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***2019 OFF-SEASON: Free Agency Phase 2 of 3; Deadline TONIGHT (Saturday 3/29/14) @ 11PM EST!***

Discussion in 'Quality Simulation Football' started by LtJustice, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. LtJustice

    LtJustice QSF Commissioner

    Jul 22, 2010
    Free agency is now open! The deadline for phase one of free agent bidding is TONIGHT Saturday 3/29/14 @ 11PM EST. Good luck and happy bidding!

    Please keep all bids limited to the length of contract that particular player is asking for (or less)! We don't need to see 30+ year old players being offered 7 year deals! ;)


    Up to Date Off-Season Schedule:

    2019 Off-Season

    Off-Season Resignings: COMPLETE

    Free Agency (Phase 1): COMPLETE

    Free Agency (Phase 2): 6PM EST -TO- 11PM EST (Saturday 3/29/14)

    Free Agency (Phase 3): 11PM EST (Saturday 3/29/14) -TO- 5PM EST (Sunday 3/30/14)

    Final Scouting: 5PM EST -TO- 7:30PM EST (Sunday 3/30/14)

    2019 Rookie Draft: 8PM EST (Sunday 3/30/14)

    2019 Pre-Season

    2019 Preseason (SIM) + Roster Cuts + Off-Season Trade Deadline: MIDNIGHT (Monday 3/31/14)

    2019 Regular Season Opens! (Tuesday 4/1/14)

    Avery (AveryB) - Steelers
    Brad (HogeB33) - Rams
    Carl T. (CTfromDC) - Bengals
    Charlie (KingPatron) – 49ers
    Chris (CSteud) - Packers
    Curtis (thafuture3886) - Colts
    Danny (DJDunn6) - Dolphins
    Dave (saintsdave75) - Texans
    Doug (CHUNKNESS) - Jaguars
    Eddie (pittrocks43) - Saints
    Glen (Glen Cieske) - Raiders
    Heath (heathh) - Lions
    James M. (cry_havoc) - Giants
    James Y. (Phenom) - Broncos
    Jeremy (Jeremy) - Buccaneers
    Jim (LtJustice) - Seahawks
    Jon (Warhawk AKA dreadman) - Redskins
    Josh (Josh Barnes) - Ravens
    Kenri (DarkKnight89) - Vikings
    Kris (Coach KO) - Eagles
    Lawon (MrWitness36) - Falcons
    Loren (ThaBayouChef) - Titans
    Michael C. (KNICKSFAN_84) - Chargers
    Michael O. (Michael Overman) - Sentinels
    Mike A. (Miki1369) - Cardinals
    Moe (CaptMoe) - Cowboys
    Murad (smokeface) - Patriots
    Pope (dablakpope) - Browns
    Reis (Mugga) - Panthers
    Ryan (RVallee) - Bears
    T.J. (klaximilian) - Jets
    Troy (redlishus) - Chiefs
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