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2018 3/4 Season Power Rankings

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by hskr8128, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. hskr8128

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    Jun 14, 2011
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    The 2018 season is almost 3/4 of the way done and if we can only say one thing about this season its; holy offense! We have 4 guys over 3,000 yards passing already with about 5-6 more right on its heels. We've got 6 1,000 yard rushers, while witnessing the single game rushing record fall. Finally, we have 6 1,000+ recievers, while also having two tight ends cross the 900 yard mark. We are closing in on what may be one of the more exciting finishes in TMFL as numerous worthy teams battle for wildcards and all divisions look to be up for grabs still. Let's take a look at how we rank the 32 teams heading into week 13.

    1. Seattle Seahawks (11-0)
    No way they're not #1 at this point. The three time defending champs have yet to lose this year and their toughest remaining game is at home when the Eagles come into town. Uh-oh look out '72 Dolphins.

    2. Kansas City Chiefs (10-0)

    The Chiefs have been on an absolute tear this season behind rookie QB Rich Doughty. They're not just beating people, they're annihilating them. They've only allowed 12 points in their last 3 games and haven't allowed an opponent over 17 all season. Every single win has come by double digits. They are a real threat to Seattle's crown

    3. Chicago Bears (10-1)

    We considered the Rams here but the Bears hold the more impressive win, over the Bengals. Rookie HB Zeke French is perhaps the best rookie RB ever to enter the league and the defense continues to play lights out. They even came within a FG of juggernaut Seattle

    4. St. Louis Rams (8-2)

    The Rams have been quietly building a monster over the last few seasons, and thanks to the dual headed QB attack of Geno Smith and BJ Daniels, they are finally starting to emerge. This is a team that has proven they can beat Seattle and that no one will want to see in the playoffs. Also, they have a secret weapon as FB Dorin Dickerson ranks 3rd on the team in receptions; 31 rec, 365 yards, 6 TD :eek:

    5. Cincinnati Bengals (8-2)

    The Bengals picked up a big win against the Packers last week but that was only the beginning of the stretch that will decide their season. They face the Steelers, Ravens, Texans, Broncos and Steelers again and in the ultra competitive AFC North they're going to need to win at least 3 of those to remain a contender.

    6. Buffalo Bills (8-3)
    QB Nick Foles appears to have made the Bills a real contender. They have picked up some quality wins this season but seem to wilter under pressure. They have a soft remaining schedule but took a huge hit this week as the heart and soul of their defense MLB Kiko Alonso and rookie CB Earnest Randall went down with big injuries.

    7. Oakland Raiders (7-4)

    The Raiders go into a key stretch without QB Derek Carr which could make or break their season. Backup Charlie Pierce has been here before, leading the Raiders to the AFC Championship game last season. They key for the Raiders seems to be not letting their opponent score 34. Every team who has beat the Raiders thus far has put exactly 34 points on them.

    8. New Orleans Saints (7-3)

    The Saints have been quietly humming along all season. They had a heartbreaking last second loss to Tampa Bay and played the Bears close. They close out with 3 tough games so they need to continue making noise now.

    9. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3)
    This team has all the tools to be much higher on this list, we're just not sold on Landry Jones yet. If he plays like he did against Cleveland and in relief against Baltimore, the Steelers are going to make another late run. They play the Bengals twice down the stretch along with a tough visit from Chicago to close the year.

    10. Green Bay Packers (7-4)

    The Packers were on defensive stop away from being much higher on this list. They had the Bengals on the ropes but a last second TD cost them the game. They are still very much alive for a WC spot and could possibly get back into the division race if the Bears start to falter. With Rodgers back to MVP form, anything is possible.

    11. Philadelphia Eagles (7-4)

    The Eagles have done ok for themselves in what could be labeled a rebuilding year. Rookie QB Traivon Guy has shown flashes of greatness and the playmaking ability Philly was seeking when they traded Foles. Their rebuild is hindered by a monster schedule this year, with games against Kansas City and Seattle remaining. Don't be surprised to see the Eagles miss the playoffs this year.

    12. Baltimore Ravens (7-4)
    They've ranked dead last on defense almost the entire season but have picked up some big wins against the Texans, Steelers and Bengals with their elite offense. HB Morgan Carter leads the league in rushing but can they maintain that with WR CJ McNeil going down to injury? Their next game against the Bengals will go along way in deciding who the Ravens are this season.

    13. Houston Texans (6-4)
    It's a little odd seeing the Texans this far down the list. The 3 time AFC South champions have been one of the juggernauts of the league but have been hit hard by the injury bug this season. They play the Colts next in a game that will likely decide the South this season.

    14. Denver Broncos (5-6)

    The Broncos have reeled off 3 straight since inserting Ronnie Hillman as starting RB. However, that streak came to a screeching halt when they met their old nemesis Oakland. The Broncos have been unable to overcome the Raiders and still face them one more time along with the Bills and Bengals. Can they pull a couple upsets and sneak into the playoffs?

    15. Dallas Cowboys (5-6)

    The Cowboys are another team that has been victimized by a brutal schedule. Their win over the Eagles was huge this week and gives them a realistic chance to claw back into it. With arguably the easiest schedule left in the division, we expect the Cowboys to come back and win the NFC East.

    16. Washington Redskins (5-5)

    The Redskins are no doubt a team on the rise since BigK44 took over. However, with the Cowboys, Chiefs and Eagles left on the schedule, their breakthrough might have to wait until next season.

    17. New York Jets (4-6)

    The Jets seem to be finding their mojo again after a disastrous start. They've won three straight, including against division leaders Houston and Buffalo. Their secondary is out to prove something, after sitting both starting CB's the Jet's have 15 picks in two games. They don't have an easy schedule down the stretch but could make some noise or play spoiler

    18. Indianapolis Colts (5-5)

    Who are the Colts? So far, they've beaten all the teams they should and lost to all the teams they should. They're going to have to answer that question with home games against Houston and Pittsburgh that will likely show if they're a contender or pretender.

    19. Miami Dolphins (5-6)

    The Dolphins were dreaming of an AFC East championship and their first playoff berth just two weeks ago. A disastrous loss to the Jets followed up by a beating by the Browns have the Dolphins on a downward spiral. They have two more road games, @Atlanta and @Denver that they have to win if they hope to salvage the season.

    20. Arizona Cardinals (4-6)

    Is it time for the Cardinals to move on from Khary Guy? The 2015 1st round pick has had a negative TD/INT ratio each of his 3 seasons and has yet to break a 61 QBR. The Cardinals have a solid defense but they need a playmaker on offense, or at least a game manager.

    21. San Francisco 49ers (4-6)

    The 49ers went along way towards solidifying their defense this offseason. Matthews, Diaz, Ewing, and Clay will team with Bowman and Willis to give them a solid unit for the rest of the cycle. Now they have to focus on offense. Tony Romo is likely going to retire this season and they need a threat besides Crabtree. VD being out doesn't help matters

    22. Cleveland Browns (4-7)

    The Browns are obviously on the right track, it will be interesting to see what new coach JFace907 can do with them. However, he goes from one of the worst division in TMFL to one of the toughest. The Browns want to end this season on a high note and build momentum into next year

    23. New York Giants (3-7)

    The Giants are a tough team victimized by a brutal schedule. It is tough to beat the top teams in the league while only grabbing 7 INT's. Their schedule doesn't get any easier down the stretch with the Chiefs, Raiders, Packers and Cowboys still on deck.

    24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-7)

    The Bucs saw a promising start derailed by a 4 game losing streak. They have a chance to claw back into it with two games against division foes and then two AFC East teams coming up. A strong finish here would go along way towards pushing them to the top in 2019.

    25. Minnesota Vikings (4-6)

    The Vikings play in a tough division and it shows. They've picked up two wins against the Lions and a huge upset over the Steelers. They still have Bears and Packers each once more along with Ravens so look for the Vikings to try one more off-season to rebuild.

    26. Tennessee Titans (2-9)

    The Titans are a good team who have been hit with a string of bad luck. They are one of the bottom teams in terms of interceptions, recording only 4 on the year. They also have yet to settle on a QB as Mettenberger and Bailey continue to split reps. DE LaBradford Moore has been a pleasant surprise. The Titans have a solid roster moving forward but need to build confidence.

    27. Carolina Panthers (3-7)

    The Panthers started out 2-0 but have faltered in the middle of the season. QB Cam Newton looks ill fit to run this offense and his injury and McGloin's play has helped start trade rumors. They have a winnable schedule down the stretch with the Bills being their toughest game. They need to win a couple of those games to build some momentum

    28. San Diego Chargers (2-9)

    The Chargers have it tough playing in arguably the toughest division in TMFL. They haven't made it any easier on themselves, throwing 34 INT's on the year, and exact 1/2 TD/INT ratio between their two QB's. This problem is exasperated by their lack of a running game, with only 1 rushing TD all season, they've had to air it out which has led to mistakes.

    29. New England Patriots (2-9)

    The Patriots confidence is through the floor bad and its becoming nearly impossible to dig themselves out of that hole. Their secondary has only mustered 2 INT's on the entire season which has lead them to a ties for league worst -17 TO differential. The sole bright spot this season has been the play of standout WR Rijo Drummond who leads all WR's in yardage.

    30. Atlanta Falcons (2-8)

    The dirty birds are another team in confidence purgatory. We will see if the new man on the block Brian can get this team turned around. He has the tools in place to do so, with some decent young talent on the roster and 3 picks in the first round next season.

    31. Detroit Lions (2-8)

    The Lions are still trying to find out who they are in this league and that hasn't been helped by the horrible play of QB Matthew Stafford. I expect the Lions to be in the market for a new QB next season

    32. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-10)

    The Jags are a team with no current direction. They have minimal talent on the roster and currently no owner to give them direction.

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  2. QuietStorm

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    Sep 3, 2012
    It's too bad for the boda boys they'll finish with some L's... ;)
  3. Cheez

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    Oct 21, 2010
    I said it in GroupMe and I'll say it here. Midway through the third quarter the score was KC 24 - New England 17.

    mboda can be scored on and he can be beat!
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