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2017 Team Previews

Discussion in 'Chompion's League' started by Jbek, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Jbek

    Jbek Walk On

    Oct 1, 2011
    2017 Penn State Team Preview



    A QB controversy looms on the horizon with the departure of four year starter and emotional leader Christian Hackenberg. Hackenberg posessed an elite combination of size and arm strength which gave coach Jbek confidence in the passing attack. The last three years saw his offense finish tops in Total offense and passing offense, but at the bottom of total rushing. Expect big changes this year, as Penn State has to break in a new leader at the helm of the attack.

    upload_2013-10-30_18-15-25.png upload_2013-10-30_18-16-1.png

    DJ Crook is listed as 1a for the week 1 matchup with Colorado, John Alexander listed as 1b. Crook has been with the program for five years now and has been a practice squad warrior, showing great promise against the first team defense when emulating opposing QB's. He will be handed the keys for the first series this week. Don't expect too many passes though, as Penn State will be running a majority of the time with their three headed monster backfield. A not so mobile pocket passer, Crook has average size, an accurate, average strengthed arm, and elite football instincts.

    Jon Alexander chose Penn State over Wisconsin in the class of 2015 recruiting battle. A big-framed Texas native, Alexander brings a different skill set to the table than Crook. Although not flashy, Jon is a great runner, who can make plays scrambling out of the pocket; something the Nittany Lions were without behind Hackenberg. His arm has not been quite as impressive as Crooks in practice, but Alexander has great leadership and is a favorite in the locker room. If the Senior Crooks can't get the offense rolling in week one, then expect Alexander to bring a different energy to the offense.

    The Three-headed Monster:

    upload_2013-10-30_18-27-21.png upload_2013-10-30_18-27-50.png upload_2013-10-30_18-28-27.png
    Penn State head coach Jbek is thrilled about his stable of rushers. Bo Garand brings great speed to the table, and has proven his worth in the past. He is an excellent return man as well. Jericho Miller, a former #1 overall recruit, has been called a magician for his knack of making tacklers miss, and will see a great increase in workload. He scored 5 receiving touchdowns in last years campaign. the final piece of the Trifecta is power runner Randall Walker, who despite his smaller stature, should be one of the strongest backs in the nation for years to come. A Georgia native, Walker selected Penn State over Ohio State, and will see his fair share of carries throughout the year.

    And on the 8th day, God made a Fullback

    Elijon Barnett.png

    Elijon was originally recruited as a defensive lineman, but when Coach Jbek saw him block out of the backfield, he knew right away that this kid (if you can even call him a kid) would be dynamite in close yardage situations. However, Barnett lacks the ability to run the ball or catch out of the backfield, which might make the offense more one dimensional when he is on the field. Even so, goodluck to the Big Ten when trying to shed this freaks blocks Glen Cieske Paytonno1son Spayer419

    Wide Receivers:

    upload_2013-10-30_18-37-9.png upload_2013-10-30_18-37-48.png

    Given that the Penn State offense will shift to a run heavy scheme, there will be less yardage and touchdown opportunities for the two All Americans Jason Lewis and Paw Jones. Both players came in Coach Jbeks first recruiting class, both five stars. Paw Jones won the Belitnikoff in 2015, hauling in over 1300 yards and 15 touchdowns. Jason Lewis was a finalist for the award last year, and both Lewis and Jones amassed over 1000 yards last season. Even with less 3 and 4 wide sets, both Lewis and Jones will be on the field for a majority of plays.

    Offensive Line:
    LT: Joshua Houston, 6'4 311 lbs. JR(rs) 91 ovr.
    LG: Pierre Sullivan, 6'3 331 lbs. SO(rs) 85 ovr.
    C : Brian Moody, 6'0 303 lbs. SO(rs) 90 ovr.
    RG: Brian Foster, 6'4 284 lbs. SO(rs) 88 ovr.
    RT: Andrew Nelson, 6'5 285 lbs. SR(rs) 87 ovr.

    Defense (to be continued)
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  2. Glen Cieske

    Glen Cieske Walk On

    Jul 2, 2012
    Wisconsin 2017 Offensive Preview


    ScreenHunter_75 Oct. 30 21.57.jpg

    Yates is the first Quarterback Coach Cieske recruited. The rSO adds a run dimension from the quarterback position, something the Badgers lacked with Stave and Houston. Yates may not have the strongest arm in the country but he can put the ball anywhere he needs to. Many of the 'experts' are calling him the 'most accruate QB in the country'. Expect Coach Cieske to incorporate some more spread formations to try and take advantage of D.J.'s running capabilities.

    Running Back

    ScreenHunter_76 Oct. 30 21.57.jpg

    ScreenHunter_77 Oct. 30 21.57.jpg

    The Badgers are a run oriented offense and pack one of the most dynamic one-two punches in the country. The traditional Thunder and Lightning package, Clement and Keyes, who last year combines for over 2,000 Yds and 20+ Touchdowns. Expect more of the same, Clement could be a serious Heisman contender right out of the gate. Keyes will look to continue and improve on his freshman campaign. The Badgers could have two 1,000 Yd rushers by the end of the season.

    Wide Reciever

    ScreenHunter_77 Oct. 30 21.58.jpg

    ScreenHunter_78 Oct. 30 21.58.jpg

    Jake Lewis was the #1 recruit of Coach Cieske's first class, the speedster out of Illinois has made big plays from the first day he stepped on campus. The Badgers will look to Lewis to be the emotional leader. With Lewis' skill set he will be used on offense at WR/RB, on DEF at FS/CB, and as a PR. Wheelwright hasn't made the impact most thought he would when former HC Brett Bielema recruited him, he has been a solid contributor and will continue to do so this year.

    Tight End

    ScreenHunter_79 Oct. 30 21.58.jpg

    ScreenHunter_79 Oct. 30 22.00.jpg

    TJ Watt, youngest brother of former Badger J.J. Watt, doesn't have the speed to be an elite TE but will still make plays under neath zone coverage, he will be a favorite target of D.J. Yates as he gets comfortable playing in the offense. Whitmore is the Badgers best blocking TE. JW will anchor down the edge of the LOS again this year and will contend with the rest of the O-Line in pancakes.


    ScreenHunter_79 Oct. 30 22.16.jpg

    Coming off winning back to back RET Man of the Year Awards Edmonds will look to continue his legacy at Wisconsin. As of today Scott has returned 80 kicks for 3,073 Yds and 9 TDs.

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  3. MrWitness36

    MrWitness36 Walk On

    Mar 1, 2012


    Anthony Jennings RS Senior takes the reign behind the center today for full time duties. He's been improving his throwing accuracy and power during this pass offseason. He doesnt have much experience even though he played in several games even started a few as a sophmore. Also a big plus that hes mobile so the pistol offense should look more better with him running a mix of option.

    Running back:

    Miller will continue to be our leader in the backfield after having a successful campaign almost breaking 1000 yards rushing as his first year at starting. Miller posses decent sped to be a threat with great power to break those tackles. with a high break tackle rating Coach Witness said he helps make our rushing attack a constant threat ready to break long.

    Wide Reciever:

    Senior Peterson highly recruited as a freshman played numerous games. This will be his year to lead a solid core of guys. Juniors Allen and Fisher will have there chance to do a fair share of damage. Coach Witness comments he likes to air it out snd let the guys make plays.


    Highly talented group of Seniors Brazill, Ross and Robinson will be the secondary leaders this year. A couple of youngsters await patiently for there time to come to fill in the shoes of these guys with 3+ years of experience. Also deep will be Safety Sophmore All American Davis not only is he's a presence in the run game help his 6'7 body structure makes him a threat when the ball is in the air.


    Also another group of guys whos deep with experience three Seniors Gilmore, LeCoutre and Towns should be dominant in the trenches. All three are studs who possesses great athletic ability and awareness which should help a good run ans and pass pressure.
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  4. Paytonno1son

    Paytonno1son Walk On

    Aug 4, 2010
    2017 Michigan Wolverine Preview

    The offense will have plenty of new faces as the Wolverines lost 21 seniors last season. The most surprising will be RS FR Eric Davis at QB. Davis is not your prototypical Michigan QB but is a gifted athlete with plenty of arm strength to throw out of the pocket. He will be helped in the passing game by a couple of big-bodied WRs in DaMario Jones & Terrance Harrison. The running game will be absent Derrick Green but is immediately restored with the insertion of RB Deveon Smith. Smith is slightly faster than Green but prefers the same downhill running style.
    The playbook has been changed to MSU style Pro form. This will allow for a little more power run to take some of the stress of a young QB.

    On defense the Wolverines will be new across the board with the exception of Taco Charlton, Delano Hill & Mike McCray. DE is the position with the most depth but DT lacks quality guys for the 4-3 look. Michigan will need to restock the cupboard at all positions recruiting wise.
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