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2017 Team Previews

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Hova, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009
    Put a summary of your team for the upcoming season here
  2. Ceewo

    Ceewo Walk On

    Mar 5, 2010
    QB - I am installing my Fresno State offense in Buckeye land and QB Ronnie Adams(94 ovr) has had trouble grasping the system. Adams doesnt have the accuracy to pull it off. He will get some playing time in the Wildcat formation. Junior QB Taylor McKenzie will be the started despite a lower overall rating of 83. McKenzie is a prototypical pocket passer and stands 6'5 222lbs. He has good accuracy(91) but a weaker arm. True Freshman Mark Long will push Adams for the backup spot.

    HB/FB - The team is loaded with 9 HB's on the roster. Todd Harris will remain the starter and Matt Everett will play in passing situations. Harris is more of a between the tackles power back and Everett has some speed. Calvin Cobbs is another power back on the roster and should fill in nicely when Harris needs a rest. The Fullback position is in shambles and will need to be addressed while recruiting.

    TE - There is only 1 true TE on the roster and he is a true freshman. Courtney Johnson was the #1 TE coming out of high school and will get a chance to show his stuff right away. Johnson is an all-around TE who can help in the running and passing games. We may have to avoid 2 TE sets this year until we are able to get more talent at the position.

    WR - We have a couple of young players we are really excited about and a solid senior. Joe Burton should have a big year. He is 6'3 has 97 speed and 95 catch. He should be the center piece of the offense. If only we had a QB with a big arm to get him the ball down field. Starting opposite of him is senior Nick Warren. Warren sometimes misses the easy catches(74 catch) but has a nack for pulling in tough catches( 88 spc and cit). Starting in the slot will be true freshman Earl Miller. Miller is a smaller WR with average speed(85). But he can also make the tough catches over the middle.

    OLine - The left side and center is solid. All 3 are juniors and have an average overall rating of 94. The right side is inexperienced and averages only 82 overall. We may move guys around to balance this out a little.

    DLine - I am excited about this position. We average 90 overall on the DLine. Jr DE Jamaal Winston is exactly the kind of player I look for. He has a similar skill set that Chris Bush had for me when I was at FSU. I expect big things out of him. We have a couple of stout DT's who can stuff the run and get after the QB. RE Eric Russ should anchor the other side of the line just fine.

    LB - We have a lot of young talent at the LB position. Sr Joe Jefferson has move over to the ROLB spot. I am looking to Jefferson to provide leadership for the youngsters. The other two LB spots will be filled by Sophomores Kevin Freeman and Will Davis. Freeman has a lot of speed(89) for a LB and we will look to utilize this.

    Secondary - Just like when I was at FSU, CB seems to be a little weak. We do have a solid #1 corner in Kyler Grigsby. Kylers has 98 speed and acceleration along with 99 zone coverage skills. Seniors David Burke and Alfred McKinley will man the saftey spots.

    I hope to make a run at the Big Ten Title this year. QB Taylor McKenzie will go a long way in determining our season. Penn State and Michigan looked to stand in our way. We have had some bouts with Penn State in the past and I expect more of the same. I have never played Michigan, but they seem to be turning that program around and should be a force.
  3. Wick36

    Wick36 Welcome to the Jungle

    Jul 14, 2010
    The Virginia Tech Hokies come into the season fresh off of an undefeated campaign which did not lead to the National Title game. They will begin their quest for another perfect season with a few question marks.

    First off, RS Senior Jerome Davis will be manning the helm at QB. He has tremendous talent, but his game experience is limited to handing the ball off and 1 completion on 4 attempts. In the running game, they will have a trio of backs with All American McGee, speedster Alonzo, and freshman bruiser Thompson. The receivers will be a much improved group this season, with Graham holding down the #1 spot. Bowling will take the other outside position and 6'6" Garcia will lock down the slot. Spencer and Kelly will play in the 4 WR and 5 WR sets respectively.

    Defensively, the loss of Mitchell will hurt. Filling in for him is RS SO Ryan Thomas. Second year JUCO transfer Lee (who earned All American honors last season) will need to step up his play. In the middle of the line, the All american duo of Foreman and Walker look to clog up running lanes. Transfer LOLB Lilly looks to get his first action as a Hokie. He is very talented. At the other OLB position is returning starter and all american Mike Collier who did very well at the tail end of 2016. In the middle linebacker position is Mansfield, who won 3 awards at the end of last season and looks to build on his success. In the secondary, Parker looks to take over the island role of Terry. Wilson, Hardy, and Robinson are also capable in coverage. Reid has made a move from FS to SS, but the coaches feel he will perform even better in his new role. Freshman FS Mosby will get the nod in the other safety spot.

    Without a definite schedule, it is tough to make an estimate for where I will finish, but I'll go ahead and say 11-1 with a loss to USC or my other non conference opponent. Based on the rosters of Clemson/Miami, I will be disappointed if I lose in conference.
  4. MaxATX34

    MaxATX34 Texas Football

    Feb 17, 2009
    Lee Downing has made improvements this offseason and is clearly one of the most talented players on the team. He will be backed up by Jameson, who has also made strides. Senior RB Ryan Bates is the starter at tailback, but Freshman RB A.J. Simpson will see a lot of PT. The WR corps looks decent headed up by Josh Madison. The loss of 6'6 Hurd will hurt. The TEs should be better than last years as well as the O-Line.

    Coach Max has been starting youngsters on the defensive side of the ball for a while now, and they are getting better and better. The corners may be a weak spot, and losing MLB Howard stings as well. The Front-4 should be decent and we'll just hope for the best across the board.

    We're hurting for talent. There are no game-breakers on this squad and Coach Max will have to squeeze every drop of talent out of these kids to sniff a Pac10 title. The UCLA Bruins are looking at a 9-3 type season, but never count out a Max-coached squad.
  5. Hokie Effect

    Hokie Effect Whats a Hokie?

    Jul 4, 2009
    Oregon Ducks

    The Ducks are coming off their best season under Coach Hokie and the defending Pac 10 champs are looking to take the next step and battle for a BCS title shot. Look for a change in offense to a more balanced attack incorporating more options with a dual QB taking the helm. The defense will be strong up front but the secondary has always been a question mark.


    QB- rsJR Bryce Jones 93ovr takes over and will help with the ground game with 93spd

    Backfield- SO Devon Smith will get the start, but expect true FR Derrick Jackson to see alot of carries as he is bigger and faster than Smith. True FR John Bryant will be the lead blocker at FB

    WR/TE- average WR corp, look for the speedster rsJR Dustin Carlson to be the top target for Jones. True FR Connor Hall is a big target 6' 7" at the TE spot. Should be a nice safety blanket

    OL- Probably the best overall line in Duck history rated 93, 96, 91, 88, 87 across the board with reliable backups as well


    DL- The Ducks strength with all 4 starters rated 90+ovr, rsSR DE Ryan Hawkins and rsSR Matt Garcia both rated 99ovr leading the way

    LB- nothing special but JR OLB Reggie Logan 91ovr should be a playmaker at the second level

    DB- rsJR SS Greg Gilmore 94ovr leads the secondary which some may consider the Ducks weakness

    Oregon is a 10 win team year end year out, but have made steps in the right direction to take it to the next level as BCS title contenders. A week 1 match up against Alabama will surely be a test to see if Oregon is a legitmate threat...
  6. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    William Johnson (99 OVR) will be the workhouse back in this offense and he will be running behind one of the most talented offensive lines in the country. The question mark on this side of the ball is the QB. Darby had a Jekyll and Hyde season last year, capped off by a disappointing performance in the bowl game. For that reason the team may turn to senior Nelson to start the season. Penn State doesn't have enough talent to compete with the big schools when the QB play is erratic. As for the wide receivers, the unit lost 4 of the top 6 players at the position but is still loaded. Sophomore Clark will be the #1 guy and he can be dangerous in open spaces. He will need to reduce his drops, 9 last season as a freshman. Tight end Richardson will also need to have a big season with the graduation of Wallace and the transfer of Moss.

    The Nittany Lions bring back 9 of the 11 starters from the bowl game against Alabama. The departures were at FS and CB, with Blair and Anderson leaving early for the draft. Defensive end Gaither also considered leaving early but elected to return for his senior season. The linebacker core will be the exact same as Gooden, Ware, Love and Davis will man their posts. Stud linebacker White graduated after last season, but he missed 12 of 13 games last season due to injury. Sophomore Wallace will take over the spot manned by Blair lasts season and depth at CB will reduce the impact of Anderson's departure. Penn State still has 5 senior cornerbacks along with a pair of talented recruits ready to step in for an injured player. The best player on the defensive side maybe SS Caldwell, a 3 year starter now beginning his senior season.

    The Geogia game will be a good test for this Penn State team. Their is a lot of seniors on this team so this may be the team's best shot at winning a championship. To get back to the BCS Championship the team will need wins against Georgia and Ohio State, both very tough matchups.

    11-1 and second place in Big 10
  7. cnic75

    cnic75 The Legacy

    Feb 21, 2009

    QB-John Bowling will be the new starter this year at QB. He has decent speed, throwing power, and accuracy. He has played a little the last 3 years so he should do well.

    HB-Alabama will use 3 different HBs this season. RS sophomore Brandon Stephens joins the duo of Joey Taylor and Joe McKinley.

    WR-The top 3 guys at this position are all very good. They will not impress you with there speed but there catching ability is spectacular. Ryan McGee and Jeff Owen both have a 99 catch rating while Tucker Gray is no slouch at 97 catch rating.

    OL-The OL is no where near as it has been in past years. This group is young for the most part. Senior RT Anthony Jackson will anchor the line. He is rated 98 overall with 92 run block strength and 95 run block footwork. Look for Alabama's talented backs to run behind him for most of the season. Junior LT Chris Parks will be protecting Bowling's blindside. He is rated 91 overall.


    DL-The ends will be maned by two seniors. Williams Miller will be on the left and Darrell Arnold on the right. Both guys do not have any special abilities but should be effective. DT will be played by All-American Andrew Miller. He should be a force in the middle with 94 hit power, 99 power move, 99 finesse move, 99 block shedding, and 99 pursuit.

    LB-This is a strong group that will be led by RS Senior ROLB James Alexander. He has a 97 overall rating with a 98 hit power, 94 block shedding, and 92 play recognition. Roger Howard and Patrick Skinner will roam around the middle. Each is quick and will put a big hit on you. Scott Thomas will play the left side.

    CB-Will Rivers and Steve Yates will be the starters with Riley Carter playing the nickel and 2016 Thorpe winner Jake Carlson playing the dime. All of these guys are fast with at least 94 speed. Rivers is a true lockdown corner with 99 man coverage and 99 zone coverage. Yates is not far behind with 91 man coverage and 99 zone coverage.

    S-Senior Trent Wright and Junior Derek Mitchell return as starters. Each has been nominated as Preseason All-Americans. Wright has 99 speed and 99 acceleration while Mitchell has 92 speed and 93 acceleration.

    The Crimson Tide will have a tough road to make it back to the National Championship for a third consecutive season.
  8. abolishthefed

    abolishthefed Specializing in mediocrity

    Mar 27, 2010
    Introducing the 2017 Georgia Bulldogs

    Preseason Awards
    All SEC
    1st Team - Sr WR Jarret Moore
    2nd Team - Jr WR Joe Gibbs, Jr DE Terry Weber, Sr DT Harvey Harris, Sr SS Calvin Walters

    QB- Sr Jon Williams ( :4stars: #6 QB '12 IL) waited patiently behind departed Sr Zach Brown for 3 years before getting his opportunity to start. Williams is only the third QB to start for Georgia in this dynasty. Williams has a 95 overall rating, with 96 accuracy. He will have to pick up his play after throwing 4 INT in the opener vs Penn State.

    HB - Sr Chris Smith ( :4stars: #16 HB '12 FL) ran for over 600 yards last year, splitting carries with Johnathon Deluca, who opted for the NFL after his Soph year. Smith is expected to lead a thin backfield that only has 3 players in it. Smith's backup is Jr Bryan Dobzinski ( :4stars: '13 AL). Dobzinski is a black guy with a Polish name, so you know he's tough.

    FB - Sr Antwan Taylor*** ( :5stars: #1 ATH '13 OH) has been a 4 year starter at FB for Georgia and has a 96 ovr rating. Taylor is expected to make huge strides in his blocking performance this year, as he had some issues last season.

    WR - Sr Elliot Smith* ( :4stars: #24 WR '12 FL) has an overall rating of 92, with 96 acc and 91 awr. He possesses good hands and runs some pretty good routes. He is only a 1 year starter, but has 3 years of playing time under his belt. Jr Joe Gibbs ( :4stars: #16 WR '15 FL) has made huge strides in his game since arriving on campus. Gibbs is a true junior, who possesses excellent size, standing at 6'4" with 94 acc. Sr Jarret Moore** ( :3stars: #28 ATH '12 NJ) is another big body at 6'5" with 96 spd and 88 acc. He will be matched up with safeties in the slot. Moore has started the past 2 years, but was beaten out for the #2 WR position by Gibbs, who had an excellent summer camp. Georgia has more speed to burn further down the depth chart. #4 WR Luis Pino will return kicks and punts.

    TE - Jr Josh Whitworth ( :3stars: #8 TE MS) has played the past two seasons in multiple TE sets. He is a solid blocker, but lacks the skills necessary to be a playmaker in the offense. The backup TE is Benjamin Harris ( :2stars: #99 TE CA). Harris does a good job of occupying space on the line.

    OL - Georgia returns 4 of 5 starters on an offensive line that was lackluster last season. The group is led by a pair of bookend tackles, Jr LT Willie Allen** ( :4stars: #5 T '14 GA) and Jr Walter McDowell ( :4stars: #6T '13 FL). Both players are rated in the 90s. Sr Jay Arnold* ( :3stars: #30 G '12 FL) holds down the center spot. The guards are So Justin Harris* ( :4stars: #3 G '15 GA) and Jr Brad Dockery** ( :4stars: #8 G '13 AZ).


    DE - Defensive end is a position of strength for the Bulldogs. Sr DE Darryl Holley** ( :4stars: #10 DE '12 GA) returns, after being injured for the season in the second game last season. Starting on the other side is Jr Terry Weber* ( :4stars: #11 DE '13 AL). Both positions are backed up by Jr DE Nick Chase* ( :4stars: #4 DE '14 SC).

    DT - Defensive captain Harvey Harris* ( :4stars: #8 DT '12 MS) leads a solid group in the Bulldog interior. The other starter is Jr Steven Edwards ( :4stars: #21 DT '13 NC).

    LB - The linebacking corps is experienced with adequate depth. The playmaker of the group is Jr Aaron Tate* ( :4stars: #4 SS '13 FL). Tate has excellent coverage skills, but needs to work on his strength. Sr Matt Holt* ( :3stars: #13 OLB '12 TN) holds down the MLB position, and possesses excellent strength and coverage skills. Sr Matt Walker** ( :3stars: #19 OLB '12 TN) holds down the other OLB. Walker is a solid player who can move and cover.

    CB - Per usual, the CBs are lackluster. Georgia cannot seem to recruit a CB, ever. Jr Marcus Powell ( :3stars: #21 CB '15 OH) is a Juco transfer who redshirted last season. A "Michigan Man" Sr Eric Rice ( :3stars: #15 CB '13 MI) holds down the other side.

    S - The FS position is held down by first year starter So Caleb Washington ( :4stars: #2 FS '15 VA). Washington has speed to burn in the backfield. Sr Calvin Walters* ( :3stars: #19 SS '12 GA) brings the wood at SS.

    The special teams are young, but talented. Both K Steven Jones ( :3stars: #4 K '16 FL) and P Buck Anderson ( :3stars: #4 P '16 GA) are freshmen.

    These players have some pretty good ratings, but the offensive line needs to develop some attitude and the defense needs to tackle for Georgia to have a good season.
  9. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    The Minnesota Gophers have a new man at the helm, and Coach Kasper is looking forward to the 2017-18 season. Kasper was an assistant at near by South Dakota State, and was on many big time programs radar for a defensive coordinator position. U of M swooped in and made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

    "It's always been a dream of mine to be the head coach of a major program, and Minnesota is my chance at making something special happen. My roots are of course on the defensive side of the ball, so I will leave most of the offensive scheming to the coordinators on that side. They know what kind of not only offense, but overall team look we are looking for. We're aiming to be a traditional Big Ten 'knock you in the mouth' kind of team. Our emphasis every Saturday will be making teams one dimensional. I feel our secondary is one of this teams strengths, we have some experienced upperclassmen back there as well as athletic young guys waiting to step up and have a chance to get on the field."

    QB - The Gophers don't have a for sure guy set on the depth chart as the starter, but it is down to the 2 Seniors. Alex McPherson and Nick Watson will be waiting to step up if the other doesn't perform. As of now, McPherson will take the first snap of games.

    HB - Senior Scott Bell will be the motor for the Minnesota offense, and should get 25 touches a game. Bell as a nice mix of size and speed at 202 lbs. Junior Chris Battle will look to make an impact when he gets on the field at the #2 spot, providing a good balanced back in the rotation.

    WR - Minnesota has two upperclassmen that should put up some numbers, especially if Bell can get going on the ground. Senior Jamaal Smith (6'3) and Junior Blake Coleman (6'1) each possess speed to go along with their height and should be able to stretch the field vertically.

    OL & TE - This area of the offense is young for the most part, but led by Senior Center Sean Berry. Berry is a smart player, and a menacing 6'7 345 lbs. Coaches talked of moving Berry to Tackle in the offseason, but decided they needed their best in the middle.

    DT & DE - Senior DT Kelechi Schultz leads an aggressive front 4 for the Gophers, and should be one of the defenses leaders. 3 Juniors make up the rest of the starters here, Greg Copeland at the other DT spot. LE Lorenzo Brown is another big player in the Gophers starting lineup, standing a solid 6'6 265. Kyle O'Neal will provide a pass rush off the RE position.

    LB - Variety is the name of the game here, as the Gophers will have a Senior, a Junior, and a sophomore all starting. SAM linebacker Jesse Smith should be one of the defenses Senior leaders. Junior Lance Smith will hold down the WILL position and provides great athleticism. Sophomore Pat Harris is a great overall player in the middle, and has a chance to be great player for this defense. He is a player to watch not only this year, but the next couple as he continues to grow.

    DB - The Golden Gophers are blessed with 2 Senior CB's, which Coach Kasper described simply as "huge."

    "Anytime you can have 2 seniors on the edge like that, it gives you a ton of confidence as a playcaller. You know they are ready to bring their A game if they are going to be left on an island. Will they get beat? There's a chance of it, but one of these two's greatest assests is their ability to bounce back from bad plays and get ready for the next down. They should be fun to watch.

    The 2 players that we are talking about, are Spencer Alexander and Ross Sims. Both have potential to hear their names called come Draft time.

    At the FS position, Gopher fans will see RS Freshman Steven Willis. Willis is a 6'0 186lb rangy athlete, who like MLB Pat Harris, will be a fun player to watch during his tenure in Minneapolis.

    Sims will have experience with him at the SS position, as Senior Jeff Long steps into the starting role after waiting his turn. Long is described by Coach Kasper as a "very smart player, a guy who knows the X's and O's." Let's hope Long can give Willis a few pointers.

    The Gophers are aiming to establish themselves in the Big Ten, as they have been out of any type of League Championship talk for a while. Coach Kasper said they emphasis from now on is on defense, and developing an identity throughout this league.
  10. ajtev21

    ajtev21 Walk On

    Oct 31, 2010

    QBs- Although LSU brought in a 4 star speed freshman he will be redshirted this season. Eric Martin, a freshman all-american, all SEC QB, returns for his RS sophmore season. He is the favorite for the Heisman trophy and will be the lynchpin for LSU's season.

    HB- LSU just lost an NFL caliber running back and has a lot of inexpirence in the back field. Garcia will start at running back and look to fill the void.

    WR - LSU returns very talented receivers. even with the lost of Greg Mitchell LSU still has Carlos Stewart who just had a breakout junior season. Greg Ostrander and Jason Bowers will join him to make a very sure handed and fast group of receivers.

    TE - Definatly not a blocking TE, Quinton Ward returns for his sophmore year to continue to catch the ball as a big receiver for the Tigers

    OL - The OL has 3 seniors and a junior anchoring the line. It could be one of the best groups since ajtev21 took over the Tigers.

    DE - LSU will have to replace Schoeder at one end but A.J. Moore is another talented end that can make a =n impact his senior year.

    DL - Both the Evans' and Dingle make up a very powerful and hard nore interior defensive front.

    LB - This may be the most talented group in the country. Robert Robinson, Matt Harris, and Isaac King arr all all american canidates and big time players

    Secondary - Very inexpirence and will be tested.

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