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2016 Power Rankings (Week 8)

Discussion in 'Quality Simulation Football' started by JSimms, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. JSimms

    JSimms TLY Season 1 Champs!

    Oct 25, 2009
    Random Stats:
    Highest SOS: Bears .629
    Lowest SOS: Giants .355
    NFC is winning the Conference battle with 17-12
    NFC North has best winning % with .692% and SOS with .568%

    1. Minnesota Vikings JSimms
    Record: 8-0
    Strength of Schedule: .538%
    PPG: 24.88
    PPGA: 9.50

    The Vikings started out the 2016 season with a huge win versus back-to-back NFL Champion San Francisco and haven't looked back, reeling off 8 straight wins. While there offense has been playing well (#4 in Total Offense; #2 in Rushing), their defense is the main reason they've got a perfect record at the midway point in the season. The Purple People Eaters are back, allowing just 39 ypg on the ground & 135 passing ypg. In the final year of his contract, this may be AP's last chance at a ring; he leads the league in carries (180), yards (838) & TD's (14) as he continues to climb the career rushing record books.


    2. Green Bay Packers: redlishus
    Record: 6-0
    Strength of Schedule: .514%
    PPG: 27.00
    PPGA: 14.17

    The Packers have kept pace with the Vikings, and with their bye out of the way remain the only other unbeaten team in the league at 6-0. There's still a number of games to be played, but could we possible see two 10-0 teams face off in week 11?! QB Aaron Rodgers is the 2nd highest rated QB in the league, and has spread the ball around well this year with a myriad of weapons in both the passing, and now running game (Eddie Lacy/Matt Forte combo in the backfield).


    3. San Francisco 49ers: MrWitness36
    Record: 5-1
    Strength of Schedule: .462%
    PPG: 23.33
    PPGA: 11.17

    The 49ers have rebounded well from a week 1 loss to Minnesota, and sit at 5-1 on the season. Traditionally a defensive-minded team, they currently sit outside the top 10 in defense but #5 in total offense and have the top-ranked rushing offense in the league. HB Kendall Hunter has stepped in nicely to replace long-time 49er RB Frank Gore, and is 3rd in the league in rushing with 630 yards. Always a tough division, they've got a 1-game lead over 2nd place Seattle, but only a 2-game lead over last place Arizona.


    4. Baltimore Ravens: guitarDADDY1208
    Record: 6-1
    Strength of Schedule: .412%
    PPG: 16.00
    PPGA: 9.43

    Baltimore has quietly become the top team in the AFC, primarily behind their #3 ranked defense and +13 turnover differential. 3rd round draft pick RE Jeffrey Meyers leads the league with 9 sacks and is making a push for defensive rookie of the year. QB Joe Flacco & Co. will need to pick things up if they want to make a push deep into the playoffs this year.


    5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jeremy
    Record: 6-1
    Strength of Schedule: .471%
    PPG: 19.86
    PPGA: 10.57

    The Bucs are many expert's sleeper pick to come out of the NFC this year, and might have made a deep playoff run in year 1 had that not lost their coach for the playoffs. Bottom half of the league in both offense & defense, this team wins the turnover battle - +11 on the season, and leads the league in interceptions. A very young team starting 2nd-year players at QB & HB, and their top 3 receivers are all in year 3. MLB Lavonte David is making his case for defensive player of the year - 51 tackes, 4 sacks, 6 INT's, 5 PD & 1 FF.


    6. Buffalo Bills: dritsch
    Record: 5-1
    Strength of Schedule: .519%
    PPG: 25.67
    PPGA: 9.33

    The Bills fired their coach after an embarassing week 1 loss, and new coach dritsch has stepped in and won the first 5 games of his coaching career in the Q. The Bills are playing some old school defense, tops in the league in total D, passing & rushing D and are allowing less than 150 total ypg. On the offensive side of the ball, QB EJ Manuel is finally coming into his own and leads the league in passer rating at 102 as he looks for his favorite target (Sammy Watkins) early and often - 33 catches, 555 yds, 5 TDs.


    7. New York Giants: cry_havoc
    Record: 5-2
    Strength of Schedule: .355%
    PPG: 24.43
    PPGA: 14.86

    The Giants have played well, but have certainly benefited from a weak NFC East this year (two teams sitting at 1-6). New York boasts the top offensive unit in the league (Total Offense & Passing). Phillip Rivers is playing well, and HB Legarratte Blount has seemed to have resurrected his career this year as he's top 10 in the league in rushing with 525 yards & has 7 TDs. 2nd-year CB Tharold Russell is tied for the league lead in INT's at 6, but this is definitely an older defense that may struggle versus younger offenses with speed.


    8. New England Patriots: thaexistence
    Record: 5-2
    Strength of Schedule: .490%
    PPG: 20.00
    PPGA: 18.00

    The Pats sit at 5-2 early in the season, but find themselves looking up at the 6-1 Bills in the AFC East. QB Tom Brady, in his 16th season, is hoping to get one more ring but is going to need his defense (18th vs the pass; 21st vs the run) to step up if that's going to happen. WR Percy Harvin continues to be a favorite target of Brady, and is #3 in receptions (39) & #2 in receiving yards (606) to go with 5 TDs.


    9. New Orleans Saints: ThaBayouChef
    Record: 4-2
    Strength of Schedule: .543%
    PPG: 22.50
    PPGA: 18.43

    The Saints, to the surprise of many after losing QB Drew Brees in week 1, fared surprisingly well under Kirk Cousins and find themselves in the mid-season top 10 power rankings. The team has leaned on HB Mark Ingram and their #3 rushing attack, trying to keep opposing offenses off the field but the team still has the 31st ranked passing D. The team has probably the best safety combo in the league (Byrd & Vaccaro), but their aging CB group seem to be getting beat week in, week out. Will the return of Brees this week take some pressure off this team's defense to help them remain on this list?


    10. Jacksonville Jaguars: Ninersfan80
    Record: 3-4
    Strength of Schedule:.396%
    PPG: 19.43
    PPGA: 15.14

    The 3-4 Jags actually sit in 1st place in the AFC South. This team is better than their sub-.500 record. They've lost all 4 games by 7 points or less, just recently shut out a good Chiefs team in Kansas City, and took the 8-0 Vikings to the wire. In a weaker AFC this year, the Jags have as good a chance as anyone to make a run. They just recently lost their QB, Blake Bortles, for 3-4 weeks and are starting rookie QB Brendan Stills. Lone bright spot on offense - 2nd-yr TE Kelvin Bullock (38 catches, 544 yds, 6 TDs).

    **Shout-out to thafuture3886 for compiling the data.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2014
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  2. Ninersfan80

    Ninersfan80 Walk On

    Aug 27, 2012
    10th!?! Wooohooo! A lot of tough losses for the Jags this year so far and Stills seems to be running away with the job. Big test against the Titans this week
  3. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009
    Bills are nasty dritsch , good to see the results!
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  4. dritsch

    dritsch Walk On

    Dec 9, 2009
    Great read. And ya KnightNoles, Bills roster is pretty stacked, having fun with em.
  5. GovernedSpy

    GovernedSpy Walk On

    Apr 8, 2011
    Nice read man :) Yip the jags are tough lol
  6. thafuture3886

    thafuture3886 Power Rankings Analyst

    Jul 23, 2010
  7. thaexistence

    thaexistence Walk On

    Jul 22, 2010
    Nice job. Patriots are way to high in these rankings. Especially with the upcoming schedule.
  8. MrWitness36

    MrWitness36 Walk On

    Mar 1, 2012
    Nice write up I shouldn't even make this list how my team playing lately
  9. guitarDADDY1208

    guitarDADDY1208 Walk On

    Jul 12, 2013
    Good read! Had to laugh a bit at the quiet part about Baltimore considering when it comes time to play thafuture3886 and his Steelers we talk more shit than a politician in an election year LMAO!
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  10. ThaBayouChef

    ThaBayouChef Walk On

    Jul 19, 2012
    Brees is back this week!!!!....Just as Ingram is lost for the season. Lol.
  11. heathh

    heathh Walk On

    Jul 17, 2013
    Good stuff bro
  12. AveryB

    AveryB Walk On

    Jul 22, 2010
  13. coachgaddy

    coachgaddy Mega 49ers, OMFL Pats

    Sep 22, 2009
    Yeah Bills are good. Have fun Dritsch congrats.
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