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2020 Season Previews

Discussion in 'The Flashback' started by hornfaninbama, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. hornfaninbama

    hornfaninbama GT: BulgyTexas

    Oct 21, 2009
    Same as always. Do if you want.
  2. hornfaninbama

    hornfaninbama GT: BulgyTexas

    Oct 21, 2009
    I can't wait to see my team after training. These are the players who are eligible to return, likely to play and their current ratings and class

    QB: Wyatt (RS) SO 97; Harris JR 96
    RB: Silva (RS) JR 90; Ross (RS) JR 88; Barry (RS) JR 87; Jackson (RS) FR 85; Morgan (RS) FR 84; Kilpatrick (RS) SO 83
    WR: Rivera (RS) SO 90; Carey (RS) SO 84; Brown JR 81
    TE: Patterson (RS) FR 76
    T: Edwards (RS) FR 81; Horne (RS) FR 80
    G: Payne FR 81, Green FR 78; Johnson (RS) SO 77; Waller (RS) FR 75
    C: Ray (RS) FR 80

    DE: Ross (RS) JR 90; Harris (RS) SO 87; Burke (RS) SO 83; Riley (RS) FR 82
    DT: Williams (RS) JR 90; Ginn (RS) JR 80
    OLB: Adams (RS) JR 89; Rawlins (RS) FR 78; Russell (RS) JR 76
    MLB: Thomas (RS) JR 77
    CB:Timmons (RS) SO 88; Stephens (RS) SO 88; Carter (RS) FR 79; Heinz (RS) FR 79
    FS: Irby (RS) JR 88
    SS: Godfrey (RS) SO 86; Bradford FR 80; Andrews FR 77
  3. hornfaninbama

    hornfaninbama GT: BulgyTexas

    Oct 21, 2009
    Utah Looks to Improve
    Start Season at #2

    Salt Lake City, UT- Utah had an excellent season last year, they won 12 games and topped Texas in the Fiesta Bowl. Their success from last season, and the fact they return almost their entire roster means they get the benefit of starting very high in the polls. This season the Ute's look to be one of the best teams in the country...on paper. Utah has the potential to challenge for the Pac 12 and National title. But as Bear Bryant once said, "Potential just means you ain't done shit yet."

    The offense for Utah appears to be loaded. They have 2 quarterbacks who would start for any team in the country, and would make that offense very difficult to prepare for. They go a legit 6 deep at running back, have excellent speed on the outside from the WR spot, an offensive line that has played together for a full season already and 3 TE's who can get open, catch the ball and block. It will be tough for any defense to key on one segment of the offense and be successful shutting the Utes down.

    Offensively the leaders will be Eric Rivera, Lui Silva, and Matt Harris. Harris will return to lead the offense for his fourth and final season in Salt Lake. He has improved by leaps and bounds each seson and this offseason was no different. He'll be the fastest QB in college football, and shooting for a 3000/1000 season. He will be the best QB Utah has had under center since Alex Smith. And so will his backup. Courtney Wyatt has never played significant time for the Utes. He redshirted the first season Harris took the reins and hasn't been able to wrest control of the offense away since. But if Harris were to go down with an injury Wyatt would be able to take the reins and the offense wouldn't miss a beat. Wyatt toyed with the idea of going pro after last season, but decided against it.

    Lui Silva will be lined up at HB for the final time in college this season. The redshirt senior has rewritten the Utah record book, and could go down as an all timer in SLC. He's a rare player for college football; big, fast, agile, and allergic to injuries. Silva has put on weight every season in Utah and it has always been good weight. He's gotten bigger and faster, and he breaks tackles with much more regularity. Behind him will be redshirt sophomore Brandon Jackson. Jackson came in as a :4stars: athlete, and he has made the coaches look brilliant for moving him from MLB to RB. He's up to 5'11'' 236 pounds and he has become a man child with the ball in his hands. He's added a little speed, and that coupled with his size makes him very difficult to bring down. He's one of the most punishing runners in college football and has added a devastating stiff arm to go along with his power running. Eugene Kilpatrick will be the #3 back and he'll be the lightning. He only carried 33 times last season but topped 500 yards and scored 9 TD's. The oppositions defense will have to account for two big powerful backs and a sprite who can really run and excels at making players miss. If any of them go down Steve Ross (94 overall) Damien Barry (93 overall) or Ryan Morgan (90 overall) will step in and keep the offense from slowing down.

    A couple years ago Utah's offensive philosophy shifted from having receivers who were big targets with sure hands to faster players who could make the defense pay for overplaying the power run and option game. This will be the first season we see those results firsthand. The two outside guys, Eric Rivera and Brad Carey are of the old thinking. Rivera goes 6'2" 212 and Carey is 6'5" 210 and neither will drop a pass he gets his mitts on. Inside though is a completely different story as John Brown (99 speed) is back in the slot, and he will be joined by another speedster in Brandon Rush (98 speed). Utah doesn't go 5 wide often but when they do redshirt freshman Bo Robinson (97 speed) will step into the third inside WR role. Last season opposing defenses brought safeties into the box to stop the run game. It didn't help much, but it did slow down the offense every now and then. If defenses try that this season one of the speedsters will be streaking past them as Harris finishes his play fake.

    The TE spot has been under control the last few seasons thanks to Nick Coe's abilities as a blocker and receiver. Utah brought in two new TE's this season to try and replace him, and they fit the mold of big athletic TE's who block and run. Johnathan Patterson is a fireplug at 6'1 251 and the redshirt sophomore out of California has developed into a solid pass catcher and blocker with excellent speed for the position. Gabe Thompson will join him in two TE sets this season because he is a better blocker than fellow true freshman Eric Terrell. Both are 6'6" and 250 pound plus, but Thompson has very good speed for an incoming freshman and has solid hands. If Thompson or Patterson break free from a LB or safety they have the speed to take the pass all the way. New fullback Rod Edwards may slide into an H Back role a little this season. He gives Utah a third player who can line up at bigger than 250 with speed, pass catching and blocking ability.

    Last season Utah started 4 freshmen and redshirt fresmen on the offensive line. That move will start to pay dividends this season as 4 of 5 starters return and the lone new starter was a swing lineman who played every spot last season. Greg Edwards is back to hold down the LT spot and the massive sophomore keeps growing. He's up to 6'7" 359 pounds and has developed into a solid well-balanced tackle who can maul defenders in the run game or slow down elite pass rushers. George Horne is the lone new starter and he'll slot in at right tackle. Horne is a pass blocker, but has the skills to be good enough in the run game to make solid blocks on the first and second level. Lionel Payne and Brian Greene both started as true freshmen last season and will be back to hold down the guard spots this season. Payne and Greene are similar to Horne; they're both pass blockers first with enough strength to move defenders off the ball in the run game. Redshirt sophomore Luke Ray is the returning starter at center. While he's a little big for the position at 319 pounds he brings good athleticism and solid blocking all the way around. The scary thing for teams around the country is that all 5 starters are an 84 or better, and all 5 are slated to spend 2 more seasons in SLC. This unit will be able to mature together and begin to move as one person.

    Last season Utah had one of the most dominant defense in the country the last half season. Following the loss to USC the Utes never gave up more than 31, and averaged only giving up 10 a game. They forced lots of turnovers, played with speed and ferocity and looked like the best unit in the country. The good news for Ute fans is that most of those players return this season. The defensive line was the key last season, and they look to be a strength of the defense again this season.

    Greg Ross broke the single season school record for sacks last season with 15, and he looks to build on his resume with another solid year. He's too small to play defensive end in the NFL so this could be his final season of football. He is excellent at disengaging from the blocker and tracking down the QB. Last season teams tried to double team him, that didn't work because it opened up holes in the protection for Joe Harris to break down. Harris is the defensive end with loads of next level potential. He's much bigger than Ross at 6'6" 254 pounds, but brings the same level of pass rushing ability with a better set of power moves when he's on the attack. The may be the best pair of defensive ends in college football this season, and each should keep the other from being double teamed in pass rush situations.

    Drew Williams has over developed himself. He's a small, lightweight former :3stars: prospect who has turned into a solid if unspectacular 267 pounds. And a set of moves that allow him to clog holes in the run game and collapse the pocket from the middle on pass rush plays. He's too tall for the position at 6'6 but he plays lower than that and gives the Utes a 3rd starter on the DL with an overall in the 90's. Charles Ginn will be the second defensive tackle and he's liliputian compared to most defensive tackles today at 247 pounds. Brennan Robinson will be the first man off the bench when he's needed, and if Utah has to go four deep massive Marcus Crowder will slide into the rotation. Crowder comes in at 6'4" 363 pounds and should have no problem stuffing holes.

    Linebacker will be the weak link on the defense this season but Jamie Adams will be back to anchor the unit from the LOLB spot. Adams is very good in coverage and has solid speed, but he is considered a run stopper. He excels at bringing the ball carrier down, and usually with excellent force. Brian Russell will be the ROLB and he isn't nearly the player Adams is. He has great speed, and block shedding ability, but that is about all he does at better than replacement level. In the middle senior Tremaine Thomas and sophomore Corey Rawlins are still fighting for the starting nod. Rawlins may win out despite his lack of speed because he is very good in coverage and would park a 6'6" MLB square in the middle of the field.

    The last few seasons have seen Utah with two excellent over size corners on the outside. Greg Timmons and Will Stephens are both 6'3" and they have turned into lockdown corners on the outside. They are excellent in man and zone coverage and are mirror images of each others skills (Timmons 99 zone, and 92 man; Stephens is the exact opposite.) Backing them up in nickel situations is a 3rd big corner 6'2" Mark Heinz to cover slot guys. The small corner is Dee Carter and he comes in at 5'11" and will see the field in dime packages.

    The safeties are somewhat interchangeable, but James Irby is back for his final season in SLC and he has become the prototypical free safety. He's very fast, covers well and is larger than average for the position at 6'1" 213 pounds. Kenard Godfrey makes his return to the strong safety spot, but he will probably make his money as a free safety in the NFL. He's is one of the fastest players on the team, and covers better than several corners. He will play one final season as a strong safety and then make the move to free safety next season.

    Utah will be very talented all the way across the board, and there is at least one 90 overall player at every level of the offense and defense except for the offensive line. They are one of the two or three most talented teams in the country...on paper, and could realistically shoot for a conference and national title. There will be several teams standing in their way. A week 2 matchup with LSU in Houston looms as a big test, and a game with division rival USC could topple all their goals. Not to mention Vanderbilt's new coach QClassic 22. This could be a very exciting season for the Utah faithful if the team can put their talent to use week in and week out. Whether they can or not remains to be seen. This writer predicts a 10 win season and BCS berth as the bare minimum to not call this season a waste.
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  4. qclassic 22

    qclassic 22 Walk On

    May 24, 2012
    2020 Season
    The Commodores come into the 2020 season with a new coach on the sidelines. Coach Willie Lump Lump comes to Nashville after 7 winning seasons at North Texas. Lump Lump also won multiple conference titles and 2 BCS bowls and made North Texas a legit contender. Lump Lump hopes to do the same with Vandy but it's a lot of work to be done.

    At QB there is no clear cut starter but JR Sean Rodgers will most likely be the starter as he seemed to be the most balanced at QB. Redshirt FR Nick Thompson will serve as the backup. Also Cory Richard can be in the mix as well.

    RB seems a little more clear cut as SR Wali Washington will carry the load for the Dores. Beau Fredrick and Kyle Brown will backup Washington and can also see some time on the field together.

    WRs are led by SR Larry Thompson. He's not the fastest but he has the best hands on the team. The campus is buzzing about true FR Brent Mayfield. He's a good route runner and can hold on to the ball after a hit. JRs Adam Williams and Terrance Jude will play the slot. At TE is probably one of the best in the country in SR Stanley Thornburg. Thornburg has all the tools to play at the next level as he should carry along this offense.

    3 Sophs and 2 JRs make out the O Line. led by SR guards Terrance Miranda and Dan White. Also 6'4" 327 So Josh Kenney should be a standout a T.

    The D Line is a strong point led by 3 SRs and 1 JR make out the D Line. There's a lot of depth with this unit so they should have fresh bodies going into 4th Qtrs of games.

    The LBs are SR led. this group has speed and should be flying around the field.

    The Secondary has a lot of experience but is not that talented but coach Lump Lump is confident that this group can hold up.

    Coach Lump Lump really took on a challenge by taking this job but this is nothing new as he turned North Texas into a respectable program.

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