 14

    CB – Sydney Ware – 76 OVR, 83 MCV, 86 ZCV, 90 Press, 90 Jumping, 92 Speed, 96 Acceleration, 90 Agility, Fast Development, Clutch Trait

    Round 2 – Pick 27

    HB – Simuel Moore – 67 OVR, 89 Speed, 88 Agility, 90 Acceleration, 75 Elusiveness, 82 BCV, 69 Carrying, 76 Trucking, 69 Stiff Arm, 73 Spin Move, 74 Juke Move, 71 Catching, 72 Pass Block, Superstar Development.

    Round 3 – Pick 14

    LG - Ken Page – 66 OVR, 78 Run Block, 87 Pass Block, 72 Impact Block, Normal Devlopment.

    Round 4 – Pick 14

    LE – C.J. Grove – 76 OVR, 82 PMV, 80 FMV, 74 BSH, 79 Pursuit, 78 Tackling, 78 Speed, 72 Agility, 80 Acceleration, Slow Development, DL Swim Trait, Clutch Trait.

    Round 5 – Pick 15

    RG – Jude Barnard – 61 OVR, 93 Run Block, 74 Pass Block, 81 Impact Block, Normal Development.

    Round 6 – Pick 14

    RT – Ish Banks – 56 OVR, 82 Run Block, 70 Pass Block, 77 Impact, Normal Development, Predictable.

    Round 6 – Pick 27

    MLB – Fred Clark – 66 OVR, 85 Tackle, 89 Hit Power, 78 Speed, 67 Strength, 84 Acceleration, 78 Agility, 76 BSH, 82 Pursuit, Normal Development, Big Hitter Trait.

    Round 7 – Pick 14

    CB – Dior Binns – 64 OVR, 76 MCV, 76 ZCV, 72 Press, 96 Jumping, 97 Speed, 96 Acceleration, 91 Agility, Normal Development.
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  2. Hordan54

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    Aug 8, 2014
    Patriots have spent the last couple days trying to trade up into the first round and ended up with the 14th and 19th picks

    Round 1.14 - DT Jarrell Gayton
    21yo, 80OVR, SS development, 90PMV, 89STR, 86TAK.. This guy is the real deal and fills a major whole that Wolford left.

    Round 1.19 - WR Leighton Walker
    21yo, 76 OVR, SS development, 88CIT, 86CTH, 89SPC, 89RLS, 87SPD.. In the mold of Mike Evans, Walker fills a big need at WR.

    Round 2.28 - TE Trajuan Harper
    20yo, 79OVR, SS development, 85SPD, 89ACC, 85CTH, 60STR(lol).. Patriots needed a #2 TE especially with Gronk's injuries concerns.

    Round 4.18 - FB Jamie Hernández
    24yo, 79OVR, SS development, 81IBL, 79RBK, 79STR, 65SPD, 66ACC.. A true fullback, interesting player.

    Round 7.12 - LE Dyjuan Duncan
    21yo, 75OVR, AVG development, 80SPD, 89ACC, 83STR, 80PMV.. Very nice depth player at an aging position; quality pickup.

    After a miserable draft in season 2, the Patriots knocked it out of the park!
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  3. greatnessdc

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    Aug 9, 2014
    Rd 1 pick 30-

    Leslie Levingston (what a girl name)- 20 years old for Oklahoma- 75 ovr, 88 spd, 95 acc, 83 agi, 82 bcv, 81 elu, 86 spin move, 84 stiff arm, 83 trucking- Superstar Dev

    Word is Levingston has a shot at being a day one starter for the Falcons with an aging Adrian Peterson slowing down. Levingston had an excellent year coming out of college and is said to be a star in the making in the NFL. He has big shoes to fill.

    Rd 2 pick 3-

    Margarito Beatty 20 years old from Wisconsin- 95 spd, 90 acc,94 agi, 90 jump, 83 mcv, 81 press, 75 pursuit, 86 zcv Superstar Dev

    The Falcons traded a first round pick next year to jump up early in the second round to take this cb out of Wisconsin. Everyone and their mother knew Atlanta needed another presence in their secondary that Desmond Trufant is trying to hold together. If Beatty can live up to his potential things in Atlanta have just become shaken not stirred.

    Rd 2 pick -

    Taani Harper 24 years old from Washington- 89 spd, 93 acc, 88agi, 82 cit, 83 catch, 92 release, 86 spc Avg dev.

    Harper was more of a strech. Atlanta needed more depth at WR and took the man out of Washington. While he doesn't bring top of the line speed to Atlanta he does bring a great release of the line of scrimmage with the ability to make plays when needed. He will likely step into the slot role as it looks like Stephen Hill is still in the dog house for the NFC championship game fumble.
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  4. Big Suge Knight

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    Feb 25, 2009
    Featured Threads:
    2017 Philadelphia Eagles Draft Class
    The Philadelphia Eagles are proud to present their draft class for 2017.
    • 1st Round 8 Overall
      • Tank Doyle CB from Auburn. 5'10 197 pounds. 95 speed. 92 acceleration. 87 man 86 zone. 92 press. Superstar development.
    • 2nd Round 40 Overall
      • Rodney Linder SS from Florida. 6'2 224 pounds. 88 speed. 91 acceleration. 77 man 81 zone. 74 press. 77 tackle. Average development.
    • 3rd Round 71 Overall -
      • Rob McClendon CB from Missouri 6'0 197 pounds. 93 speed 92 acceleration. 84 man 84 zone 86 press. Superstar development
    • 3rd Round 72 Overall
      • Okoye Jacobs DT from UMass 6'2 288 pounds. 85 power move 78 finesse move 80 strength. 78 tackle. Slow development.
    • 4th Round 94 Overall
      • Shaydon House WR from Maryland 6'5 232 punds. 84 speed 87 acceleration. 84 catch 89 spec catch. 84 jump. Feet in bounds, fight for yards and cover ball traits. Average Development.
    • 5th Round 136 Overall
      • Cam Redman OLB from Florida 6'2 241 pounds. 88 speed 89 acceleration 82 strength. 81 tackle 86 hit power 84 pursuit 74 zone cover.
    • 5th Round 158 Overall
      • Adrian Simon DT from Central Michigan 6'1 291 pounds. 82 speed 86 acceleration. 81 strength 82 power move. Average Development. Big Hit Trait.
    • 6th round 168 Overall
      • Tyerll Mauro WR from Baylor 6'4 217 pounds. 95 speed 92 acceleration. 78 catch 82 spec catch. Average Development.
    • 7th Round 200 Overall
      • Elliott Kich C from Central Michigan 6'3 300 pounds. 91 run block 73 pass block 83 impact block. 85 strength 77 acceleration.
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  5. RaunchyTacoBowl

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    Oct 10, 2014
    1st Round:
    Peyton Spence- http://www.daddyleagues.com/haw/player/1834864/attributes
    With the aging Zach Strief on the wrong side of 30 this young RG has some big shoes to fill and has the raw talent to do it. Keeping the Saints young OLine one of the best in the NFL. Fast Dev

    Dondi Dukes- http://www.daddyleagues.com/haw/player/1834069/attributes
    After a year where the Dline just couldn't seem to make it to the QB we went all out and picked up this monster out of Tennesse. He's going to be the perfect compliment to Cameron Jordan and hopefully tie up some OLine to make room for LBers at the line of scrimmage. SS Dev

    3rd Round:
    Beckett Farris- http://www.daddyleagues.com/haw/player/1838017/attributes
    After missing out on Joel French (mounties) just a mere 3 picks before taking Farris, the Saints had lost hope for filling the hole that Drew Brees left. The Saints had one last prospect that they deemed worthy and low and behold after snagging Farris the morale across the franchise was sky high. He has all the makings of a QB that could be competing for a ring VERY soon. SS Dev

    Morris Jones- http://www.daddyleagues.com/haw/player/2100505/attributes
    With lonely Ingram needing some much needed speed to compliment him, we got it. Granted he's rough around the edges but in a few years Jones will be a solid HB in this league. Normal Dev

    4th Round:
    Traivon Olsen- http://www.daddyleagues.com/haw/player/2100368/attributes
    Not much to say beside....swing and miss on this CB. Normal Dev

    5th Round:
    Morgan Mauro- http://www.daddyleagues.com/haw/player/2100297/attributes
    With the Saints screen game coming into it's own in the last half of the season, we needing a recieving back to fill a void. Mauro does this perfectly, granted he needs work and is average practically everywhere. He has some potential and will be used accordingly. Normal Dev

    Shawn Curtis- http://www.daddyleagues.com/haw/player/1834413/attributes
    I have mixed emotions about Curtis, I need youth on my aging LBer core but I needed raw talent. He's 6'4 and QUICK. His hit power isn't up to par but he's a great prototype LBer to go sideline to sideline for seasons to come. Normal Dev

    7th round:
    Kileon Sherman- http://www.daddyleagues.com/haw/player/1834493/attributes
    Took a chance on a good ole' boy from the University of Kentucky here. He's a decent CB and will find some way to fit in but with 86 speed he will be very role limited. Normal Dev.

    The draft started with some high caliber players and ended with some raw players who in the coming years could be filling voids. All in all very happy with this draft we have a new QB in town and he's gonna turn some heads in coming seasons.

    8.5 Tacos out of 10
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  6. DadiBlanki

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    Aug 5, 2014
    Draft Recap

    Goal was to gain depth at CB and WR. Was able to compile extra picks, including two in next year's draft.


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  7. arlennnn

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    Aug 12, 2014
    Chiefs went into this draft with an aging offense knowing that a new Center and Qb would be needed to start next season. Somehow the Heisman winning QB Leio Allen out of USC dropped all the way to 18 and the chiefs had no choice but to pick him. Also Shontrelle Chapman is a freak.


    Then we didn't have any picks until the 5th and 6th rounds where we picked up an RB3 in Giovanni Skinner (67 ovr 91 spd 90 acc), and this guy - a promising future slot receiver in Tobi Okuyemi.


    Overall grade of A- for this draft since the 3 superstars aren't the most pro ready/need some developing other than that I hit on a lot of offensive needs
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  8. DadiBlanki

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    Aug 5, 2014
    Nice draft. The QB I drafted last year, Brady Stead, was out of USC also, so so I'm assuming Allen was a heisman after starting only 1 year...stud. I'd like to see some stats on what schools are producing the best players...
  9. arlennnn

    arlennnn Walk On

    Aug 12, 2014
    Dude I was onto stead also but i never had a chance to go qb last year. It's funny you say that because the QB the mounties drafted (Joel French) was also out of USC so I'm assuming was my guys backup and ended up being a stud as well. He is also a 76 OVR superstar but allen has him beat on thp and tha
  10. DadiBlanki

    DadiBlanki Walk On

    Aug 5, 2014
    Yeah a lot of USC love throughout league. I would be interested in seeing if the school can be a tell as to a prospect's potential.
  11. johngalt10

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    Sep 30, 2014
    It was the draft of the corners in Arizona

    Round 1, pick 5: CB Dondi Powell. Powell has some nice attributes, but will be the #4 corner with this stacked secondary, superstar development.

    Round 1, pick 29: CB Davin Pederson. Pederson is also a pretty good corner for a rookie, he will most likely be traded away before season 4 rather than riding the bench.

    Round 2, pick 15: CB Eddrick Foreman. This guys a beast, 97 speed and good coverage skills. He will be the #2 corner only behind Patrick Peterson. Superstar development.

    Round 4, pick 15: ROLB Mitch Mosley. This was a blind pick, Mosley was projected to go like 6th overall so I took a shot at him. He would be good if it wasn't for the 73 speed, he probably won't ever see the field in the NFL.

    Round 5, pick 15: CB Joey Rivers. He probably won't be used, he turned out to be good considering he was projected to go undrafted. Most of his letter grades turned out being on the low side though.

    Round 6, pick 15: CB Cris Banks. He has nice physicals, but again won't see much playing time for the cardinals. Both of his b coverages turned out to be 77 which hurt

    Round 6, pick 29: WR Brad Cross. This was another blind pick, and not a great one. He needs more development time than I'm willing to give him.

    Round 7, pick 15: CB Devron Locke. He looked ok from his letter grades, a speed, b man and zone but that a speed turned out to an 88, coverage skills are ok. He won't be playing though.
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