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2017 PreSeason All-Legacy Team

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Hova, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009
    (This is basically done of the highest rated user player at each position)

    This will just give us a look ahead to who may have huge seasons. Maybe I will look at this after the regular season and see who actually performed.

    QB - Isaiah Jones 95 OVR Oregon (93 Speed, 91 THP, 91 ACC)

    HB - Marques Motley 96 OVR Oregon (93 Speed, 95 BTK)

    FB - EJ Forte 95 OVR Georgia

    WR - Dan Callahan 94 OVR Ohio State (6'5, 93 Speed, 93 Catch)

    TE - Randall Johnson 93 OVR Michigan

    Oline - C Kellen Britton 99 OVR Georgia

    DE - Marcus Smith 95 OVR LSU (93 Power, 93 PMV)

    DT - Thomas Rogers 96 OVR Michigan (90 Strength, 95 PMV)

    OLB - Ted Richardson 98 OVR LSU (97 Accel, 99 Pur, 92 Power)

    MLB - Aaron Novak 96 OVR Georgia

    CB - Tommy Cook 99 OVR LSU (99 Speed, 97 Accel, 99 MCV, 99 ZCV, HOLY PISS)

    FS - Allan Greenwood 99 OVR Georgia (99 Speed, 98 Accel, 91 Tackle)

    SS - Fred Fogle 98 OVR LSU (92 Speed, 90 Tackle)

    K - Edwin Baker 97 OVR Notre Dame (99 KPW, 99 KAC)

    P - Darnell Smith 96 OVR LSU (99 KPW, 94 KAC)
  2. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009

    - LSU is still ridiculously STACKED

    - LSU Tommy Cook is pry the best CB I have ever seen! Thats like when you make yourself a created player all 99s haha

    - What a HB/QB combo for Oregon. That QB is a elite Dual Threat and a HB with speed and power smh

    - Will Edwin Baker of the IRISH dethrone Killer and his 4peat Groza winning?

    - UGA and LSU still are the best teams in the league
  3. BigKing

    BigKing Enforcer of Freedom

    Mar 13, 2011
    And Washington still isn't very good, but 5 stars are finally interested. :)
  4. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    Yeah UGA still has some talent, but doubt I beat LSU by 4 scores again :D

    Greenwood should be an absolute beast. He and Hodges were both 95 overall RS-JR, so he would have been moved to SS if Hodges had stayed.

    We will see if super recruit Justin Jackson (RS-FR 87 OVR) can live up to the hype

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