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2017 Wisconsin Badgers!

Discussion in 'The Tradition' started by jms493, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. jms493

    jms493 Veteran Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    Meet them!

    2010 Badgers


    QB - (RS) Freshman - Mark Taylor - 84 THP, 87 THA. Have no idea what to expect here. Still wet behind the ears

    HB - Sophomore - Cam Kelly (89) - The main weapon on the Badgers Offense. Speedy and all around solid back. Expect 1100-1200 yards and 20+ tds.

    TE - Junior - Luke Walker (86) - Nice receiveing TE who will be a safety valve for the freshman.

    TE - Freshman - Steve Haydn (81) - HE will be a nice weapon as well. We expect people to be cover the middle of the field vs Wisconsin

    WR - Nothing special. Bunch of mediocre receivers, I am curious if any step up.

    Online - The online is actually weak this year. We have one (99) OVR LT who will be worked. We are afraid of what the pass protection will be like


    DE - (RS) - Senior - Akeem Cunningham (99) - He is a beast but will mis his companion from last year McDaniel
    DE - (RS) - Sophomore - Doug Williams (83) - This guy is huge! 6'0, 275 with 98 pursuit! He is starting.
    DT - Senior - TJ Stone (96) - The anchor on the D-Line. Fear him!

    MLB - (RS) - Senior - Jermaine Thompson (98) - The Captain of the defense. Hopefully he stays healthy
    OLB - Senior - Curt Atkinson (91) - Speedy OLB who can cover TEs and HB. He will be busy

    CB - Senior - Mike Mason (93) - 5'9 corner with 99 coverage skills.
    CB - Junior - William Franklin (89) - 6'2 corner with 99 coverage skils.
    CB - Sophomore - Clay Thomas (86) - 6'1 slot cover guy with 99 MCOV and excellent physical attributes
    CB - Freshman - Tank Carroll (81) - 6'1 corner who wont see much time but he will get some experience. He will be #1 or #2 soon.

    FS - (RS) Junior - Nathan Brown - Speedy FS with nice coverage and tackle skills. 97 speed and 90 acc.
    SS - Senior - Dustin Blankenship - Speedy SS with nice zone coverage skills but bad man coverage. He can tackle and read plays well. Freshman Pat Timmons cant wait to get in there!

    Kickers....well both my kickers have 99 KPW. This is such a nice luxury!

    The badgers have 3 user games out of the first 4 weeks. This will be an immediate test to this team. We love our defense but our offense may struggle. We will change playbooks in order to accomadate the new staff.

    Good luck!
  2. jms493

    jms493 Veteran Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    Season 8

    Well after finally playing a CPU game and 2 sub par user games there will be some changes in the starting lineup.

    Starting Freshman QB mark Taylor is getting pulled for the more experience JUCO Junior Travis Hart. I just don't think Mark is ready to lead this team to an undefeated season. Travis played some vs the Spartans this week an instantly looked better and more comfortable. He is also slightly more mobile which may allow for a more effective PA and the occasional option play.

    At WR we are moving some things around the #2 WR Williams is moving to #4 and Senior Zac Nolen is moving to #2. Zac is a speedster with so so hands. I need someone that can threaten the defense deep, he is our man. Freshman Kellen Cade is now the #3 slot guy. We like his size and hands.

    Kicker William Flemming had a huge day vs the Spartans in week 4 accounting for 24 out of the 60 points.

    The Badgers are 3-0 after 4 weeks (3 user teams). We are happy with the start. Our biggest test is looming vs the All Star UCLA Bruins.
  3. jms493

    jms493 Veteran Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    Well after 7 weeks the Badgers are 6-0 beating notable teams USF, Cincinnati, Michigan State and Ohio State. The real test is coming next week vs the powerhouse of season 8, UCLA Bruins. We had a notable injury this past week vs Iowa....#4 CB Tank Carroll tore his pec and is out for the season. He didnt play much but he is FAST and nice to have in on Dime packages or when my CBs get tired.

    My team is forming an identity finally but it is good and bad. The bad first....out Offense. With a JUCO QB with a meh arm and an sub par oline we are not clicking on offense at all. The best player on our offense is our Young Kicker William Flemming (who just kicked a 59 yarder yesterday). Basically once we get to the 40 yard line we are in FG range which is a nice luxury but wont win you games vs good teams. HB Kelly is frustrated and so is the QB. The constant defensive pressure and penetration wrecks havoc on some of the play we like to run. Basically we are sort of modifiing the playbook a bit to try and hide our weaknesses.

    The good....the DEFENSE!! The Badger defense is mean! DT TJ Stone is an absolute beast. He is in on every play and someone every offense needs to be aware of. I finally have a ball hawking team. We are causing turnovers every game and it is making up for the shitty offense. A nice plus is sophomore DE Williams is emerging as the next great defensive player for the Badgers.

    UCLA is next and we are developing a winning strategy....the question is will they execute. I look forward to the battle.

    Week 7
    Wisconsin is ranked #1 @ 6-0
  4. jms493

    jms493 Veteran Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    Wisconsin is 9-1 after week 11

    we just Michigan 42-7 but at a huge cost. #1 CB Mike Mason had 2 ints, 2 FF, 1 TD in the 1ST QUARTER and after his 2nd int he was hit from behind and smashed into the turf.....Broken Collerbone and out for the season :(. This is a huge blow as rookie sensation Tank Carroll is also out as he was the slot guy. Now I have the #5 CB playing nickel back. Luckily we have no more users on the schedule. We are hoping for no users in a bowl game....our secondary just took a HUGE hit.

    Travis Hart looks ok and will mostly likely finish his Senior year as the starter. We are glad we picked up this Juco as our freshman were not ready. Pretty sure we are out of bowl contention and we are looking forward to next season. Our defense should be very strong again but young. Talent at every positon but I think 3-4 freshman may be starting. Could be interesting.

    Looks like another positive season for the Badgers. Overall they have performed well this dynasty.

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