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2020 HaW Draft as of 4/15/16

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by akutozo, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. akutozo

    akutozo Baby, I'm a Brown.

    Apr 17, 2015
    1. New Orleans Saints (AP)
    2. Austin Desperadoes
    3. Miami Dolphins
    4. Philadelphia Eagles
    5. San Francisco 49ers
    6. Dallas Cowboys
    7. Austin Desperadoes
    8. New York Giants
    9. Cleveland Browns
    10. Seattle Seahawks (CPU)
    11. Kansas City Chiefs
    12. Buffalo Bills (CPU)
    13. Detroit Lions
    14. Denver Broncos
    15. Baltimore Ravens (CPU)
    16. Carolina Panthers
    17. Cincinnati Bengals
    18. New York Jets
    19. New York Jets
    20. Washington Redskins
    21. Portland SnoHawks (AP)
    22. Detroit Lions
    23. Atlanta Falcons
    24. Austin Desperadoes
    25. Tennessee Titans (AP)
    26. Indianapolis Colts
    27. Minnesota Vikings (CPU)
    28. Austin Desperadoes
    29. Austin Desperadoes
    30. Pittsburgh Steelers
    31. Detroit Lions
    32. Houston Texans

    Thank you for your help Woody

    Please let me know if a pick is dealt on GroupMe or TSO PM and I will update the list as we get to draft day.
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  2. akutozo

    akutozo Baby, I'm a Brown.

    Apr 17, 2015
    Draft news and analysis:

    The Saints are a dark horse. With a coach on AP going into the draft, the CPU will be deciding the #1 pick and shattering draft boards across the table. This will raise the value on picks 2-5, as no one can get the #1 from the Saints cold, robotic fingers.

    The Austin Desperadoes (Mattraq1) are undoubtedly holding the keys to this years draft. With 2 picks in the top 10 and 3 late firsts, look for the Desperadoes to hold on to their #2 pick and draft an impact player who can start immediately. It's possible that they look to fill the void left in their offensive line, but it's anyone's guess what direction they go. Look for them to trade #7 and #29, 7 for the value and 29 after they've grabbed 2 more solid talents. If the board doesn't look good, however, we may see them moving both 28 and 29. I doubt they give up 24, no matter what.

    Miami and Philly are both shopping their picks, but I don't they're going to get the price they are looking for outside of a last ditch move on or around draft day.

    The Cowboys have already made their move, grabbing the #6 overall pick. Look for them to take a skill position player or trade the pick for a bounty if their guy isn't there.

    The Jets and the Browns have both been quoted as looking to trade up into the draft.

    The Lions are the poor mans Desperadoes, holding 3 picks for themselves. Depending on their draft board, I don't see them making all 3 picks. Look for them to consolidate and trade up or trade into next years draft for a hoard of picks in 2021.

    The Texans are shopping the #32 overall pick. Look for a draft day trade unless someone is willing to make a big offer up front.
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  3. akutozo

    akutozo Baby, I'm a Brown.

    Apr 17, 2015

    • The Browns and the Colts have agreed to a trade, moving the Browns up to #9 and the Colts down to #26.
    • Word on the street is #3 is on the move.
    • More to come now that FA has wrapped up...
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