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2018 TMFL Mock Top 10

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by hskr8128, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. hskr8128

    hskr8128 Walk On

    Jun 14, 2011
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    1. MLB Harvey Buggs Miami

    The Redskins were undoubtedly the winners of FA, hauling in some huge additions like HB Devonta Freeman, DE Aldon Smith and TE Richard Rodgers. This team looks to only be a few pieces from a turnaround and that starts with a field general on defense. Buggs has been making huge waves since the all star game and has all the tools to be the leagues next great LB

    2. WR Tyronne Rock-Texas A&M

    The Rams have been heavily shopping this pick leading up to the draft so whether they will actually be making this pick is anyones guess. If they do, I see them going CB or WR. They need to finally get Goff that big play threat that he has been lacking in his career so far. Rock is about as reliable as they come and should be able to help Goff finally find his feet in TMFL.

    3. Branch Bacon-Tennessee

    The Browns have come a long way towards relevancy again behind last years draft class, namely QB Macon Cochran. However, the defense does still have some holes that need filled. Haden could definetly use another CB flanking him so that teams can’t just consistently throw the ball away from him all game. This is a deep CB class and any number of guys could be top rated by different teams but Bacon has the physicality to go against the games bigger recievers and the speed to keep up with any WR.

    4. HB Deon Stevenson-Florida St.

    The Bucs need some playmakers on offense and Doug Martin isn’t getting any more reliable in his old age. Stevenson is a back with a unique set of skills. He has been compared to Adrian Peterson coming out of OU. The Bucs could also be tempted to go WR here as Edelman and Cruz are not only old but couldn’t stay healthy last year.


    5. SS Malcome Conner-USC
    The Packers have to be disappointed to see Stevenson come off the board one pick before them as McCoy has lost a step and Rodgers needs some support. However, they would have a solid fallback option in the incredibly athletic S Conner. He put up a huge combine and his stock has been soaring ever since. The Packers could immediately fill the hole left by departing Morgan Burnett.

    6. QB Becket Larocque-Clemson

    This is another pick that has been heavily involved in trade negotiations. However, if this pick remains with Detroit I don’t see any way they don’t go QB. Stafford finds himself in New York now and the Lions can’t feel comfortable with Kase Keenum as their guy next season.

    7. QB D’Ambro Suggs-Ole Miss

    I originally had the Giants going CB here to replace DRC but if one of the QB’s falls, I don’t see any way they can pass him up. The Giants don’t get to pick this high often and it isn’t entirely clear if Stafford can finish out the cycle without regression. This is a golden opportunity for the Giants.

    8. CB Moses Hoskins-Ole Miss
    Tennessee has a couple routes they could take here but I think the value is at CB as surprisingly only one has been taken in the first 7 picks. Hoskins makes the 2nd Rebel taken in a row as he matches his 6’1 frame with the 3rd best 40 time at the combine.

    9. WR Barry Dinkins-Texas A&M

    The second of A&M’s dynamic receiving duo, Dinkins is the burner who could allow the Chiefs to finally move on from Jeremy Maclin. He would make a nice complement to Conley who had a breakout season last year. Don’t be surprised if the Chiefs look for a QB here as they look to determine whether Osweiler is the long term answer there.​

    10. QB Roy Kaiser-Wisconsin

    The Bills cannot possibly make their fans suffer through another year of McCarron, right? This is a solid team with a good user but the QB position has handicapped them this cycle thus far. Could they turn this top 10 pick into the franchises’ first real QB since Jim Kelly?​
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  2. publik drunk

    publik drunk King of the East

    Jun 21, 2013
    Good shit bro
  3. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012
    Good stuff man, pretty spot on with names within the top 10.

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