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2019 Spring Position Battles

Discussion in 'The Deuce' started by JrRawlins, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. JrRawlins

    JrRawlins People hate me cause they aint me...

    Feb 10, 2009
    Georgia Bulldogs 2019 Spring Battles

    QB – Eric Wilson is the starter heading into 2019, while he isn’t spectacular and he essentially lose us a SEC championship… he is still our guy.

    HB – With the departure of David Thompson, Jabari White will step in as the starter, but freshman Ryan Jackson will definitely be receiving carries.

    WR – Corey Williams is gone, and Matt Manson was invisible in the biggest game of the year… plus with the group of freshman the Bulldogs have coming in a youth movement at WR could definitely be in store. Expect 6’6 Anthony James and 6’5 Steven Spence to receive some playing time… if not be the starters to open the season.

    TE – The Bulldogs have some real talent developing at the tight position with returning starter sophomore Aaron Garret and true freshman Aaron Hollins with his huge 6’7 frame should be a red zone threat immediately.

    OL- The Bulldogs offensive line really came together after the Boston College game and began to play at a high level especially run blocking. The offensive line will only lose one starter but 4 star guard Casey Walton should be able to come in and fill that void.

    DL – The Bulldogs entire starting defensive line graduates…. This could be a trouble spot despite some eager juniors waiting to get onto the field…DT seems to be the problem area, while at DE the Bulldogs are loaded with talent and experience…

    OLB – Redshirt sophomore Jon Baker is the heir apparent at ROLB, while Robert Gilmore could start on the other side, unless a freshman can step in and play immediately.

    MLB – This will be the strength of the Bulldogs defense, Juniors Aaron Thomas and Casey Newton are as good as they come, they play sideline to sideline defense and wreck havoc on opposing running games…

    Secondary – In the secondary, all four have graduated, which is a disaster…. We could potentially have 4 freshman starters in the defensive backfield. Needless to say, someone will definitely have to step up in spring ball.
  2. OMlawdog

    OMlawdog Going full Cheeze

    Feb 10, 2009
    Biggest Position battles for Ole Miss will depend greatly on who leaves for the draft and who comes back. Im going to assume Keenan Kiel will leave early, along with Jermaine Brown.

    QB: This one should be interesting. Two senior QB's with Seth Quinn and Jamal Wheeler both battling it out. They are both option QB's, who will both get the chance to win the starting job. They will have huge holes to fill, with Ron McDowell leaving for the pros.

    HB: If Castillo comes back, he will lead the rushing attack, with super star Freshman Geoff Mitchell providing a spark off the bench.

    WR: If Kiel leaves early as expected, I would think Nick Joyce would step into the number 1 receiver role, with Lamar Ford and Sam Berry battling it out for the number two spot.

    TE: With Sam Fry graduating, there will be a huge battle for the starting TE spot, with Mike Thomas getting first crack at taking over that spot.

    OL: The line should be ok unless Jermaine Brown leaves early. If he does, I would expect Josh Wagner or Alex Baker to step into the LT spot.

    DL: Losing both staters at DT will hurt, but Timothy Kelley and Erik Madsen should be able to step in for them. Look for freshman Braylon Williams and Cameron Wilson to get shots at playing time as well. We don't lose any DE's to graduation

    LB: Ole Miss loses Vinnie Bryan a stud MLB and Rory WHite a fantastic OLB. It is expected that Maurice Brooks will step in the shoes at MLB and Chaz Whitaker will replace Rory White. I do expect Robert Wells and Jesse Simmons will both vie for the OLB spot.

    DB: The corner spot should be interesting, with hopefully Chad Hamilton and Eddie Gould returning. If they don't return, look for Greg Sherman to have the first crack at earning a starting spot. Ryan Schneider should have one SS spot locked up unless he leaves early, which leaves a monster battle at the FS spot. TJ Ray and Freddie Benson are freak athletes, and Im going to do everything I can to get them on the field at all times. One may get moved to SS, but not sure at this point, probably depend on whether Schneider leaves early.
  3. Jmustang1968

    Jmustang1968 Walk On

    Jul 14, 2010
    This is also tough as I dont know who may be heading to the pros and who I will be able to talk back.

    QB - Hodges is currently a RS Jr and is returning as starter and will have a shot at some NCAA records. We will have the speedier Barber as backup and possibly open up the option game a bit. Currently redshirted freshman Sanders, who we really like, will get a year or 2 to mature on the bench.

    HB - Bullock is finally graduating and leaves the school as our top all time rusher. To replace him we will have our thunder and lightning attack. Current backup speedster Kerr will be a Jr and has had a great season in relief of Bullock getting 700 yards and 11 TDs. Kerr is injury and fumble prone though and we will probably start current freshman who is red shirted Derrick James as the feature back. He is a bit slower, but has good size and great all around running skills. James and Kerr are both currently 77 ovr and we project James becoming a 90+ HB by the end of his Bulldog career.

    FB - Price returns as starter and we are trying to get a backup to avoid a walkon.

    WR - Major transition period again as we end another great WR era for Miss St. Heisman and 2 time Biletnikoff winner Cam Martin is headed to the pros as another pro bowl NFL receiver along with Manson. We also lose #2 Richardson. Stepping up should be 84 ovr Jr Rs Smiley who we really like. Behind him Chambers and Perry will be the #2 and slot Wrs. They project to both be in the lower to mid 80s and should give us another solid receiver group. We did sign 2 Juco Jr WRs so we have to see what they come in as and if they will have any immediate impact.

    TE - Not too exciting of a position for us. Both Houston and Franklin return and if history is a guide will only gain a couple points progression. They will return next year as servicable TEs.

    OL - Should be solid next year. We are losing our RG and RT, but have 2 promising guys replacing them. Freshman Latimer will be in the 80s as a RS Fr and RT Carlson will also be an 80+ Soph Rs. Should be one of our strongest OLs across the board.

    DT - Harrison and Cooke are both young and return next season improved. We are pleased with these guys and may have us switch back to the 4-3 next season. We picked up a :4stars:future starter here as well.

    DE - We have an abundance of good young DEs. We lose speedy DE Seymour, but last year's recruits Jefferson and Ingram should be an upgrade. Miss St also signed a few more :4stars:prospects and should be one of our deepest positions.

    LB - Thankfully Allen returned and he is a great talent. This is a fairly solid group and Brown and Morris and Walton all return. We were able to sign some recruits in as depth as well. My starting unit will continue to grow and progress together. The big choice will be between 43 and 34 again.

    CB - Former Juco Bennett graduates and one of our worst positions should be slightly upgraded.

    S - One of our best defensive players SS Hollins graduates and will be greatly missed. FS Robinson is returning for his sr season and should be one of the defensive leaders. We are excited with redshirted Hawk who can play at either spot and we want to find a place on the field for him even with robinson returning. Sluggish but hard hitting Johnson should be in the mid to upper 80s and have an impact as well
  4. bringbackjimmy

    bringbackjimmy WTFWTTD

    Feb 10, 2009
    QB-RS JR Adam Fuller takes the reigns as the new BC Starting QB. Fuller has waited 3 yrs to get this shot as he lost the spot his freshman yr to Hancock and the BC Signed Harris a great Juco prospect. The backup spot will be in contention though with RS FR Kelvin Williams who has a monster arm 98TP and incoming Juco Terry Ferwerda.

    HB-3 headed monster will return led by Thompson who had nearly 800 yrds and 10 TD's. Fontaine will replace Nichols which will be a upgrade even with nichols plays so well in his role. the 3rd spot goes to ricky Brown will have to fight off Gemera Stewart for added 3rd down back responsibilities.

    FB-Fr Justin Bishop gets the start

    WR-Dotson and Rucker come back as one of the best duos in college football. Harrell will fight with incoming freshman Joe Taylor for slot. overall it should be a good yr no matter who is in the slot.

    TE-Oj Graham takes over for Butler.

    OL-will need to replace Jordan Jordan at LG and our C Nate Robertson. both 95 rated players so the middle of the line takes a huge hit. look for Michael leonard to fight with incoming 5* Brent Parker at LG. Samuel Lee will take over a C.

    DL-this is the most intriguing competion as i lose both ends Humphrey and Harris. I have alot of great DE prospect already on roster and 2 really good prospects signed so the competition should be great. DT i lose Campbell, but like End i have great depth behind him including a freak in Leigh Bennett.

    MLB-look for last yrs offseason prize Rashaad Lawrence to take over for jenkins.

    CB-Jerrell Smith and Wesley take over the #1 and 2 spots with wilson early departure. Nickel back will be between Fuller and Burley. not to worried

    K/P-we expect greatness from our Kickers with 3 straight K of the yr winners and with finley getting the Punter of the year last yr(1 punt for 44 yrds) we expect the same. Freshman Kenneth Strong will take the kicking responsibilities.
  5. Timpegoose

    Timpegoose Walk On

    Jul 17, 2010
    QB -Jon Fowler, if healthy, will be the starter. Isaiah Mills and Grant Cabral will battle it out for the backup spot.

    HB - Adam Harris looks to take over for McDonald this year.

    FB - Matthew Johnson will keep his starting job from last year.

    WR - George Andrews, Doug Bennett, and James Lawrence will fight for the starting spots. Preliminary reports have Lawrence taking the slot and Bennet and Andrews competing for the #1 spot.

    TE - True freshman Joe Brother will fight with John Webb for the starting spot, but Webb has the inside track.

    OL - The O-Line returns both seniors Jason Bradley and Barrett Brown on the left side and Casey Cowan at center. The left side of the line is suspect though and a freshman may end up starting at RT. Eric O'Donnell may move from the backup LT to start on the right side.

    DL - Quinton Warren is going to be the starter at RE, but the LE spot is up for grabs between Jason Burley and 3 or 4 incoming recruits. DT will more than likely be manned by Bill Clark and Allen Gordon. Allen Gordon will probably be the NT when we're in the 3-4 with his superior size.

    LB - Jermaine Humphrey and Trevor Roberts will compete for the starting MLB spot, with Humphrey having the edge after a solid 2nd half of last season. Tom Jones will be taking the job as the starting LOLB. ROLB is completely up in the air. One of the incoming DE's may slide out there, or Todd McCullogh who is coming in after playing OLB in high school.

    DB - Jeremy Brown and Brandon Marks will be the starting corners, with either Ty McGee or whoever loses the FS battle as the nickel back. Randall Elliot and Cody Jamison will be battling for the FS spot. They are both true juniors, and one of them could be facing a position change next season. Carlos Britt will retain his starting spot at SS.

    K/P - True freshman Jake Stewart will take over the kicking duties from DD McDougle, and may take the punting duties from Dominique Dukes this spring.
  6. Jmustang1968

    Jmustang1968 Walk On

    Jul 14, 2010
    updated my post
  7. JrRawlins

    JrRawlins People hate me cause they aint me...

    Feb 10, 2009
    Our 4 star freshman athlete Adam Joseph came in as a 69 overall at HB but at 6'4 237 pounds with 90 speed a 81 acceleration, he has the ability to punish defenses on a regular basis....

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