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2018 Texas Tech Red Raiders

Discussion in 'Overdrive' started by WreckEm27, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. WreckEm27

    WreckEm27 Classless Clown

    Jan 17, 2012

    After taking over in 2017 and taking the Red Raiders to a Big 12 title and Fiesta Bowl win over Syracuse, Coach WreckEm is looking to reload and challenge again for the Big 12 crown. The offense faces many question marks after losing QB Drew Smiley, RB Terrance Steele, and WRs Jeffrey Taylor, Lawerence Brown, and John Bradford. #2 WR Nick Collier does return, as does the talented TE Stafford Henry. But other than those two, they are breaking in all new skill players on offense. The offensive line returns mostly intact, only losing the RT. Offensive recruiting took care of some issues of need bringing in a plethora of new WRs to help bolster that unit.

    Preseason position analysis (position ratings are /10):

    QB: A battle will rage here between Matt Smith and Demarcus Alexander. Both are better runners than Drew Smiley, but neither come anywhere near close in terms of accuracy. Either should be sufficient. It’s looking like Alexander is ahead here in the fall. (Position rating: 8)

    HB/FB: The RS FR Bobby Davis is looking like the back of the future, the San Antonio, TX native will be needed to step up after such a stellar year from Terrance Steele. There is no lack of talent at HB, it just happens to be very young talent. SR Michael Johnson will be the fullback, he has been a consistent player and should be used a bit more with his athletic skill set. (Position rating: 7.5)

    WR/TE: Nick Collier is the clear #1 WR here in the spring. He had 1286 yards and 9 TDs last year as a junior, and should demand more double teams and attention from defenses. He has the skills to play any of the four WR positions in the Air Raid, but will probably play the Z. RS FR Joey Lambert and George Ruffin are the only other scholarship WR’s left from the previous year. The 6-5 Ruffin will play the X, and the 5-10 Lambert will play the H. Stafford Henry is the TE, and will see time at the Y in the four wide sets. His backup Tom Hall is also a very athletic tight end that should see much playing time when the Red Raiders decide to go into two TE sets. True FR Demario Blanchard will fight for time at Y as well. (Position rating: 6.5)

    OL: RT-Joe Campell RG-PJ Williams C-Mike Allen LG-Brandon Green LT-Sam Harris (Yes, they’re backwards, I messed up. Haha.) This group should hopefully be better this year. The OL is one of the most important positions in the Air Raid, as protecting the QB is vitally important. Sam Harris and Mike Allen are going to have to step up. (Position rating: 7)

    (Overall offensive rating: 7.5)

    Defensively the Red Raiders are more in a reloading mode more than a rebuilding mode. The front three reloads with size and talent, and all four LBs return from last year. Highly touted SS Andrew Black will see the field as a RS FR:

    Preseason Position Analysis:
    DL: 6-4, 292 Darren Doyle and 6-4, 265 Brad Peterson are the DE’s in the 34 set. They both played a fair amount in backup roles and were not much of a drop off the starters. The NG position is a battle between SR Joey Mark (6-5, 301) and RS SOPH Luke McQueen (6-6 300). It’s close at this point, but the good thing is both are capable of doing the job should they be needed. (Position rating: 7.5)

    OLB: JT Rutledge plays the SOLB, and speedster Jack White plays the WOLB. They had a great year last year, and should be even better with a year in understanding the 34 set and what their expectations are. Backups Kevin Mitchell and Scott Jones have potential but are very young. This group needs to play well as they are key in the 34s effectiveness. (Position rating: 8)

    MLB: Two SRs lead this group, Chase Stokes and RJ Frederick. They’re both capable talented LBs that should hopefully have monster year if they are given the lanes to do it. Will Brown is the backup, the 5-9, 233 JR should be an asset if someone happens to go down. After that they’re playing FR and walkons. So hopefully no one gets hurt. (Position rating: 8)

    CB: Chris High, Eric Hill, Ryan Thomas, and Ryan Herman are in a four way competition to see who the starting CBs are going to be. There are some good players and great amount of depth in this group. RS FR Jared Ball may get some PT as well this year to prepare him for next year. This is an important position for recruiting this year. (Position rating: 8.5)

    FS/SS: RS JR Trevor Ford moves to FS so RS FR Andrew Black can start at SS. Young, but talented at both spots. John Pollock will back up at FS, and (Position rating: 6.5)

    (Overall defensive rating: 8)

    K/P: Corey Smith will resume kicking duties after a disappointing 2017 effort. Nathan Williams could end up kicking and punting next year if things don’t go well. Dynamic returner and CB Ryan Thomas returns and will handle kickoffs. Joey Lambert is looking like the PR. The Red Raiders are hoping there isn’t too much need for kicking and punting like last year. (Position rating: 6.5)

    All in all, this team does have a considerable amount of talent. It all depends on how they're going to play. (yay coachspeak)

    (Scholarship info: 18+2=20)
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