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2019 Northwestern Wildcats Preview

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by dnf913, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. dnf913

    dnf913 Walk On

    Jul 12, 2010


    Northwestern is lead by thier QB Brandon Mitchell. Mitchell can not only beat you through the air, but is extremly dangerous on the ground. Mitchell sports a very fast 86 speed rating, and an eye popping 93 agility. Do not let Mitchell escape the pocket or you could be in a world of hurt. Looking at the Wildcat offense I was astonished when I looked at thier starting RB Bo Amos. Amos towers over most of his teamates at 6’5” and weighs in at over 240 lbs. He also has 94 speed and 95 acceleration, so this big man can really move as well. The wildcats receiving corps is one of the major weaknesses of the team. With the highest rated player at only 77 overall. Redshirt freshman Luke Price has some potential with 96 speed. The line, like the receiving corp, is not too impressive. Northwestern has 3 lineman ranted 81, but a sever lack of depth forces them to play other lineman rated in the 70s.


    The strenght of this defense is in its cornerbacks. The wildcat’s top 3 corners are all rated above 80. They, along with FS James Allen, should at least be able to keep most things in front of them. The wildcats also feature 2 solid DT’s in Geoff Grant and Tony Stovall. Both redshirt seniors are rated 83. The weakness of the defense is clearly the SS where the 77 rated true freshman Terrence Wilso will have to learn on the job, and I would expect him to have a tough learning curve.


    Despite the problems with depth, and the lack of many true star players, the Wildcats have already started the season strong with a huge win over the Virginia Tech Hokies. However, the schedule makers did not help the Wildcats out this season. With quickly approaching games with two perrenial top 10 teams in Missouri and Texas Tech. Add to that conference games against Nebraska and Penn State and its tough to see this Wildcat team competing for the Big Ten title. However, that win against Virginia Tech shows that you cannot take this Northwestern team lightly.
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  2. maverickfp

    maverickfp Walk On

    Jun 22, 2011
    they are godly, and play well above their ratings :)
  3. TEClemson53

    TEClemson53 Walk On

    Aug 1, 2010
    hence his 35-3 raping of me last year

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