2018 FA Primer

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    This does not include any players that are still negotiating with teams so it is obviously incomplete as of 23-Feb-2016 at 6:39PM

    • QB: Lukewarm at the top but drops off quick.
      • Cam Newton (30): The Heisman and SB champ still has the wheels but his accuracy has dropped steadily since the start of the file. But could someone build a package for him to be a solid contributor? Time will tell.
      • JFF (26): Will someone give the long troubled Heisman winner a chance. He has the running ability to get it done and the arm skills to make teams respect him.
      • Sam Bradford(31): another Heisman winner who will likely be lucky to hang onto a roster
      • Matt Ryan(34): Is there anything left in the tank for Matty Ice?
    • HB: Solid role guys available
      • Demarco Murray(31): Wrong side of thirty but could he fill a role for a contender?
      • CJ Spiller (27): Too many steps lost?
      • Devonta Freeman (27): Will Atlanta regret letting the former Seminole hit the market? Could be a solid backup for a team or maybe a third down back.
    • WR: Possession guys galore. Moving on
    • TE: Some of these guys could fill roles for teams
      • Kyle Rudolph (28): NE cap casualty has some decent ability but not great any one thing
      • Delanie Walker (35): Solid blocking TE with some receiving skills.
      • Larry Donnell (30): Decent blocker and receiving target.
    • O-Line:
      • T Michael Oher (33): Swing tackle at this stage in his career and only in spot action.
      • T Sebastion Vollmer (33): NE cap casualty could provide a stopgap option for a team in need of Tackle help for the upcoming season.
      • T Tyrus Thompson (27): Former Viking could be a solid backup for a team lacking depth o-line.
      • G Phil Loadholt (32): Could stay at Guard or bump out to T and play for a team needing some pop at the point of attack in the run game?
    • DE:
      • Corey Lemonier (27): Will likely see some action in the offseason arms race. Expect him to be a third stage signee.
      • Mario Williams (34): The former number 1 overall may need to consider staying in Zona and buying a retirement home.
      • John Hughes (31): Would likely be a better fit as an inside situational rusher at this stage in his career.
    • DT:
      • Roy Miller (31): Still has some athleticism
    • LB:
      • Paul Worrilow (29): Falcons cap casualty could be a solid contributor for a team needing LB help
      • Keith Rivers (33): Has slowed some but could be an early down contributor at the OL spot.
      • John Lotulelei (27): Not a speed demon but is a solid tackler
    • CB: They can cover but theyre slow
      • leon McFadden (28): one of the better cover guys that wont require a walker
    • S: Not much out there
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    I'll give you a heads up: KJ Wright and Cliff Avril will be hitting FA.
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    RIP.. DeMarco!
    Can't believe Cam hit the wall like that either !

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