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2019 Team Previews

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by Big Suge Knight, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. Big Suge Knight

    Big Suge Knight Walk On

    Mar 1, 2009
    How'd your offseason go? What's in store for your team in the new year? Got your passports ready for the trip to Ireland?
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  2. charter04

    charter04 Walk On

    Jul 30, 2010

    2019 Team Preview

    2018 Season Stat's 11-5 record. Lost in the Wild Card round to the Bears

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    2019 Draft Picks
    1st, 26th OLB Heston Neal 79 overall
    2nd, 22nd SS Antione McElroy 80 overall
    2nd, 26th WR Allan Florance 63 overall, 94spd, 96acc
    3rd, 22nd DT Elisha McClendon 73 overall
    4th, 22nd RB Kasheem Sharp 68 overall
    5th, 22nd DE/OLB Stacey Preston 72 overall
    6th, 22nd RB Jaron Brooks 67 overall
    7th, 22nd RG Jarius Poole 58 overall


    Dallas will go for a more power run game style of offense this year and really make the most of the great run blocking line they have built. This unit did a great job opening holes for RB DeMarco Murray last year and look to do the same this year. They also still have one of the best QB's in the league in Brett Hudson. Hudson had a tough year last year as he was injured two different times and struggled at times when he was on the field. Look for him to make the most of the strong run game and the receiving weapons he has in WR's Dez Bryant and Julio Jones and TE Jason Witten.


    The Cowboys are still using the 3-4 that they went to last season for a defense that finished #4 in the league. The biggest weakness was lack of a consistent pass rush. Some of this was due to LB Bruce Carter playing out of position at OLB in the 3-4 system. He is a natural 4-3 LB. The Cowboys drafted speed rusher Heston Neal with the 26th overall pick and he will start immediately at ROLB. This will allow Carter to move to MLB and be a 3rd down coverage specialist. The DL is still a strong one with DE Henry Melton getting TFL and sacks. The LBing group returns 3 starters with the rookie Neal being the only new one. The secondary let two older starters go so they have a new CB and Former 1st round pick Alvaro Okuyemi. They also moved JJ Wilcox over from SS to FS and young talented 2nd year SS Anthony Stover will battle 2nd round pick rookie Antione McElroy for the starting SS spot.
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  3. The Prudent

    The Prudent Walk On

    Jun 22, 2011
    FA Moves:
    • Center-Clint Boling
    • Right Tackle-D'Brickashaw Ferguson
    • Corner-Jeremy Lane
    • Strong Safety-Robert Lester
    • QB-Kevin Bloom
    • TE-Dion Sims
    • Corner- Brandon Flowers
    • FS- Will Hill
    • LT-Ryan Clady
    • LT-Chase Linder (future starter. Backing up Veteran for now)
    • RT-Manasee Hester
    • FS-Jared Foreman (The future at FS. Back up to Will Hill)
    • LG-Prennis Roberts(cut)
    • WR-Eugene Dawson
    • CB-Branden Reyna
    • C-Melvin Dennard
    • CB-Paul Fleming (cut)
    • DT-Grant Bennett
    • LOLB-Rockford Webb
    • C-Garrett McKnight (cut)
    • HB-Claudeson Grove

    Bloom was brought back mainly because West played so terrible last season. The front office didn't want to waste a pick on QB in the draft so they brought back Bloom and his knowledge of the offense. The O line is much improved over last seasons squad. The bucs main focus was bringing in some quality guys to improve that area of the team and they successfully did that by bringing in some vets. The offense can get much worse from last year, so lets hope that an improved O-line can make things better this season.


    The defense returns a lot of familiar faces. The biggest changes are at FS and CB. Will HIll was brought in to start through FA and will be backed up by promising rookie Foreman. After realizing last season that the two young CBs, who were asked to start after trading Verner, were not quite ready Jeremy Lane was picked up to and given the nod. He is oozing with confidence after his stent in Seattle, so lets just hope he is the boost this team needs.


    With 7 straight away games and confidence purgatory I don't see this season being a whole lot better than the last one. I definitely expect to win more games this season, but making the playoffs does not seem likely. My stud MLB who is an 88 overall is now playing at 79 overall thanks to the wonderful confidence aspect of this game. Although, if this squad can win its first 3 games, gain a little confidence, and get some momentum and play like they did 2 seasons ago, watch out.

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  4. publik drunk

    publik drunk King of the East

    Jun 21, 2013
    Jets look to build on success
    Fresh off a 11-5 finish and a AFC East crown the difference between this Jets team and the playoff team of two years ago is consistency. The rebuild is officially over and now the time to build starts as this squad returns 19 of 22 starters.

    Offense: The Jets had a great year last year and we're able to incorporate Gaines into an already potent passing attack. This year they return the top 5 team receiving yards leaders from a year ago and add vet Vernon Davis to the fold. Jamal Charles had a solid year last year but the reigns are handed back to Sanford after a year of mop up duty and he looked great in preseason. The offensive line is starting to get that experience but will start one rookie at guard.

    Defense: 10 returning starters from last year on a defense that was vastly improved. Add stud LB Kitchens and this unit could take the next step. Deandre Levy has given up his starting role to Kitchens but provides great depth to a great LB core. The young secondary continues to grow and build experience and should help bring this team to the next level.

    Special Teams:
    The Jets added a kicker with a stronger leg and UDFA Marcus Strong looked great in the return game in preseason.

    Outlook: If anyone thinks they are going to take the crown from the Jets they are gonna have to earn it. The Jets are poised and ready to repeat as division champs.
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  5. Ace847

    Ace847 Walk On

    Jun 15, 2012
    The Dublin Super Shamrocks team preview:

    When the SD owner was unable to get a stadium deal done in SD and Qualcomm literally began crumbling and the main entrance collapsed in last seasons patriots game killing all of Cheez 's executive personnel... The owner knew he had to do something quickly... So he moved his team overnight to a stadium that Dublin made before sd ever inquired to try to persuade am NFL team to go overseas... The plan worked and a new era of the Super Shamrocks has begun.

    The Irish gunslinger Adam Riley has been working with a new QB coach to increase his efficiency in the offseason. And with the addition of what scouts are calling the next Jordy Nelson (Diel) it should help his performance. slaughter, Diel, Allen, Ladarius green will give Riley options.

    But the focal point of the offense will be afc offensive rookie of the year Diamond Reed who has gotten even better in the offseason.

    The oline is composed of s bunch of superstars and newly acquired LT from Black Republican with high confidence!

    Defensively the bolts look good upfront and have added longtime chief tamba Hali with his 99 confidence from undefeated mboda (noticing trend?). If I can't get their confidence up I'll just get the guys dropping off the good teams!

    The Chargers took the best 3-4 de in the draft without really needing him but cashed in by trading him to Denver and their Flickled hc bringbackjimmy who can't figure out what defensive scheme to run.... They received a 3rd rounder and cb Roby with once again... High confidence!

    HC Danny Ski Yet again stares a difficult schedule head on but plans to use the jet lag his opponents will face to his advantage!
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  6. bringbackjimmy

    bringbackjimmy WTFWTTD

    Feb 10, 2009
    Denver Broncos Team Preview:
    The Offense will return all of its starters from last yr and will look for 2nd yr QB Konrad Blanchard to continue to progress. The Broncos will finally go with Ronnie Hillman as their starter at hb from day one after trying to go with younger backs the last 2 seasons. The Broncos are rumored to be trying to land a solid wr that will line up opposite of Thomas, but as it currently stands the Thomas Duo will get plenty of opportunities to showcase their skills. Cody Latimer gets his number called in the annual pin the tail on the #2 wr game Coach BBJ seems to be so fond of and Kenny Stills last yr's winner goes to the slot. The Oline remains intact led by Louis Vasquez and Max Unger.

    Coach BBJ decided to make a change on defense to what most will probably say its change just for the sake of changing. The real thought process was that even though the Broncos defense was a top 10 defense the last 3 yrs it didn't stop the team that mattered. Coach/Gm BBJ made his 1st appearance at the draft and walked away happy to have achieved his goal of getting quality players to make the move. Nico Perez who BBJ almost tripped running to the podium will start at ROLB opposite of Von Miller making a very scary rush Duo. After The Shamrocks took Tanner Lewis we quickly went with the next pick and Donovan Donnelly to add depth to our Dline. After the draft reports came about that Lewis refused to board the plane to Ireland and wanted to be traded. After some intense talks with the shamrocks was traded to the broncos and solidified the transformation. Dareus, Knighton, And Stumph will get the start with Donnelly and Lewis rotating to keep them fresh. Baldwin after having a great yr will look to learn quickly the difference of being a 4-3 mlb and and 3-4 Mlb. Joining him will be a mix of Travis and Rodriguez depending on the situation. The secondary remains intact for the most part except rookie Moshood Umodu will step in to replace Roby in nickel situations.
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  7. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012

    Traivon Guy and LeSean McCoy both return after MVP caliber seasons both ended early due to injuries late in the season. The EAGLES return everyone on the offensive unit; McCoy fresh off his 1500 yard campaign will retain his entire offensive line including the aging stars Jason Peters and Even Mathis who haven't lost a step.
    WR Jordan Matthew highlights the PHI passing threats with Zach Ertz and newcomer TE Kyle Rudolph signed in the off season!
    Rudolph will see plenty of work adding another big threat in the middle of the field. Speedster Timmy Taylor & Markus Maxwell will take turns proving sparks on special teams and stretching the field out of the slot and vertically.

    Defensively the Eagles lost starting CB Chris Culliver who left on a 13 million dollar deal to play ball in ATL. In comes the Eagles FIRST rd draft pick Jovanata Donaldson from UCF. Donaldson played great in the preseason and will hold down the right side of the field with the savvy vet Malcom Jenkins playing behind him to cover his mistakes.

    The Eagles went 14-1 last season before losing to the Bears. The same team enters with another crack vs father time. We expect a playoff push with roughly 5-6 losses. The keys to success will be remaining healthy at key positions like QB ,RB and CB.

    1st Rd - CB Jovanata Donaldson
    2nd - RE Bjoern Ferrell

    3rd - CUT
    4th - WR Kameel Hadley
    5th - CUT
    6th - CUT
    7th - CUT

    TE Kyle Rudolph
    DT Ryan Carrethers
    CB Vincent Matthews
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  8. Big Suge Knight

    Big Suge Knight Walk On

    Mar 1, 2009
    Damn Black Republican not so good draft? Or just crazy high standards in Philly?
  9. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012
    We got the two guys on our draft board; I botched my 3rd round pick because my OL was picked right before my pick. We didn't need a whole lot, 2-3 guys per draft seem to stick on the roster every year. Haven't been fortunate enough to get any SS dev guys so rookies sit behind more developed players. Rare for a rookie to step in and start day one for the Eagles haha...

    QB T. Guy
    MLB D.Stewart

    Are our only rookies who started, the rest had to grind through a season or two.
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