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2016 Legacy Team Previews

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by MurkYa21, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. MurkYa21

    MurkYa21 Walk On

    Apr 19, 2009
    Offensive Starters: 4 Sr, 2 Jr, 2 So, 3 Fr

    Defensive Starters: 5 Sr, 2 Jr, 2 So, 2 Fr

    Schedule: #5 Oregon (week 1), @ #15 Washington (week 7), @ #13 Tennessee (week 9),
    #1 LSU (week 11)

    Pipeline: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Texas

    The Offense:

    The offense this year will be based around redshirt Senior QB Todd Price. Price was benched midway last season in favor of Phillip Ely, but is a pure passer and should excel in our new offense. He is the highest rated player on our team at (92) Overall and has (92) Throw Power with (99) Throw Accuracy. Last season had a QB Rating of 148.4 completing 106 out of 201 passes for 1898 yards, and 16 TDs with 10 INTs.

    At halfback we redshirt Senior Adam Jones, he should also do well in the new offense rated (85) Overall with (94) Speed. He spent last backing up Daniel Bryan, a 1,000 yard rusher, we are looking for Jones to have a break out season.

    The wide receiver core is led by Senior Jon Fields, his combination of size (6'4" 195) and speed (95) provided him with some success whenever Price was under center early in the season. He is our leading receiver coming back with 647 yards on only 25 receptions, 6 of those being TDs.

    Freshman Jamal Alexander, Freshman Martin Little, and Sophomore Jason Jones will make up the rest of the group. Alexander and Little were both highly touted :5stars: recruits who we expect to make an immediate impact. We also expect a big season from Jones who got to see some playing time last year as a Freshman. As I've said before, Jones didn't see a lot of action last year, but when he was called upon to make a big play he always came through - the kid was clutch!

    As for the O Line, we are a bit thin, but we will just have to make do and hope there are no serious injuries. They average 6'5" 310lbs across the board. Senior Left Guard Andre Cook is our best shot at an all conference offensive linemen this year, he is rated (88) overall, and stands at 6'5" 340lbs!!!

    The Defense:

    Coach Murk has decided on switching up the defense into a 3-3-5 and hopes this will improve the team's overall performance. Stopping the run will be our #1 priority at practice, and we expect Senior DT Kyle Cole and Senior MLB Seth Howard to lead the team in the stopping the run.

    The strength of our defense lies within our secondary which is another reason I think the 3-3-5 could be successful. All of our corners are fast, tall, pyschical, and can cover well in zone. Redshirt Junior Trey Beck will play one invert spot at (87) Overall, while the Freshman who was switched from Athlete, will play the other at (71) Overall.

    Last but not least, our best returned defender will play FS, who of which I will be controlling most of the time. Redshirt Junior Jonathan Smith had an excellent season last year making key interceptions down the stretch in games on numerous occassions.

    Jon Smith
    2015 Stats - 34 tackles (5 TFL), 6 INTs, 8 deflections, 1 FF
    2016 Ratings - OVR (90), SPD (95), CTH (77), TAK (90), POW (90), BSH (83), PRC (81), ZCV (98)

    Freshmen Preview

    WR #12 Jamal Alexander - 79 overall - Adamsville, AL - :5stars:
    -----We were able to snag Jamal during off season recruiting. Holding down the #2 WR position, I'm not expecting him to have a whole lot of yards since Price will be looking more in Senior Jon Fields direction, but you never know!

    WR #85 Martin Little - 78 overall - New Albany, MS - :5stars:
    -----We were able to get Little in week 1 of the off season. He will be going over the middle a lot, so it is a good thing is has solid catch in traffic and route ratings. I'm hoping his (84) ball carrier vision will help in find those extra yards after the catch.

    LT #61 Tony Reed - 78 overall - Saks, AL
    -----Reed took a redshirt last season, but is being called upon to take a very difficult position in left tackle. He will be asked to drop back in pass protection A LOT, and a lot of team's best defensive linemen will be gunning for him. Let's hope he can take advantage of the oppurtunity.

    RE #96 Kurt Espinosa - 76 overall - Stephenville, TX
    -----Kurt could have just as easily started last year, but we decided to go with Timi Mitchell who will be starting the other DE spot. Both are listed as run stoppers which is excellent assuming teams will try to run the ball straight into our 3-3-5 defense.

    Invert SS #27 Johnny Leslie - 71 overall - Merritt Island, FL :4stars:
    -----Leslie was one of the first recruits we signed at Alabama, and was marked as an athlete. He could've done well at basically any spot, and although linebacker looked like a good match, we think he role as invert safety in our 3-3-5 is perfect. Because of his status as an athlete he is well rounded in a lot of areas, and we are excited to see what he can do.
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  2. MoonBBad

    MoonBBad http://twitch.tv/moonbbad

    May 22, 2010
    2016 Team Preview
    Senior QB Reggie Williams has got to have a big season this year for the Irish to be successful. There should be no excuses this season as he has weapons all over the field to utilize. The Irish offense looks to be a major strength this season. Williams had a decent Junior year, however really looks to have a huge year for his last in South Bend.
    The Irish are deep at RB, however lose a key member of the backfield when Atkinson graduated. The backfield will be all new faces and Coach Kelly faces some tough decisions as to how it's going to shake down. The early nod is going to RS Sophomore Cory Riley. He possesses 89 speed, 92 elusiveness, 91 juke, and is strong in carrying and break tackle. He's a prototypical every down back and is very balanced. True freshman Dan Hart looks to be the third down back this season. He has the skill set with tremendous speed and acceleration, and decent hands. He should have some big plays this season.
    The Irish are insanely deep at WR, and look to really utilize that spread offense this season. With four seniors returning, all in the 90s, they definitely have the talent to become one of the best WR cores in the country. Cliff Williams leads the group. 5'11" 92 speed, 92 catch, 94 catch in traffic, 97 route running, and 96 release make the guy a monster. ​
    Manny Flowers gets the nod this season as the second receiver. At 6'4" he's big, has great hands, 93 speed, 99 acceleration, 98 route running, and 82 jump. He looks to have a breakout year this season.​
    Steven Blake is the slot man this year. 5'11" good speed, great catch, and great catch in traffic. Excellent route running, and high spectacular catch numbers make him a threat.​
    Caleb Gold rounds out the starting receivers. The 6'1" senior is the speedster of the bunch. He has excellent route running skills and great hands. He's great enough to be a starter on most teams, however is the fourth WR of this bunch due to the talent in South Bend.​
    The Irish have talent at the TE position as well. Brent Wiggins leads the group with a 97 catch rating and 93 route running. He looks to build off his solid season last year. Prince Moore, looks to get the nod over Carl Horton due to Moore's better blocking skills.​
    Offensive Line
    The Irish are stout on the offensive line. The line is bookend by Zach Dowdell, a 90 overall RS Junior LT and Steve Carter an 89 overall RS Junior RT. Sophomore Steve Carter is waiting in the wings at RT and is a 87 overall. Two more RS Juniors will start at the guard positions. Seth Whitaker and Derek Harper 84 and 82 overalls respectively. Donte Jenkins gets the nod at center with true Freshman Ernest Johnson waiting for his chance to step in should anything happen to the starter.​
    The defense for the Irish is going to be young. There is talent there, but it's going to have to develop quickly for the Irish to be strong on this side of the ball. There will be true freshmen starting at each level of the defense mixed in with some vets. It should be an interesting to see how the men react.​
    Going into last season, the D-line looked to be a weakness for the Irish, but actually turned out to be a strength. The Irish return all of their starters and look to build off their success. Sophomore Darrius McCoy, an all american, returns at RE. True freshman Derek Wright gets the nod at LE. ​
    The Irish spent some time recruiting this position last season and hopefully it will pay off this season. Another all american, Marques Keenan another Sophomore will be the starting DT with true freshman Corey Thomas, a :5stars: recruit for the Irish will be seeing plenty of playing time as well.​
    The Irish's weakest point on defense this season. The Irish are getting an influx of freshman to help in this area, but they will need time to develop, however, some will be getting the starting nod from the get go. Adam Alford, a true freshman will get the starting nod at LOLB with RS Junior Joel Massey getting the start at ROLB. All American Jeremy Johnson returns for his Senior season and will lead the linebackers playing MLB and will be partnered with another true freshman in Lamar Bradford. ​
    The Irish's secondary looks to be awesome this season. The two starting corners are Tony Lane who is 6'1" with 98 speed, 91 jump, 95 man covereage, 98 zone coverage, and 91 press. He should have an outstanding season. Geoff Joseph will start alongside him and has 99 man coverage, 95 zone coverage, and 91 press skills. He also has 95 speed. Dominique King looks to be the nickle corner, and Alfred Jones looks to come in on dime packages. All the starting corners are an 87 overall and above.​
    Free safety Josh Johnson leads the safeties this season. The 6'0" senior from Indiana has great coverage skills and excellent speed. SS Mark Ransom will be the starting strong safety. ​
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  3. uncleho

    uncleho Walk On

    Jan 20, 2010
    Iowa Hawkeyes
    Iowa's offense will depend on (RS) SR Adam Reese who returns this year and his fourth year as a starter. He had a great year last year breaking the Iowa single-season passing TD mark with 28 after two average and forgettable years. He is the highest rated player on the team this year at 97 overall and will look to use his extreme accuracy (96) to his advantage.​
    Running back
    This position is down as compared to years past. Sophomore Kevin Singleton (84OVR) will get the starting nod initially and looks to be a prototypical Iowa back. He's big at 6'0" and 245 pounds, but, has good speed (89) and acceleration (90) to be a threat to break the long run. The number two back as of now is (RS) SO Dwayne Berry, who is a little faster and a little quicker than Singleton, but doesn't have the arsenal of moves or power. The third back is (JUCO) JR Josh Young who we recruited in the offseason for depth this year.​
    :1stars: FR FB Chris Bell will be the starter and we are surprised with his skill set so far. He came in as a 75 OVR and can move at 84 speed. He needs to work on his blocking but it is good enough to start with.​
    Wide Receiver
    The loss of Biletnikoff winner E.J. Turner, who was also a four year starter, will hurt obviously as Reese loses his favorite target. Fortunately the corps as a whole is really solid even though there aren't any standouts in the group yet. (RS) SR Sylvester Johnson (89OVR) returns and moves from his #2 role to the #1 role and has the best set of stats out of the group. He is a possession guy who won't blow by anyone but is quick off the ball and runs fantastic routes. SR Brian Pino (88OVR) will be the #2 guy early on and its his job to lose. With speed (95) to stretch the defense and good route running we are hoping for big plays from him. Working out of the slot will be SO Corey Morton (86OVR) who has good hands and runs great routes (95). The fourth wideout is JR Jeff Henderson (86) who is another burner (95) who runs great routes (95).​
    Tight End
    Losing Ray Hamilton will hurt here as well as he was Reese's number two target. There isn't any depth here with only two TE's on the roster but they are a solid pair. Starter (RS) SR Jerod Williams (89OVR) is our best receiving TE (86CTH) and is a decent blocker. The #2 guy, SO Rhema Jordan (83OVR) can catch if needed, but, is a good blocker.​
    Offensive Line
    This group is led by (RS) JR LT Charles Ransom (89OVR), a 6'8" 324 pound monster, that explodes off the ball and looks to maul his opponent. The rest of the starters range from the low to mid 80's in overall rating and should be a solid group. It is an area of concern though and we also don't have the depth we would like here.​
    Defensive Line
    Without question the biggest unknown on the entire team are both defensive end positions. Having to recruit 4 DE's last year to make up for poor recruiting in years past has forced the need to start FR at the position for the first time since our initial recruiting class. Even then there were upperclassmen behind them. Now with the depth also all freshmen we don't know what we will get. :5stars: FR Tommy Riley (80OVR) is the most touted of them and will look to use his strength to his advantage.​
    Fortunately we do not have the same problem at DT. (RS) SR Jonathan Jackson (85OVR) stayed for his senior year and will look to build upon the great year he had last year when he got his first chance to start. In the other DT slot Freshmen All-American and 1st Team All-Big 10 Jon Hollis (84OVR) returns for his sophomore season and looks to improve even more after his outstanding freshmen campaign.​
    (RS) SR MLB Andrew Timmons (94OVR) is back to lead the defense and will be looking to make more plays this year from the middle of the field. He is joined by SR ROLB Brian Chase (89OVR) and SR LOLB Mario Ward (86OVR) to form a solid linebacking corps.​
    This is without question the strength of the defense on paper, we want to see more plays made this year by them though and see the talent produce on the field. (RS) SR Nick Medley (94OVR) is our best cover man with good man skills (93) and fantastic zone skills (99) and can jam the WR (91). (RS) SR Marcus McFadden (90OVR) is the #2 corner and possesses great man (94) and zone (95) skills. SR Omar Hayes (90OVR) will play the nickle position once again and is good man to man (91) and great in zone (94). All three of these guys can also run with speeds in the 94-96 range.​
    Free Safety
    JR Robert Ivey (89OVR) has started since his freshmen year, he is fast and a good tackler who is also good in coverage. We really want him to step up this year and be a playmaker. There is great depth here with (RS) SR Andy Kendrick and (RS) SO Drew Jordan.​
    Strong Safety
    The graduation of 4 year starter Danny Weddle leaves a hole here, but, (RS)FR Tyler Parham (83OVR) looks to have the skill set to fill in and produce. A decent tackler and coverage guy who also has good speed we think his biggest weakness right now is his awareness and that only comes with experience. We are young here with the #2 guy also being a (RS) FR and the #3 guy a true freshmen.​
    JR Adam Dickerson is back and looks to have gotten his leg stronger to where he can consistently be relied on for FG's of 50+ yardage.​
    We will see how this goes after the sudden departure of Jim Vaughn to the pros last year. FR David Baker has a strong leg (90) but suffers from accuracy (68) issues. We may have to ask Dickerson to do some punting if Baker can't be consistent.​
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  4. abolishthefed

    abolishthefed Specializing in mediocrity

    Mar 27, 2010
    Ohio State


    Playbook: Tennessee

    The offense returns 7 starters from last year's team. However, four year starting QB Braxton Miller was one of the graduates. QB play will be key to a successful season for the Buckeyes.


    RS Sr Anthony Edmonds out of Oceanside, NY will lead the team on offense this year. He is a 90 overall rating, with 99 accuracy. He is backed up by Fr David Simmons, who was the #3 QB in last season's recruiting class.


    Sr Eddie Johnson* out of Rancho Cucamonga, CA decided to come back after a 1,243 yard and 14 TD season. Johnson has excellent strength, acceleration, and break tackle ability. He is backed up by multiple capable players. So Rashaun McIntyre (Warren, OH) will see quite a few carries this season.


    The Buckeyes are loaded at FB. Sr Antonio Triplett** (Lake Shore, MD) returns for his third starting season. He is backed up by RS Fr Marcus Hogan (Cleveland, OH). Hogan was the #1 FB in the class of '14.

    The Buckeye WR corps is a strength of the team. Three players are rated in the 90s, with another two in the 80s. A pair of "Michigan Men" start for the Buckeyes; RS Sr Carl Owen* (Mount Clemens, MI) and Robert Felder* (Roseville, MI).

    RS Sr Desmond Hawkins*** returns after starting every game of his career. Hawkins is able to stretch defenses in the middle of the field and open up space on the outside for the receivers.

    The Buckeye offensive line will be a weakness this year, after graduating 3 starters. LT Jamarr Washington* (Washington, OH) and RS Sr Shannon Thomas* (Fairview Park, OH) will anchor this inexperienced group. RS So Brian Dixon (Versailles, KY), RS So Adam Paris (Allen Park, MI) and RS Fr James Douglas (Maumee, OH) are the new starters


    Playbook: 3-3-5


    Sr Brandon Washington* (Cathedral City, CA) will anchor the defensive line this season. He is joined by a rotation of RS Jr Lance Kelley (Drexel Hill, PA), RS So Kerry Goins (Middletown, PA), RS Fr Craig McFarland (Oxford, OH) and RS So Michael Turner (Napoleon, OH).


    Jr Thomas Bolen* (Grafton, ND) returns as a starter this season and will use his unique mix of power and speed to wreak havoc in opponent backfields. He is backed up by So Chris White (Oakwood, OH).


    RS Jr Anthony Hurst* (Allen Park, MI) will lead the linebacking corps as the lone returning starter. Skilled players Sr Dwayne Herron (Monessen, PA), RS Sr Thomas Walker (Saginaw South, MI), and RS Sr Kasey Newell (St. Petersburg, FL) will rotate around in the other two LB spots.


    The CB position is strong up top, but lacks depth. Sr Tony Williams** (Village St. George, LA) and RS Sr Andy Bolden** (Westlake, OH) both have two years experience as starters in the B1G. They will need to up their play to stop some of the tough WR in the conference. Juco transfer Cody Pope (Cleveland, OH) will cover the slot in obvious passing situations.

    The move to the 3-3-5 will allow the Buckeyes to get all of their playmaking safeties involved in the game. RS Sr Wade Henderson** (Port Huron, MI) leads the charge in the secondary. He was a former #1 rated prospect and has produced big plays in his career. The backup FS is RS Jr Corey Bonner. Bonner is also a speedster and will be heavily involved in the new defensive scheme. RS Jr SS John Jackson (Camarillo, CA) will also benefit from the scheme change. Jackson is an excellent tackler and will now be playing close to the line more often.
  5. bravejaf

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    Jul 13, 2009
    Five seasons of very talented recruiting classes and 17 seniors, make this the most talented team I have ever used in any NCAA online dynasty.


    QB - This should be a battle between Blalock and Adams, but Blalock is getting the starting nod based on peformance last season. Blalock is a much better passer than Adams, but Adams may see some playing time due to his elite speed.

    HB/FB - Cunnigham is back this season and ready to make a run at a Heisman trophey. He toyed with the idea of going pro but wanted to bring a title to Athens. Fellow senior Swan and Jenkins are the other backs in the rotation. This is likely the highest rated trio of backs on any roster. FB Forte is also very talented and he should be a solid lead blocker for this group.

    WR/TE - This unit all 4 starting receivers from last season and the only loss is #2 TE Rome. Mitchell and Schroeder look to improve on their impressive freshmen seasons. #1 WR Jones is from the same recruiting class but is a year ahead in eligiility. Bradley is the elder of the group as a junior. He lacks elite speed but is a solid slot receiver.

    O-Line - This is a talented group with a couple seniors, but in comparison to other groups this could be a weakness.

    D-Line - This is the weakest area on the defensive side but still boasts a likely first round pick in Mike Gaddis. Gaddis, like Cunnigham, toyed with idea of going pro. He also came back for one last season. Anthony Phillips returns at one end spot. He had a very good season last year.

    Linebackers - This unit returns 3 of 4 starters, and is loaded with depth. I'd argue that no team has better linebackers on their roster. Four-year starter Jenkins returns at MLB. Porter and Wilson also return at the OLB spots.

    Secondary - Both safties, Hodges and Washington, opted to return for at least one more season. Hodges will be a three year starter this season but has one year of eligibility remaining. Backup free safety Greenwood is expected to see time at every secondary position and he would start for 95% of schools in BCS conferences. The cornerback position also returns key players Marshall and Kimbrall. This is another very deep position for UGA.

    Special teams - Kicker West decided to go pro so kickoffs and punts will be handled by punter Irvin. West handled all kicking duties since his freshman season, so this will be the first time another player kicks for UGA in 3 seasons.

    Overall - The defense should be an A+ and is one of the best collective units in the country. I do not expect to give up many points with this team. The offense will need to cut down on turnovers from last season. Blalock was a better passer than Adams, but threw more picks. The run game should take some pressure off the quarterback.

    Schedule - The key game this season will be the division match against Tennessee. The Bulldogs want revenge for the loss last season. Other key games include early matches against Ohio State and Arizona State, and a late season game with Notre Dame. In terms of roster talent UGA should have more talent than any team on their schedule, but the coach needs to perform better in big games.
  6. Wick36

    Wick36 Welcome to the Jungle

    Jul 14, 2010
    Senior QB Kendall Miller finally gets a chance to prove himself. He comes in very highly rated with a 97 overall. He has decent mobility and great accuracy. His weaknesses lie in his speed and throw power.

    Replacing Steve Smith as the feature back will be Brandon Thomas. He was a transfer from who knows where, but is a 99 overall after sitting out last season. He is very good all around and is probably the best back I have had yet as LSU. He has a good chance at winning some awards this season. Spelling him will be Ray Green who is rebounding after a broken collarbone ended his season last year. He lacks top end speed, but is very big which helps make up for it a bit.

    This is a very talented group of receivers. Leading the way is red shirt senior and former 5 star William Seward. He really emerged last year and will look to keep his momentum in 2016. He is a physical receiver with the body of a tight end and probably the best route runner in the NCAA. Despite his relative lack of speed, he is able to get separation from even the best of corners. On the other side is 6'5 Brandon Smith who played in the slot last year. He is pretty solid all around. Playing the slot is former 5 star Derek Johnson. Johnson has very good speed and is a great route runner for a sophomore.

    Chris Woods is the top TE. He's got decent receiving skills, but his blocking is what really separates him from the rest of the country. He could play tackle and still be rated in the 90s. Perry Caldwell is another blocking specialist who is able to utilize his size to be effective in the passing game. Both tight ends are 6'8" and weigh over 270 lbs.

    4/5 starters return from last year. Those four are all seniors so it might be tough sledding next year. None of the starters are related below 90.

    Playing the end positions are former linebackers David Meyer and Eric Fulton. They were both moved due to their lack of speed and the good linebackers in front of them on the depth chart (the linebackers who graduated last year). They are not elite pass rushers, but are very good at stopping the run and are solid in pursuit. Their experience at linebacker also makes them effective in zone blitzes.

    Tye Abrams and converted DE Michael Parker clog the middle for the Tigers. Abrams is one of the most elite run stoppers in the NCAA. Parker's experience at end makes him a big pass rushing threat. He is also one of the most athletic tackles in the SEC.

    Anchoring the linebacker position is Junior and 2 year starter Ted Richardson. He has elite speed for a linebacker and great size at 6'7". His pass coverage skills are his biggest strength. At the other spots are Kevin Mullins and Jon Perkins. Both players have solid speed, with Perkins excelling in coverage and Mullins being more of an enforcer. Freshman Mike Thomas will likely see solid playing time against a few opponents because of his elite speed and coverage skills.

    The LSU secondary is one of the best in the country. Guarding the outside receivers are Tommy Cook and Jerome Booker, both juniors rated 95 and 94 respectively. 93 rated Senior Reggie Payne is the 3rd corner.

    At FS is sophomore John Cantrell. He led the team in tackles as a freshman. He has great speed and good cover skills, but excels as a tackler. He is pretty balanced overall. At the SS spot is Fred Fogle. His 6'7" frame allows him to bat down lots of balls in the secondary and makes up for his speed (which is not awful). He is a lot more agile and can get to top speed a lot faster than you'd expect by looking at him.

    This situation is pretty solid despite the loss of 3 time Groza winner Anthony Macklin. George Anderson kicks the field goals because he has the more powerful leg. Darnell Smith is a bit more accurate, so he handles the punting duties.

    Predictions: This team has a lot of talent so there's no reason we couldn't run the table again, but we have a tough schedule, playing scUM, Oregon, Bama, and Tennessee in the regular season. However, any more than 1 loss in regular season play would be looked at as very disappointing.
  7. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009

    QB: JR Thomas Jones returns as the starter at 90 OVR. He will be the best QB Michigan has ever started in the Hova Era thus far with 92 THP and 94 THA. Look to see the passing game open up even more this season.

    HB: This is the weakest position on Michigan this year with only TWO HBs on the roster. Our starter, SR Franklin Williamson, will be strong with 99 speed and 94 accel but if he goes down the load will be on True Freshman HB Stephen Williamson. The running game will take a hit this year for Michigan.

    FB: True Freshman FB Curtis Jordan at 76 OVR will the starter at FB this year, another drop off from last season.

    WR: The WR Corps drops off slightly from last season but is still a decent bunch with size. The Corps is led by SR WR Kris Thomas, 6'3 with 96 speed and 99 accel. Look for Michigan to try and get him the ball early and often. Freshman WR Nate Rogers will start on the other side and should be a good possession compliment WR. SR WR Phil Dunn brings speed and size to the slot position.

    TE: This is one position on the offense that has improved greatly, mostly think to OSU transfer SR Tyler Washington. He is 94 OVR with 88 speed and stands 6'8. Look for him to be a very vocal part of the offense this season, he will cause huge mismatch problems for linebackers.

    O-Line: The Oline is once again average, with the left side being the strong point. We have young talent on the right side and it will be pretty close to our Oline strength of last season. We hope to take a step up next season on the Oline with progression.

    D-Line: Michigan will be putting its best D-line on the field thus far this season which is why we are running the 4-3 this year. AA JR LE Will Bolen is rated 90 and will hold down the left side while star RE SR Gerald Thomas will hold the other side at 95 OVR, look for him to have a huge season. JR DT Thomas Rogers 91 OVR will be in the middle along with DT SO Justin Davis who has outplayed his rating so far causing alot of disruption in the middle, he is 83 OVR.

    LOLB: JR Jeremy Mcdonald will start and should be a stud at 91 OVR. He is very fast off the snap and should be a good run stopped with 87 Tackle.

    MLB: SR Marcus Murphy will start and is one of the best players on the team. He is 95 OVR and looks to follow up a huge all american season from last year.

    ROLB: SR Peter Meadows will start as well, he is the weakest link at 87 OVR but is still a strong LB with great speed. The only problem is with the LBs is after these 3 starters the depth falls wayyyy off. Here's to a healthy season!

    CBs: SR Justin Coe returns for his Senior year and looks to have a great one. He is 95 OVR with 98 speed and should be able to hang with any receiver in the Big Ten. The next 3 starters are all in the mid 80's but have great speed. The secondary will be slighty worse than last year but we this year we had nobody on the field as good as CB Justin Coe.

    FS: JR Erik Hill is the starter at 87 OVR. He has great speed and awesome accel. He will be great in the run game and should be able to eliminate the deep ball as well with his strong recovery speed.

    SS: SR Darren Terrell will start at 88 OVR. He has solid speed as well and can lay the wood on opposing players. This position will be a need in recruiting however because the depth after him is thin.

    K/P: SR Robert Armstrong is a STUD. He has 99 Kick Power and will be kicking and punting this season. He looks to sweep the kicking awards this year!

    Outlook: First huge test will be vs LSU as it should have been last year. If we can get past them we will be looking to contend for the BCS. Even if we lose we still look to be strong contenders in the Big Ten race. Overall the team is better than last season, but we took a hit on offense while getting better on defense. The biggest difference will be the lack of dominant running game like we had last season. GO BLUE!!

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