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2016 Nebraska Cornhuskers

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by bamagrad, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009

    The New Era of Nebraska Football Began last Season, when CoachBama took over the Head Reigns from Drowskie, and Nebraska won their last 2 games of the Season with wins over rival Colorado and then Captured the Holiday Bowl Title with a 10-0 Shut-down of vaunted Cal and their explosive offense. Now the New Year Begins for CoachBama with a pretty steller Recruiting Class signing 3 4-star Espn 150 prospects. Course Bama can thank Drowskie for those recruits, now the real work begins, CoachBama said this at the Big12 Coaches Meetings."The New Year is upon us and the real work Begins, these boys don't know what pain is they will find out, they already know our Defense is gonna be extremely tough and our offense is gonna work as hard as the Defense, I'm ready for the Challenge, question is everyone else ready?". with that CoachBama walked off the stage.

    The 2016 Nebraska Offense is Led by 2 seniors QB Marcus Pryor and HB Jason Barnes- Barnes who rushed for over 800+ yrds and Pryor led the Team in passing. Wr Louisiana Lighting Brett Guidry (Sr) who has incredible speed at 99, last year he was 3rd on the depth chart and now he is the leading reciever for 2016. The O-Line is Led by Sr LT Kevin Young a 6'8 314 lb Tackle who will lead a young offense line, The O-line lost some major Sr's last yr and is looking for the "Young Bucks" to continue to open the holes for rb Barnes.

    The Defense is Led by 2 Seniors Mlb Brian Jackson and SS Brian Abrams. These 2 are the signal callers for the very young Defense who is very young all around starting from the D-Line to the FS and CB positions. The Defense will get their 1st test in the 1st game Vs Rutgers. The Schedule is very tough and will be a challenge, but that's what CoachBama Likes, Tougher the Better. The Schedule is This.

    G1- @Rutgers
    G2- Penn St
    G3- Notre Dame
    G4- Virginia Tech (jigcityboss) User Game
    G5- Kansas
    G6- @ Texas Tech
    G7- Baylor
    G8- @ Kansas State
    G9- Missouri (IOdoctor) User Game
    G10- @ Iowa State
    G11- @OU (tuco418) User Game
    G12- Colorado- Rivarly Game

    Get Ready for the Blackshirts of 2016, We're bringing the Pain.

    QB Marcus Pryor(SR) RB Steve Barnes(SR) FB Martin Carter(Soph) & Matt Whitaker(SR)
    WR Brett Guidry(SR), Ben Andrews(SR) George Denman(Soph) & John Alston(RSSoph), Joey Burgess(Soph) TE Corey Bell(Soph).

    O-Line- LT Kevin Young(SR) LG C.J.Frye(SR) C Craig Walden(RS Soph) RG Marques Harris(Soph)
    RT Joe Mccoy(RS Soph)

    D-Line- RE George Lacy(JR) DT Walter Corbett(JR) LE Brandon Chambers(RS Soph)
    ROLB Tim Burton(RS JR) MLB Brian Jackson(SR) LOLB Elton Griffith(RS JR)
    CB Jerome Jackson(Soph) Jay Scott(Fresh) Michael Rutledge(Fresh)
    FS Thomas Mckinney(Fresh) SS Brian Abrams(SR)
    K Cliff Ball(Soph) & P Matt West(Fresh)

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