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2019 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'The Tradition' started by MaxATX34, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. MaxATX34

    MaxATX34 Texas Football

    Feb 17, 2009
    CB(#13) :4stars:
    5'11 174lb Kealakekua, HI
    Wesley Allen

    Looks like a good corner prospect. So many to go around this release, but I like his speed and acceleration (both A-).

    DT(#2) :4stars:
    6'1 293lb Estelle, LA
    Jonathan Mark

    Utah really needed a couple of DTs in this class and they got 'em. Mark may see PT early on.

    DT(#14) :4stars:
    5'11 290lb Rocky Mount, NC
    Sean Bryant

    See above. This guy is a little short, but he has good skills to build upon. This kid could see PT as well, that is how shallow the Utes are inside.

    T(#9) :4stars:
    6'5 294lb Sells, AZ
    Marvin Joyce

    Balanced Tackle prospect with good size and decent strength. Working that AZ pipeline like nobody's business!

    ATH(#6) :5stars:
    6'0 180lb La Mesa, CA
    Dave Crowder

    Elite DB prospect. Love the size/speed combo. Also, first prospect on this list that doesnt have two first names.

    QB(#10) :4stars:
    6'4 214lb San Domingo Pueblo, NM
    Josh Parker

    Utah needs to bring in QBs like this on the reg. Maurice Wright has the spot locked down, but if he gets injured we need a competent back-up. Ideally, Utah would function like Tech did under Leach and have a (RS) Jr or Sr ready to step in at all times.

    T(#13) :4stars:
    6'2 280lb Menomonie, WI
    Anthony Kelly

    Shaped like a guard but he wants to play Tackle. Meh... We'll see whats up when he gets on campus.

    SS(#4) :4stars:
    6'1 203lb Lake Havasu, AZ
    J.J. Love

    Love this guys name. He looks like he could turn into a nasty player given enough time in the program. No blazing speed, but he has good Acceleration and is good in coverage.
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  2. MaxATX34

    MaxATX34 Texas Football

    Feb 17, 2009
    MLB(#12) :4stars:
    6'2 216lb Westminster East, CO
    Justin Young

    He may be slightly smallish for MLB, but he is athletic enough to make plays. Covers a lot of ground and is a good tackler.

    DT(#132) :2stars: JUCO JR
    6'5 304lb Missouri City, TX
    Dustin Hawk

    Need bodies at Defensive Tackle. Hawk isnt the greatest DT prospect of all time, but he will provide depth and if he gets a chance to redshirt could end up getting some PT.

    ATH(#20) :4stars:
    6'0 186lb Wytheville, VA
    Kevin Jones

    A WR prospect. Excellent route-runner with good hands, needs to work on speed and strength.

    ATH(#12) :5stars:
    6'2 235lb Sierra Vista, AZ
    Ken Hunter

    Not sure what this guy projects as... He might be a DE or LB, but he needs to get on campus to be sure.
  3. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009
    Shitty year for Ole Miss due to the aforementioned week where nothing counted and we lost half the guys on our board. Would have been an impressive class if it weren't for that, but still landed some talent.

    Sadly, some of these guys might not even make the team. Can't see how more than one of these QB's sticks... Will likely pick between Watson and the ATH Gray at halfback... Need both DE so they will stay. At least one of the MLB will likely be cut, and the FS will probably have a difficult time making the squad.

    Favorite players here are these guys

    DE Rickey Abrams
    One bright spot of this horrible class is we somehow landed the #1 guy on our entire board... I think Gravityyyy made a couple mistakes at the end that got us back in the hunt. Great speed off the edge in addition to pretty good pass rush moves and B+ pursuit, which is my #1 rating for DE's

    OLB Todd Gorman
    Basically a Brad Daugherty clone, but might not be as good. Either way he won't be moved to MLB... We have the following guy for that.

    MLB Joseph Foreman
    I love this guy's name.... Not quite George, but... ? I'll take it! Well what sets Foreman apart from the other two, more highly rated MLB is his excellent agility, which is absolutely essential for a user-controlled MLB. So the other two have ZERO shot to ever steal the job from him, plus his speed/strength combination is very solid and his block shedding is more than adequate. A potential star at MLB as far as I'm concerned.

    ATH/HB Kevin Gray
    Well, when you recruit the ATH running backs you have no idea what they'll look like but we know he will be good. Can't wait to start plowing people over with this mugger.

    Last edited: Mar 30, 2012
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