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2019 Texas Longhorns - Can Anyone Hook Em ?

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by TEClemson53, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. TEClemson53

    TEClemson53 Walk On

    Aug 1, 2010

    We all know the history of SuperBowlNachos , he's cheesed his way to dominance by playing in a state where 5 star recruits beg for scholarships & the state is the size of all our school's states combined. I have to give Kyle (yea I dropped your real name) some credit, he's at least done something with the talent unlike former coach Mack Brown.

    Can anyone step up to the plate and keep this team out of Championship contention this year ? Even if Texas stubs their toe out of conference, they can and have bounced back to win the Big 12 and usually the Big 12 Champ finds themselves in the top 5 and fighting for a spot in the BCS National Title game.

    The Good

    I could probably list every player here......
    • HB Dusty Britt - Who are we kidding, he has a hell of a QB but lets be real, this team runs the football & Britt's ability to burst out of the hole is ridiculous with his 99 acceleration, 96 speed and 95 agility, 99 elusiveness, 96 spin move & 93 juke move...do I really need to keep going?
    • Offensive line - check this shit out, 99 LT, 91 RT, 99 C, 99 LG and a SLACKER with an 88 RG....
    The Bad

    • The "Bad" doesn't exist on this team, if you really need to pick a group...the WR's are probably what will hurt this team. If Texas runs into a team that can shut down the run & score on the Texas defense, the Longhorns will be in trouble.
    The Ugly

    • like it matters but FB Vince Heffner is terrible......I'm not real sure how much Coach Nachos uses his FB, but this joker might whif on a few blocks or just stare off into space

    I'm pretty sure he'll go 11-1, this team is stacked top to bottom.....I mean stacked, even Nick Saban & Alabama would be jealous. This schedule is just too stacked to run the table. Texas has to face a questionable Clemson team week 1, followed by #3 Maryland and a schedule that includes #4 Missouri, #9 Oklahoma, #8 Texas Tech and #12 Virginia Tech...........sucks to be you buddy
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  2. SuperBowlNachos

    SuperBowlNachos Walk On

    Jul 1, 2010
    Well up until this season I used a FB 75% of the time. Your CBs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> my WRs. I might pass it 10 times in our game. What is the rule on using a TE back there as a FB if they are only 6'2"? Pagamer07 I'm pretty sure I played against someone in the past who used a backup TE as their FB so I really am not sure.
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  3. PAgamer07

    PAgamer07 We're the ship without a storm

    Nov 11, 2009
    Booo Stole my format. Thanks though, good writeup.

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