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2017 Power Rankings: Week 5

Discussion in 'Chompion's League' started by Spayer419, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Spayer419

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    Jun 23, 2012
    2017 Power Rankings: Christmas Edition
    A little holiday treat for you guys as the Chompions League Power Rankings come out of hiding for the first time in two years. With Ben gone I'm going to take these over and hopefully put them out every 4-5 weeks or so. So has your team been naughty or nice in the first quarter of the season? Find out below.

    1. Ohio State
    Breakdown: After finally getting the national championship monkey off its back, it seems as if Ohio State is poised to take control of the college football throne for the foreseeable future. The defending national champs made plays where in the past they might have previously blundered in a Week 2 win against Texas, and have looked dominant week-in and week-out. Most surprisingly, the Buckeyes haven't missed a beat despite the departures of Ray Hall and Tavaris McLaurin; Aaron Anderson has been a force and OSU's receiving corps is solid top to bottom. Malik Brown isn't the passer Jalen Bush was, but he fits OSU's system better, allowing the Buckeyes to unleash the pistol, which has been a lethal weapon; through three games OSU is averaging more than 350 rushing yards. The Buckeyes can't get too confident though, with Wisconsin looming around the corner and a potential trap game on the road against Iowa straight ahead.

    2. Notre Dame
    Breakdown: The Irish were a play away last year from winning the Big Ten, and possibly going to the national championship game themselves. While they won't be playing in Indianapolis this year, Notre Dame looks poised to make a run at the ACC title and perhaps the crystal ball. The Irish have already racked up two user wins, and will look to get a third this weekend against Michigan. Meanwhile, J.R. Gant is establishing himself as a bonofide Hesiman candidate. But Notre Dame has yet to beat the likes of Ohio State, Wisconsin and Texas in this dynasty, and until they do so, they will be looking up at another team atop the power rankings.

    3. Georgia Tech
    Breakdown: Perhaps the most impressive project in this entire dynasty, Georgia Tech looks like it finally belongs at the big boy table. The Yellow Jackets edged past Oklahoma and dismantled North Carolina in back to back weeks, and won't play another user until a Week 13 showdown vs. Notre Dame. It's not until then, however, that we will likely know if the Yellow Jackets are mere dinner guests or full-time hosts; the win against Oklahoma is looking less impressive by the day, and North Carolina isn't exactly a world-beater yet.

    4. Texas
    Breakdown: Texas might have the most talented team in the country, but if so, they are the most talented team with a loss. The Longhorns lost by ten on the road to Ohio State, unable to stop the Buckeye rushing attack. A week later Texas rebounded against a very good Alabama team, however, proving they belong in the top 5 nationally and in the discussion for the national title. The Longhorns will need help, but they lost early enough to remain a contender, and that should scare anyone else with championship aspirations. Texas is still figuring out its offense, and when the Longhorns do, it could be lights-out for everyone else in the SEC, and perhaps the country.

    5. Alabama
    Breakdown: In their second season with Jandy at the helm, Alabama is starting to make strides to return to its previous glory. It looked as if the trip back to the top could be imminent for the Tide, especially after knocking off then-No. 2 Wisconsin on the road in week 2. But the Tide couldn't roll that momentum into Bryant Denney for a showdown against Texas a week later, and were knocked off by their knew SEC foe. Nonetheless, Alabama looked much improved in this year's loss to Texas, and seems to be a real contender in the SEC. A back-to-back against Oklahoma and Florida looms ahead, and will tell us much more about Alabama.

    6. Wisconsin
    Breakdown: Opening the season as the #2 ranked team in the country, it looked as if Wisconsin would finally make its leap into the discussion of Chompions League elite. The Badgers have been very good, if not exceptional, year-in and year-out, but have failed to win the Big Ten through five seasons. The conference is still in the balance, but fans should walk with caution. The Badgers run defense was exposed in a 31-14 home loss to Alabama, and all though Wisconsin did rebound against Michigan, we are really not sure of the Wolverines at this point. A win against Ohio State in a few weeks and Wisconsin will be right back in the national title race. A loss, and Badger fans will be back in what seems to be a familiar place; stuck in the middle.

    7. Iowa
    Breakdown: Iowa has been up-and-down through four years in Chompions League, but it looks like the Hawkeyes are on their way back up. The 31-3 drubbing against North Carolina made a statement that Iowa is here, but for how long? Now ranked at No. 14, Iowa has its toughest test of the season ahead as they host No. 1 Ohio State in a night game. It would be an incredible upset, and with it Iowa would tell the rest of the league "we're here to stay." But even if not, the Hawkeyes are in a position to make a run at a division title, which would be a big step after a very disappointing season last year.

    8. Michigan
    Breakdown: Michigan is a bit of an enigma at this point, with two losses, but in close fashion. In the first year with a new coach, Wolverine fans expected a bit of a rebuilding project in Ann Arbor. But nobody expected the hometown team to fall in opening week against Stanford. Michigan is 1-2 on the year, but the losses have come by a combined 13 points, and the Wolverines did play a good Badger team to the finish. This low in the standings its not always about wins and losses, but how you look in those performances, and Michigan has been competitive each week. Other teams have not.

    9. North Carolina
    Breakdown: We're not really sure what to make of the Tarheels at this point. They've been demolished by users twice so far, but then rebounded with an impressive win against Florida State. We will learn even ore about the 'Heels this weekend against Georgia Tech, and then North Carolina is done with users for the season. Beating Georgia Tech would be huge for North Carolina, but we're not sure if they are capable of such a win.

    10. Florida
    Breakdown: We don't know much about the Gators at this point. They are 1-1, losing a shocker in their opener, and haven't really played anybody. The jury is still out, but this team has a ton of talent and a great coach to boot. Don't for get that CJ won a championship with Virginia Tech in Chompions League's inaugural season, and is capable of doing the same at Florida down the road.

    11. Oklahoma
    Breakdown: The Sooner Schooner might have a broken wheel, because it's been a bumpy ride for the boys from Norman in their first season in the SEC. Yes, the Sooners had one of the more impressive wins of this young season, an opening victory against high-powered Auburn. The win put Oklahoma in the top five, but they wouldn't stay for long. The Sooners followed up the impressive win with two equally unimpressive losses. First they dropped a shootout to Georgia Tech, which isn't really something to scoff at, but Oklahoma likely had more talent than it counterpart. But then the Sooners fell apart against LSU, giving up 69 points in an absolute drubbing. We will see if Early King and company can turn things around, but with a tough schedule ahead, passengers might want to hold on for dear life on this road to potential disaster.

    12. Florida State
    Breakdown: Not much to say about the 'Noles yet. They've been defeated in each user game, but they were thrown right into the fire with Coach Macc joining mid-season amidst a tough slate of conference opponents. With things cooling down we will really start to see the merits of coach Macc's team, starting with a nice matchup against Clemson this week.
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    Sep 28, 2010
    Awesome read, love it!!

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