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2016 Washington State Team Preview

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Michael Woodward, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Michael Woodward

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    Feb 17, 2011
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    This is to compliment your team preview you sometimes do. Enjoy areohhwhy
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  2. areohhwhy

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    Jun 5, 2011
    2016 Washington State Preview​

    The Washington state cougars are coming off a up-and-down season where they finished 3rd in the Pac-12 conference, 9-4, and ended the season with a victory over Baylor. The Cougars "were not able to establish an identity offensively and were inconsistent defensively" According to coach Anderson. The Washington State cougars have been working in the offseason on shoring up their defense, which was a top 25 defense in terms of yards and points but did not come up with the stops. The Cougars struggled with top 25 teams last season, losing 3 straight to Champion Mississippi State, West Virginia, and Wisconsin, to open up the season. A huge blow in the season was 38-28 loss to Oregon which dashed their rose bowl hopes. The Cougars are looking to make a return to the rose bowl, which will be coach Anderson's 3rd in 5 seasons of coaching.

    Offensive overview

    The cougars are looking to replace former Running back Chester Su A, who accumulated 1000 yards rushing on 7.8 yards per carry. The Cougars are returning 4 offensive lineman this season, and the continuity should lead to a stronger performance in pass protection in run blocking. The cougars lost 2 wide recievers to graduation, but are hoping this combination of recievers, led by Ray Martin, can make the plays needed to win games. The Cougars will be led by QuarterBack Darren Thomas, who is coming off of an impressively average season of 2077 yards passing, 19 touchdowns, on 56.1 % completion percentage. The running back situation will be a revolving door, filled with 4 running backs who will equally contribute to the running game. The starting running back will be Power Back JT.Cummings, followed by the Balanced sophomore Brian Clark," the running game is the main staple of the washington State offense, and how far these 4 backs and the offensive line take us will determine how far we go as an offense"

    Defense preview

    The defense is looking as good as it has ever been on paper, and will be looked upon to lead the team to victory. Redshirt Junior Jake Banks will lead the defensive line, who earned 11 sacks last season. The linebacking core will be it's strongest suit. With approximately 7 linebackers who will be recieving regular playing time, Christian Whitehead, Booker Freeman, and Christian Nelson will Start at the respective line backing positions. The corners will be led by Brian Riley and Transfer Will Christian. THe safeties are it's most vulerable point, with Sophomore Darren williams starting at free safety, and Justin Smith..

    Questions of the season

    -Will the Cougars hold their ground on the offensive and defensive line?

    - Will the Wide receiving core be able to get open consistently?

    - What type of offense will the cougars be?

    -How will the Transfers mesh with the team as a whole?


    The cougars only lost 12 seniors last season, and are looking strong at many positions, from top to bottom the team has improved, but how will that translate into wins will be something to watch. The Cougars Are looking to go back to the rose bowl, but with tough competition from Colorado and Oregon, the jury is still out.

    Record Prediction: 8-4
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