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2017 Mock Top 10

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by hskr8128, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. hskr8128

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    Jun 14, 2011
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    1. Chicago Bears
    CB Branch Crisp-UCLA

    It was almost a foregone conclusion leading up to the draft that the Bears were going to go QB but the recent signing of Tyrod Taylor allows them to open up their options on a team that needs alot of help. Chicago ownership has hinted that the pick is in but has refused to tip their hands. We think they stick with TMFL tradition and go CB, but they may surprise some folks by taking the taller and speedier Crisp over the other prospects.


    2. New Orleans Saints
    QB Lance Dierdorf-Alabama

    This seems to be a semi deep QB class but the Saints can’t really afford to hope one of them falls to the top of the 2nd round. I don’t think seeing a QB go here is a stretch but which QB it is could still be up in the air. Dierdorf has the arm to replace Brees in Sean Payton’s offense without missing much of a beat.


    3. Green Bay Packers
    CB Falo Lee-Ole Miss

    The Packers have to take advantage of picking this high and since they don’t have a need at QB or WR I think they have to go CB. Lee is a monster in coverage, picking off Bama’s Dierdorf 3 times in last falls rivalry game. However, does he have the size to cover some of the NFL’s bigger #1 WR’s?

    4. Washington Redskins
    SS BJ Kent-USC

    Lots of directions this pick could go but in the end I see the physical freak Kent winning out. Everyone knew from his USC days that Kent plays more like a LB on the field, head hunting opposing WR’s and making them pay across the middle. Some even projected him as a LB in the NFL ala Mark Barron and Deone Buchanon. Then he goes out and put up a 4.45 40 time. This dude can play. Don’t be surprised if the Skins decide to go DL here either.


    5. Miami Dolphins
    CB Zebadee Clifton-LSU

    Rumor is the Dolphins are still actively shopping this pick but if they stay here I have very little doubt they go CB. The Phins would have loved seeing a Zeke Elliot level HB in the draft this year and maybe they find one of the prospects worth the #4 pick but the value here is at CB where true to TMFL form we see our 3rd CB taken in the top 5 picks.

    6. New York Jets
    QB Macon Cochran-Auburn

    The Jets currently list Johnny Football as their #1 QB. They have to know that he isn’t going to lead them anywhere, even in a weak AFC East. Finding a franchise QB in the files first draft would go a long way to making them a long term contender.

    7. Cincinnati Bengals-
    WR Taylor Gold-UCLA

    Gold’s stock has slipped a bit since a rather disappointing combine but the Bengals would be thrilled to see him drop here. The Bengals offense is much more efficient when they have threats to take all the defenses attention off of Green and Eifert.

    8. Cleveland Browns

    FS Jacoby Carson-Ohio St.

    The big question here is did Cody Kessler show enough potential last year to give ownership hope that he can lead the team in 2017? If so I could see the Browns going OL to help give Kessler more opportunities but I think they could address that later in the draft. At #8 they can’t pass up the former Buckeye Carson who is a big, rangy defender who can make plays in a depleted Cleveland secondary.


    9. Buffalo Bills
    QB Kody Nesbit-Mich. St.

    This may be one of the locks of the top 10 IMO. There is no way the Bills go into the season with Zach Mettenberger as their QB1 so they almost have to get a signal caller here.

    10. Denver Broncos
    RT Dante Sutherland-Alabama

    The Broncos are a competent OL away from being right back in the Super Bowl mix so I think they go with the best OL on the board here regardless of position. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they take OL with every single pick they have in this draft.​
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