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2017 Game Summaries

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by GMONEY 15, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. GMONEY 15

    GMONEY 15 2015 BCS Champs

    Nov 24, 2011
  2. GMONEY 15

    GMONEY 15 2015 BCS Champs

    Nov 24, 2011
    #5 LSU 34
    #1 NOTRE DAME 7

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ESPN Saturday night game of the week had 2015 and #1 Ranked Notre Dame traveling to the Bayou state to take on the defending National Champion and #5 ranked LSU Tigers. The battle of the past 2 BCS National Champions was about to begin. The game day crew was on the LSU campus since Wednesday and a all time record of 95,214 were on hand to see this week 1 top 5 match up. The last time LSU was beaten it was the 2014 BCS Title game by these same Irish. Notre Dame came into this game this game with alot of confidence. So much of it coach Schreck had an interview with the game day crew on Thursday afternoon and was quoted as saying. " The Irish redemption 2017 tour starts Saturday night in LSU." That quote was placed in each and every locker of the LSU players and the LSU Tigers were ready for a war.

    ND wins the toss and they elected to go on defense first. After getting a couple of first downs, the Tigers had a 3rd a long just outside Midfield where Rob Thompson made his first and only mistake of the game. ND provided a strong rush and Thompson rushed the pass right into the hands of FR LB Dan Smith and Notre Dame took the ball over just outside their own 40 yard line. Notre Dame was driving and then LSU D stepped up to the plate as SR LB Johnny Roberts picked off a Kevin Anderson pass and the Tigers were back in business. The Tigers drove down the field but they had to settle for a 41 yard FG by Brian Harris to give the Tigers a 3-0 lead and that's how the first period would end.

    LSU would have the ball again and this time they scored when SR FB Troy Trembley plunged in from a yard out to give the Tigers a 10-0 lead and the crowd was going crazy. During the TV timeout, you couldn't even hear yourself think. After another solid stand by the Tiger D, LSU would score with 1 minute left in the half as this time SR RB Adam Archie plunged over the 7 hold for a 17-0 LSU lead. Tigers D forced a Irish punt and LSU had possession with 40 seconds left in the half. Coach GMONEY decided to try and go down field and Thompson responded with a couple of pin point passes and 2 running played later Harris would kick a 31 yd FG and the Tiger were up 20-0 at the half and the Tigers went into the locker room with great confidence and on the other side of the field, coach Schreck must have been wondering what the hell was going on with his team.

    Notre Dame would get the ball to begin the 2nd half and immediately switched up the tempo and went into the NO HUDDLE offense. After getting a few first downs, the Tiger defense once again stepped up to the plate. Anderson threw another pick, this time to the waiting arms of SOPH CB Cedric Page. The Tigers back on the move. After the Irish stuffed the run on first and 10, the Irish blitzed again on 2nd down but this time Thompson had time to threw a dart to SR WR Kenny Washington. He faked right and went left and untouched on a 60 yard passing play and LSU was then up 27-0. Once again the Irish got the ball and went into their NO HUDDLE. They went on to have some nice passing and running plays. However the next play Anderson would scramble left and was hit hard by Roberts as he forced a fumble. The fumble was recovered by JR MLB Terrance Holycross and he scampered 53 yards 45 seconds later and the Tigers would be up 34-0. That's how the 3rd QTR would end.

    LSU was comfortable just running the ball and eating clock in the final QTR. The Irish seemed to be doing the same thing aster a couple of running both teams punted the ball. The Irish would have a last shot. After a couple of running plays, schreck822 decided to throw a bomb with 21 seconds left in the ball game. Anderson connected with WR Daniel Gooden from 60 yards left to put Notre Dame on the scoreboard and that is how the ball game ended. That was a great call as the Irish never gave up and fought to the very end of the ball game. The entire Tiger defense received the game ball from coach GMONEY. These guys were flying all over the field. gg schreck822

    Home Depot stat of the game.

    ND QB:::Anderson 5/17/121 yards/ 1 td/ 4 ints

    LSU QB:::Thompson 9/11/201/1 td/1 int
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  3. Kale25

    Kale25 Walk On

    Jan 16, 2013
    Ok so this won't be as elaborate as G's was above. Maybe if this matchup of #13 Okay State on the road against #9 scUM state had more build up (sorry, Ohio State allegence there).

    Oklahoma state step off the bus with a purpose and wanted to send a message that they are ready for the prime time. Michigan state deferred to the second half which only ment that the cowboys got to score first are set the tone. After a key first down on 3rd and short the cowboys shore they're quick stroke ability with Jackson I the back field as he eluded defenders for a 56 yard TD rush to make it 7-0.

    With a quick defensive stop the cowboys wanted to show they're running game stengrh and kept pushing the Spartans back. On a third down and one RB Montomary took the hand off straight up the gut and blew past the spartan secondary for another quick score and made 14-0.

    After another quick cowboy defensive stop try decided to score quickly again and used Jackson to get there. He ran wild in the first half as showed his speed as he couldn't be touched on his way to the end zone for another quick score. Cowboys 21 Spartans 0.

    The Spartans knew they needed points and were going to take them anyway they could. After a 3rd and long conversion they wet deep again to Wilcox in triple coverage. It was tipped and then caught by Wilcox who ran it in for the score. 21-7.

    The cowboys took notice and wanted to score again. After a coupe first downs Jackson took another hand off and housed it. The running game was wide open and ready to be exposed.

    Score 28-7 with sparty getting the ball at half they set out on a drive to make this a game. With 30 seconds left Sparty scores and hopes to make this a two possession game at half time. Sparty recorded setting QB leads them down and scores, eager to make this a game. But leave time left.

    With the score 28-14 with 30 seconds left Oklahoma state decides to show it can pass too. All it takes is 4 plays and 17 seconds to score and take command of the game. After the first half coach gundy said he had complete confidence in his offense with any time on the clock and gives them full trust.

    Second half kick off happened with the score 35-14 and pretty much on the books. Clock management and a solid running hr ended this contest with the final score of 45-21 cowboys roll and eye Texas...

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