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2019 TMFL Mock Draft

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by hskr8128, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. hskr8128

    hskr8128 Walk On

    Jun 14, 2011
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    The new guy we brought in last year couldn't handle my vast knowledge of the TMFL draft and bowed out after only 1 season. So in comes new contributor Papa Perry . Let's see if this guy knows anything about scouting or if he will be just another wanna be I hang on my wall of shame. Let's cut to the chase, here is the 2019 TMFL mock draft!


    1. New Orleans Saints

    HSKR: CB Jamal Riddick-Michigan St.
    Riddick is the pick here and I think everyone in the world knows it. The only question is whether or not it will be the Saints picking him. There have been trade discussions but if I had to guess right now, Riddick will be playing in the Bayou for 1 season.

    Perry: RE Demond Dunbar-Nebraska

    I've heard the rumors on trading down also but if they stay I disagree with this pick. Riddick is a hell of a talent but the Saints have bought another year with Sean Smith so I believe they look elsewhere in this draft. The Saints finished last in the league in sacks last year because most opposing QBs were getting 7-on-7 camp pass rush out there.

    2. Buffalo Bills

    Perry: QB Jackson Mason-Florida

    On to the 2nd pick I believe the Hoag Experiment is over and the Mason Revolution is going to begin. Bills need a change from Hoag's abysmal career.

    HSKR: QB Conner Drummond Texas A&M
    You are on the right track giving the Bills a QB here but have you been living under a rock for the last 6 weeks? Drummond put up the best combine since Mike Vick and threw well at his pro day. Drummond is everything that Manziel wished he could be. The Bills need a playmaker and this kid is it.

    3. Oakland Raiders

    HSKR: Myles French-Miami
    I always catch heat for giving TMFL teams OL in the top 10 and usually my critics are correct. Just once, I'm hoping the Raiders prove them wrong because French is a monster. This guy is a machine who is impossible to move and just stonewalls guys. Make it happen Raiders!

    Perry: LT Myles French-Miami

    You hit the nail on the head. Ebon Britton gave up 14 sacks last season. This team needs help when every opponent in its secondary was ranked in the top 10 in sacks.

    4. Tampa Bay Bucs

    Perry: WR Tyrell Barnes-Tennessee

    Buccaneers have holes everywhere. In the paraphrased words of Pepper Lewis, they look like a hat full of (ass)holes. I think they start off by giving Winston more weapons. Barnes can stretch the field and take some of the attention off of Mike Evans.

    HSKR: WR Denard Raymond Michigan St.
    I agree with you that the Bucs are going to take a playmaker for Winston here but I think you have the wrong guy pegged. Raymond is big (6'4) and ran the fastest 40 at the combine for a WR. He would be a dangerous weapon for Winston. The Bucs might go OL here but I just don't see that at #4.

    5. Detroit Lions

    HSKR: CB Julius Kearse Florida
    The Lions could go many directions here but at #5 overall, I think the value is at CB. There isn't a ton of difference between the group of CB's behind Riddick but Kearse didn't have a terrible combine and might be the best of the rest.

    Perry: RE Seth White-Wisconsin
    I can't see a CB here either. That secondary is serviceable compared to the pass rush. This is a team that couldn't or wouldn't resign one of the best players to hit FA in a while. I think it's because they know that Seth White falls to them. Excellent pass rusher that's quick off the ball. You have to have a pass rush when you're in Aaron Rodgers division.

    6. New York Jets

    Perry: ROLB B.J. Hurst-Auburn

    There's been rumors floating around that the Jets are shopping Petty but they're also pursuing Johnny Manziel. There are definitely some good QBs left but they continue to fall. The Jets need improvement from their edge rushers and this is how they get it. Hurst is the cream of the crop this year and he falls to the Jets at 6.

    HSKR: QB Jackson Mason Florida
    The Jets have been in the market for a QB this offseason so you have to wonder if they are ready to move on from Petty or if they are just looking for a change of pace QB. I think Mason is too talented to pass up here but I could also see the Jets going for a WR to at least give Petty more weapons.

    7. Tennessee Titans

    HSKR: CB DeAndre Clay UCLA
    I don't think the Titans can go anywhere else but CB here. They should pretty much have their pick of the second tier guys here and Clay brings size and quickness to the table. This team is built to win but needs to buff their secondary to compete with the likes of the Houston teams and Indy in their division.

    Perry: CB Jamal Riddick-Michigan State

    I agree that a CB will be taken here but it will be the first and best. Riddick had a hell of a combine and has the size to match up with any WR in the league. Titans get a slam dunk with this pick.

    8. Green Bay Packers

    Perry: WR Denard Raymond-Michigan State

    A-Rod has to have some support. Losing Cobb hurts the most but they do still have Devante Adams. He can't do it all himself so he needs a distraction. They get it hear with a HUGE deep threat in Raymond.

    HSKR: WR Desmon Gordon Florida
    The Packers lost Cobb which really only leaves Adams left as a target for Rodgers. If they are going to make one last playoff push with A-Rod they are going to have to put some weapons around him. Gordon is another physical specimen who is both big and fast. He hasn't caught a pass from any QB other then Jackson Mason since high school so it will be interesting to see if he can mentally adjust his game.


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  2. hskr8128

    hskr8128 Walk On

    Jun 14, 2011
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    9. Miami Dolphins
    HSKR: DE Demond Dunbar Nebraska
    My colleague has Dunbar going #1 OVR and I can see that kind of talent in him. He is a versatile player who excels at getting to the passer no matter the scheme. The Dolphins need help all over defensively so getting an elite pass rusher would be a good start.

    Perry: SS Marquez Conley-LSU

    The Dolphins need a playmaker in the secondary and they can get it here with Conley. He's talented and athletic enough for both safety positions and this move pick would allow them to cut Tyvon Branch in the preseason.

    10. Mexico City Diablos

    Perry: QB Connor Drummond-Texas A&M

    The Diablos owner would love for Jackson Mason to fall to them but I have him going #2 overall. And I agree with my colleague in believing that Drummond's stock has soared after his combine. Diablos finally get their franchise QB with the #10 pick.

    HSKR: QB Aaron Sturdivant Pittsburgh
    How long will the Diablos be content riding Sean Mannion to mediocre seasons? The Stafford experiment failed so the Diablos need something to kick start their offense. They have a ready to win defense now they need to provide the support on offense.

    11. Kansas City Chiefs

    HSKR: WR Tyrell Barnes Tennessee

    The Chiefs have holes at MLB, C, and DE but I think they will go with the value here and take Barnes. Maclin isn’t getting any younger and Carpenter can only do so much. They need to keep the weapons at Mosely’s disposal fresh.

    Perry: LE Marquan Hanna-LSU

    The Chiefs need defensive help in their 3-4 front. Insert Hanna who had the best combine out of all the 3-4 ends. Quick first step and will help fill gaps.

    12. Houston Texans
    Perry: CB Julius Kearse-Florida

    Kareem Jackson has became a liability so the Texans go out and grab a corner that has the ability to break on the ball quick and has the agility to not get tangled up in his feet on complex routes.

    HSKR: LT Ralston Scott Pittsburgh

    The Texans nailed the draft last year grabbing a franchise QB and HB. Now, they must protect those players. Scott is another stud in a deep T class and is an absolute no brainer here IMO.

    13. New York Giants

    HSKR: QB Wyatt Blake USC

    What? Eli Manning is still playing?! I don’t know what the Giants are pumping into him but the Iron Man can’t play forever. The Giants have to be looking for his replacement and will be unhappy to see 3 QB’s off the board already but I feel like their hand will be forced here.

    Perry: WR Desmon Gordon-Florida

    A lot of people are screaming for the Giants to put Eli out of his misery but this team is too loyal. Instead they give him a big body weapon to compliment ODB. Good speed for a big man with a 41" vertical means tiny corners are gonna be upset to have to cover this WR.

    14. Denver Broncos

    Perry: WR Ono Roberts-Michigan State

    Denver picks again in 3 picks and with WR-needy Cincy picking after them they fill their WR need here. Roberts his quick and agile. Something Denver has missed on in the past.

    HSKR: LT Kedrick Griffin USC

    The Broncos are stacked pretty much everywhere except WR and OL. They can’t pass up this opportunity to shore up the trenches with any of the solid LT’s in this class. They may have to move some pieces around on the OL but Griffin is too good to pass up here.

    15. Cincinnati Bengals

    HSKR: CB DeShun Olsen Florida

    Olsen was a favorite among scouts before the season began but struggled a bit in his SR season. He could still be an exceptional talent in TMFL though and the Bengals need someone who can lock down opposing WR’s in that division.

    Perry: LT Blake Farris-Alabama

    Andre Smith has given up 10+ sacks in the last 3 seasons. Time to replace him with another Alabama alum in Blake Farris. Farris had a solid combine and is known for his pass blocking.

    16. Minnesota Vikings

    Perry: LT Ralston Scott-Pittsburgh

    Vikings don't have a lot of picks the next 2 seasons so they've gotta make them count. This is an ideal way of making one count. You have to protect Bridgewater and Scott can handle it. Another guy know for his pass blocking who is agile enough that no one will be able to simply run around him.

    HSKR: WR Ono Roberts Michigan St.

    The Vikings have some solid WR’s but no legit #1 target. They take the second half of the dynamic Spartan duo here to try to find someone who can be Teddy’s security blanket. I could also see them going T or DE here but I think the number of WR’s off the board already will have them reaching.

    17. Denver Broncos

    HSKR: WR Mike Russell LSU

    The Broncos got the OL 3 picks earlier and I really wouldn’t be against them going OL yet again with this pick but I think they will be looking for another weapon to line up opposite Russell. Russell is the last WR with a 1st round grade so the Broncos almost have to snag him here if he is available

    Perry: ROLB Josh Jackson-Oklahoma

    Broncos are very much set on defense but why not go after an extra pass rusher. The Broncos can use Jacksons quickness on 3rd downs get him ready for an eventual starting role.

    18. Carolina Panthers

    Perry: CB Deshun Olsen-Florida

    When your in a division with Julio Jones and Mike Evans, you have to have big corners that can tackle well. Olsen is 6'2 and did a good job with run support at Florida so he's used to making tackles.

    HSKR: CB Tyler Beatty Penn St.

    The Panthers had to really be hoping a QB would drop to them here but even the reaches are gone by this point in my mock. WR has also been picked over which leaves Carolina looking at CB. Beatty is a solid option and has athleticism to adapt quickly to the NFL game.

    19. Washington Redskins

    HSKR: SS Darius Schofield-Texas

    Washington really needs a FS but SS is just much deeper and stronger this year and that’s why I think they will go with the versatility of Schofield. He is big and has decent speed and coverage skills to go with his monster hits.

    Perry: FS Jackson Morgan-Michigan State

    Redskins need a playmaker at safety and that's what this guy was at MSU. Showed he was agile at the combine and quick enough to jump routes.

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  3. hskr8128

    hskr8128 Walk On

    Jun 14, 2011
    Featured Threads:
    20. San Diego Chargers
    HSKR: OLB BJ Hurst Auburn

    I originally had the Chargers going OL here but since Hurst is still plummeting down my mock and the Chargers need a pass rusher, this could be best case scenario for them. No way they let Hurst slide past them as they can fill other needs with their picks later in the 1st.

    Perry: RE Malcolm Barksdale-Tennessee

    The first of San Diego's three 1st round picks the Chargers snatch up a solid 3-4 end that can give them some youth on the dline. Barksdale is that guy that can play anywhere on the 3-4 front.

    21. Carolina Panthers

    Perry: QB Aaron Sturdivant-Pittsburgh

    Cam Newton is gone so they need to draft a QB because McCarron is not the answer. With Carolina's offense looking to sling the rock more, what better QB to get than a guy used to slinging it. Sturdivant played in a spread at Pitt where slinging the ball made him a superstar.

    HSKR: LT Blake Farris Alabama

    Again a lot of directions the Panthers can go here but I think they need to shore up the OL so that whoever is under center will have some time to make decisions. Farris is another great LT prospect and can bookend the line for the rest of the cycle.

    22. Chicago Bears

    HSKR: SS Marquez Conley LSU

    I could see the Bears going interior OL here but again I just don’t see anyone there worth taking quite yet. Instead they will go with Conley who in all reality should have never made it this far. He is a well rounded defender and a natural leader in the secondary.

    Perry: C Joey Marsh-Wisconsin

    Until the Devontae Freeman signing I was saying running back but it looks like they're going into a committee approach which is ok only if they have lanes to run through. Insert this monster. Marsh is quick and strong and will help solidify the middle in the passing game also.

    23. Houston Oilers

    Perry: CB Will McNeil-Wisconsin

    This would be a solid pick for the Oilers. They could use him against slot WRs and he could become a starter next season with Aevry Butler in a contract year.

    HSKR: TE Russell Duncan Wisconsin

    The Oilers are one of the first teams we have come across that don’t have a lot of glaring holes. They could afford to go BPA here because I don’t see them placing a lot of value at TE but with the best one still on the board, why not go with it here? Duncan is a do it all TE and will instantly make the Jaguars passing game an even bigger threat.

    24. Atlanta Falcons

    HSKR: OLB Kyaunn Bowers LSU

    The Falcons need help at quite a few defensive positions and had to be hoping one of the stud SS’s would fall to them here. However, they will be happy to get possibly the best 4-3 OLB in the draft this year in Bowers.

    Perry: LOLB Kyaunn Bowers-LSU

    Falcons need LB help and this guy is ready. Has excellent physical ability and showed good coverage skills in college.

    25. Indianapolis Colts

    Perry: MLB Taurean Rogers-Wisconsin

    Colts need help in the middle since they're still starting Brandon Spikes who's lost a step. Rogers is an athletic freak that will that can be groomed into a great LB.

    HSKR: MLB Taurean Rogers Wisconsin

    This roster is set up nicely to have another solid season so the Colts need to use this draft to try to replace some aging vets. I agree they go MLB here and try to replace the aging Spikes.

    26. New York Giants

    HSKR: LT Cody Hunter Florida

    If they end up snagging their franchise QB at 13 they better make sure they have the talent to protect him. Hunter would be the 5th LT to go in the first round as in my mock which probably means it is 100% wrong and we will be lucky to see 1 of the top tackles drafted.

    Perry: C A.J. Castillo-Charleston Southern

    Another Eli support pick here. Center is a weak point and not really a great one to upgrade in FA currently. Giants go after a guy who is strong quick and does a really good job in pass protection.

    27. San Francisco 49ers

    Perry: ROLB Zebadee Skinner-Georgia

    49ers are rumored to be moving back to the 3-4. They need help on the pass rushing end and Skinner can be the man. Ran a good 40 at the combine and showed manageable acceleration and agility in the 3 cone and shuttle.

    HSKR: OLB Zebadee Skinner Georgia

    The 49ers are loading up the defense to try to repeat as one of the top units in the league. Skinner is as good at finding the ball as any player in this draft and his unique pass rush ability will allow the 49ers to use him in different places in their versatile defensive scheme.

    28. San Diego Chargers

    HSKR: DE Marquan Hanna LSU

    Elite 3-4 DL aren’t easy to come by and the Chargers might be able to snag the best one in the draft. The Chargers have some solid players up front but you can really never have too many guys in a 3-4 front.

    Perry: SS Darius Schofield-Texas

    I personally don't like Texas players. They used to be good but now they're just kids that weren't good enough to get a scholarship to A&M or another SEC school. But Schofield is something special. Very versatile playmaker and could add some youth to that safety position.

    29. San Diego Chargers

    Perry: CB Tyler Beatty-Penn State

    Another defensive back but this is building for the future. Hell of a combine and good instincts. Has the size to mach up with bigger WRs but the athleticism to stick with a player like Amari Cooper. This will cap as the Chargers 3rd pick in the 1st round and help solidify their defense.

    HSKR: QB Sherwin Hickman Indiana

    This will be the 3rd pick in the 1st round for the Chargers this draft so I think they take an absolute flyer here and take the other QB who had an absolutely stupid combine. Hickman’s skills throwing the football leave a bit to be desired but with his speed some team will call his name way earlier than they should.

    30. Dallas Cowboys

    HSKR: OLB Josh Jackson Oklahoma

    There is so much talent on this Cowboys team right now it is really hard to pinpoint what they will target in this draft. Their LB’s are aging so I have them taking the best LB left on the board which is Jackson

    Perry: ROLB Raysean Lucas-Georgia

    Cowboys are loaded for a Super Bowl run nearly everywhere but linebacker. Lucas is a good balanced player that can play nearly anywhere due to his athleticism. He also has the benefit of playing in a Tampa 2 scheme in college similar to what the Cowboys run now.

    31. Pittsburgh Steelers

    Perry: LOLB Darrien Parker-Florida State

    Steelers need help in a few spots. Especially OLB. Timmons is old and getting slow. Parker is a guy with a quick first step that help the Steelers get more sacks (on their face). He also has the strength to push lineman into the QB.

    HSKR: DE Malcolm Barksdale Tennessee

    Tuitt isn’t getting any younger and this is a great draft to grab a 3-4 DL. The Steelers would have loved to see an offensive playmaker at WR and QB fall to them here but those positions have been pretty picked over, leaving them with their choice of DE or CB here.

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  4. hskr8128

    hskr8128 Walk On

    Jun 14, 2011
    Featured Threads:
    32. Baltimore Ravens
    Perry: CB Deandre Clay-UCLA

    First of all, who gets the 32nd pick? THE FUCKING CHAMPS THAT'S WHO. Now how do you build a championship roster? You start filling your aged positions before they're aged. That's why the Ravens take Clay to keep their secondary youthful and talented.​

    HSKR: DE Trenton Fleming-Georgia

    Fresh off a super bowl, the Ravens don’t have many holes. I think they will go BPA here which will lead them in the direction of the big bodied Fleming who can fill a backup role.

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  5. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012
    Great work ! I always like to see the top 10 picks pan out. But I know this go you boys are off. Haha
  6. charter04

    charter04 Walk On

    Jul 30, 2010
    Nice stuff guys. If I was drafting I was probably picking a LBer for sure. Maybe a TE
  7. BigK44

    BigK44 Walk On

    Oct 8, 2014
    hskr8128 predicted the Redskins correct again. I'm pretty sure you have done that on every mock draft you have posted this cycle. Good work guys
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  8. JFace907

    JFace907 Ron F'n Swanson

    Jul 1, 2010
    i am absolutely shocked that Raymond fell to the 33rd overall pick. Was licking my chops when i saw him there.
  9. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012
    Think everyone stayed away due to those 3 cone drill times haha! Dudes a beast though!

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