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***2016 Preseason Week 1 is Open! Deadline Monday 1/13/14 @ Midnight EST***

Discussion in 'Quality Simulation Football' started by LtJustice, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. LtJustice

    LtJustice QSF Commissioner

    Jul 22, 2010
    Congratulations on another great season of football in The Q!

    The franchise has been advanced and 2016 Preseason week 1 is now open. Playing your preseason game is allowed, but not required. You may begin signing free agents (first come, first served) and making roster cuts to put the finishing touches on shaping your regular season roster. The deadline for preseason week 1 is Monday 1/13/14 @ Midnight EST.

    NOTE: I just realized that the original schedule needed to be amended to allow advance to preseason week 3 (rather than week 4) on the next advance. We did this in the last simmed season, and we will do it again this season.

    Up to Date Off-Season Schedule:

    2016 Off-Season

    Off-Season Resignings: COMPLETE

    Free Agency (Phase 1): COMPLETE

    Free Agency (Phase 2): COMPLETE

    Free Agency (Phase 3): COMPLETE

    Final Scouting: COMPLETE

    2016 Rookie Draft: COMPLETE

    2016 Season

    2016 Preseason Week 1 Deadline: MIDNIGHT EST (Monday 1/13/14)

    2016 Preseason Week 3 Deadline: MIDNIGHT EST (Tuesday 1/14/14)

    2016 Regular Season Week 4 Deadline: MIDNIGHT (Wednesday 1/15/14)

    2016 Regular Season Week 8 Deadline: MIDNIGHT (Thursday 1/16/14)


    2017 Off-Season

    Off-Season Resignings: Deadline 10PM (Friday 1/17/14)

    Free Agency (Phase 1): 10PM EST (Friday 1/17/14) -TO- 6PM EST (Saturday 1/18/14)

    Free Agency (Phase 2): 6PM EST -TO- 11PM EST (Saturday 1/18/14)

    Free Agency (Phase 3): 11PM EST (Saturday 1/18/14) -TO- 5PM EST (Sunday 1/19/14)

    Final Scouting: 5PM EST -TO- 7:30PM EST (Sunday 1/19/14)

    2017 Rookie Draft: 8PM EST (Sunday 1/19/14)

    2017 Pre-Season

    2017 Preseason (SIM) + Roster Cuts + Off-Season Trade Deadline: MIDNIGHT (Monday 1/20/14)

    2017 Regular Season Opens! (Tuesday 1/21/14)

    Aaron (Hulk_hagen_55 )
    Alex (Ninersfan80)
    Avery (AveryB)
    Carl T. (CTfromDC)
    Chris (CSteud)
    Curtis (thafuture3886)
    Danny (DJDunn6)
    Dave (saintsdave75)
    Doug (CHUNKNESS)
    Eddie (pittrocks43)
    Eric (Easy Dez It)
    Heath (heathh)
    James M. (cry_havoc)
    James Y. (Phenom)
    Jeremy (Jeremy)
    Jim (LtJustice)
    Jon (Warhawk AKA dreadman)
    Josh (Josh Barnes)
    Juan V. (Juan Valencia)
    Karim (@karim)
    Kris (Coach KO)
    Lawon (MrWitness36)
    Loren (ThaBayouChef)
    Michael C. (KNICKSFAN_84)
    Michael O. (Michael Overman)
    Mike A. (Miki1369)
    Moe (CaptMoe)
    Pope (dablakpope)
    Reis (Mugga)
    Rob (PepperNY)
    T.J. (klaximilian)
    Troy (redlishus)
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