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2017 Power Rankings Week 12

Discussion in 'Chompion's League' started by macc24usc, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. macc24usc

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    Sep 28, 2010
    Week 12 Chompion’s Power Rankings

    *BCS Rankings are taken into consideration but are not used to determine Power Rankings. Purely opinion based on statistics from the year.*

    1.Notre Dame (10-0): (Formerly ranked #2)
    Notre Dame has been the cream of the crop in college football this season. Coach HipHop has restored life into the program and brought it back among the elite. His well oiled machine runs behind nobody more important then his junior QB JR Gant. Gant has been easily the best player we’ve seen all year dominating in every game he’s played racking up 2244 yards with 26 TDs and just 7INTs. Quite the passer, right? Well how about what he’s done in the run game, amassing 1223 yards and 18TDs in 10 games. If there’s a better player on offense than J.R Gant I wanna see him! Andrew Brown and Ty White are two very stout upperclass linebackers who headline a defense that’s allowed more than 20 points scored on it just twice all year. These guys are no joke, folks they’re going in for the kill and want to bring a national title home to South Bend.

    2.Georgia Tech (9-0): (formerly ranked #3)
    Georgia Tech has been a team that`s really had little problem with anybody they`ve faced so far. JR QB Brian Green is in a league of his own when talking about any passer in the country. Green has amassed 3409 yards and 42TDs this year. They`ve passed on any and every defense at will and his two main wideouts Colby Foreman and Travis Wright have benefitted from the stellar play of their QB Green. On defense, you really don`t see many standouts because they all play their role and have played all year as a team unit. It`s an interesting system that you don`t typically see but there`s no question about the strength being their QB who averages just under 380 yards a game.

    NOW! Take THIS into consideration….
    Georgia Tech and Notre Dame meet in week 13. One team will leave South Bend with a victory and one a painful defeat as a perfect season is crushed and your national title hopes would likely be as well, with a would be 7 one-loss teams looking on the outside in…. you would be in some hot water. NOW, these two teams have ALSO locked up what will be a rematch….just a few short weeks later. How sweet would the taste of revenge be for a Yellowjacket team who just lost a close battle to the Irish? There’s no question this is the most important game remaining on the schedule and I have a feeling, the rematch…. will be filled with storylines and what ifs.

    3.Wisconsin (9-1): (formerly ranked #6)
    Can we just reiderate what happened in the B1G when Wisconsin went into Columbus and stunned an on-fire Buckeye squad? They have bounced back from an early season slip against Alabama and since they’re win over OSU they’ve put up 45 points 4 weeks STRAIGHT. This is a team on an emotional high right now, they’re going to play in the B1G championship! They have a serious tune-up game in which they should run the score up before they take on, what looks to be a very foggy Legends division. RB Micah Smith is a punishing runner who has dropped nearly 100 on every team this year. FS Demetrius Carr is the playmaker on defense accountable for 6 turnovers this year, 2 interceptions 4 forced fumbles. This isn’t a team that’s going to lean on anyone in specific, but find ways to win games… They’re in the drivers seat to win the B1G Championship and punch a ticket to the Rose Bowl.

    4.Texas (9-1): (previously ranked #4)
    Vince Woods is now a household name. Aside from the week 2 slip up the Longhorns have been rolling through the competition with 4 games going over 69 points. Had they not redeemed themselves with blowouts over rival A&M and Tennessee, they might not be this high because the near devastating blow dealt by Arkansas that took them into OT. However, even thought the game went into OT 4 negative plays for the Arkansas offense set the tone and Vince Woods put the game on ice with one play. These guys are rollin’ they’re in the drivers seat to win the SEC and that may be considered the strongest conference if there is a few teams on the one-loss bubble

    5.Ohio State (9-1): (previously ranked #1)
    The Buckeyes made a serious push for the 4th spot but unfortunately they have been decimated with an injury to there best player, QB Malik Brown who was a front runner for the Heisman trophy until such time. The Bucks fans can argue they beat the Longhorns in the week 2 showdown in Columbus, it was Brown who accounted for more than 300 yards and 4 touchdowns. Can redshirt freshman David Lewis have the same success? He will have his chance at proving he can shoulder the load in very important games coming up, can he handle the pressure? He gets to warm up in Purdue this week and comes home to face Michigan in the Game. We all know the emotion that goes into that game, will Lewis be able to lead his team to glory and an eventual BCS Bowl game. I think all eyes will be on the Buckeye QB.

    6.Iowa (7-2): (previously ranked #7)
    The Hawkeyes move into the 6th spot with two narrow losses to Power Ranked #3 and #5. They will have a ton of opportunity to flex their muscle and improve their ranking with huge games coming up hosting MSU and Michigan before going into Nebraska. The next few games for the Hawkeyes will be very important to see if they can make it into the B1G game. I firmly believe they will be playing Wisconsin to get their revenge from their 28-26 loss 5 weeks ago. They will need to win two of the next three, especially one over Michigan State but they are in the driver’sseat besides being #2 in the Legends Division. QB Alex Hill and WR Aaron Sanders have developed a nice connection and they are usually hard at work in Hawkeye wins.

    7.Alabama (7-2): (previously ranked #5)
    The Crimson Tide suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Tigers of LSU last week and dropped to #7 unfortunately because of it. The Tide are a team with pardon me for saying it but without a true identity. What I mean by that is nobodies stats are eye popping yet they are taking care of tough SEC teams. The loss to the Tigers is heart breaking because LSU likely cruises through the rest of the season into the SEC Championship vs Texas. The Tide are patiently waiting for their BCS Bowl Bid and a team like Ohio State may be waiting for them. If the title game is Texas vs. ND or Georgia Tech, expect Bama to receive a bump and represent the SEC.

    8.Florida (6-3): (previously ranked #10)
    The Gators have a tougher 3 losses and frankly looked just a little better than North Carolina in the games which both teams lost. QB James Tanner has thrown for over 2500 yards and has 24TD on just 9INT.The Gators have a very balanced passing attack and a rushing game that includes seniors tailback James Lewis and Tanner whose accounted for 235 and 3 on the ground. JR SS is Maurice Means and you can drop the S at the end of his name because he is flat out MEAN. MM29 has tallied 73 tackles on the year 42 solo 12 for a loss and 5 sacks and he’s been in the endzone. He should be a candidate for the Thorpe but he is likely edged out by some DBs who are on teams upwards on this list.

    9.North Carolina (6-3): (previously ranked #9)
    The Tar Heels haven’t down this list, but they also haven’t moved up. It was early losses to Iowa Notre Dame and GT who are the respective #1,2,6 teams in this Power Ranking. Unfortunately the Heels looked outmatched in every matchup but they have an impressive win over #10 FSU in Tallahassee. Ron Brady is the teams shining star, the tailback is they’re best offensive player and a one cut speed back who contributes in many different ways. Getting him back will be crucial for them to maintain their position as #14 in the BCS and/or move up in hopes for a BCS game.

    10.Florida State (6-3): (previously ranked #12)

    11.Michigan (5-4): (previously ranked #8)
    It was a tough couple of weeks in Ann Arbor after a loss handed to them by heated rival. Michigan drops the farthest down the list, and their season has as tough of a road trip to end it as anyone. Going into Iowa and then Columbus? The Wolverines are hoping their game vs Northwestern makes them Bowl eligible and they will be happy and content with any Bowl game at this point. If the Wolverines can rebound for a new coach and be a BCS Buster you could chalk this up as a HUGE success for Big Blue who is a program on the uprise with an extremely deep recruiting class set to come into Ann Arbor next year.

    12.Oklahoma (4-5): (previously ranked #11)
    It’s been a rough year for the Sooners. They will close the year out with winnable games and they will need two of the next 3 to become Bowl eligible. Many believe Oklahoma Michigan would be a great match-up this year without either team giving up much to the other. The Sooners have WR Early King who is one of the most electric receivers in the nation. He’s in the running for the Biletnikoff Award for the countries best WR but it’s likely he is on the outside l;ooking in. The Sooners will look to rebound next year.
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  2. cyhiphopp

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    Aug 2, 2012
    10.Florida State (6-3): (previously ranked #12)
    After a rough start to the season the Seminoles are currently playing as well as anyone in the country. They started the season 1-3 and have won 5 straight with an offensive explosion the past three weeks as QB Stephen Pennington has found his favorite target, True Freshman Chip Mitchell, over and over again. This coming week bringsa a tune up against hapless Maryland who hasn't fared well in their inaugural Big Ten season going 0-8 so far. The real test for FSU nation will be the end of season showdown with The Florida Gators. That will surely have a huge impact on the end of season power rankings.
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  3. Spayer419

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    Jun 23, 2012
    Stand up job LongGONE24 really enjoyed reading that
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