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2020 Spring Position Battles

Discussion in 'The Deuce' started by JrRawlins, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. JrRawlins

    JrRawlins People hate me cause they aint me...

    Feb 10, 2009
    Georgia Bulldogs 2020 Spring Battles

    QB – Eric Wilson is the starter heading into 2020, Wilson missed most of the 2019 season with broken collarbone is back in the saddle as the starter... he will have a pair of freshman backing up with JJ Hill and Jon Ransom coming to campus.. Ransom could redshirt next year....

    HB – With the emergence of Adam Joseph and Jabari White.. the Bulldogs are set at running back for the next couple of seasons.....

    WR – Matt Manson is gone, and Steven Spence is coming off a redshirt year... Adam Booker is cemented in as the #1.. but the #2 spot is up for grabs between about 5 receivers... Spence has the most potential with the further to progress....Caleb James has the ability with the in-game production, Bo Washington has just flat out speed, Anthony James as the size for the outside but the speed and route running to be inside, Thompson just seems to catch the ball when its thrown to him... WR will probably be some type of rotation between everyone but Booker unless a stud WR arrives in the offseason...

    TE – Aaron Garrett is the man at tight end for the next 2 seasons with redshirt freshman Aaron Hollins with his huge 6’7 frame should be a red zone threat this season.

    OL- The Bulldogs offensive line is still extremely young across the board and will only start one senior next season... Freshman Cameron Bowling and Barrett Brooks could come in and compete for playing time right away.....

    DL – The Bulldogs once again graduate and entire defensive line..... this time around though the Bulldogs recruiting has brought in some bonafide starters along the line with freshman :4stars:Josh Tyson and :4stars:Brandon McDonald are walking in and starting at DT. At defensive end, John Clark returns and should see the lionshare of time at right end... while at left end, an interesting battle between redshirt freshman Jeremy Allen and Jerome Carter and incoming :4stars:Danny Morris..... Morris seems to be the favorite....

    OLB – at Lolb, Gilmore is leaving, but he was average in hindsight... and Rodney Smith should be an upgrade after a year in the system....at Rolb, Baker and Clark both appear ready to play as redshirt juniors but they may have to wait......

    MLB – This will be the strength of the Bulldogs defense, Seniors Aaron Thomas and Casey Newton are back to man the middle for a final season, but the have help coming from :4stars:MLB Max Strickland, who should be able to walk in and play which would slide one of the seniors back to their natural outside backer position.....

    Secondary – In the secondary, :4stars:FS Mark Collins is being heralded as the savior... but he probably wont be that... he will play strong safety and with his abilities, he should be rock solid for the next 4 years... at Corner Juco Sophomore Jacob Heffner will walk in and should see the field right away in some form or fashion... Russ Perry should be ready for an extended role of the outside... and :4stars:ATH Brian Taylor could see some time at FS if he rates out as we expect....
  2. Shaun Mason

    Shaun Mason Somebody you used to know.

    Feb 9, 2009
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    Backup Jeremy Barry leaves for the car lot, but Chad Carter should return as the starter. I have an incoming freshman I like who will probably get the backup job unless he retires.

    Stud Edwin Walton leaves to play in the NFL, and the depth behind him is average at best. Likely starter next season will be Derrick Williams, who ran for 510 yards this season.

    Brad London graduates, but two good young fullbacks sit behind him. I am hoping 6'2" 274 lb Kevin Harper has a good offseason.

    Seniors Ray Dennis and Chris Ingram were the heart of the receiving corp and both graduate. Craig Branch, Amir Reyes and Steve Mongomery look to start unless a recruit comes in better than I expect.

    Both Brett Pennington and Brad Hollins are gone, leaving the cupboards bare I will be starting a freshman or moving a fullback over.

    My whole offensive line is young, so everyone will be back (though they mostly suck).

    All-American Ryan Miles and Nathan Wright leave a DE. I will either move DT's over or someone will have to gain a lot of points in the offseason.

    Glenn Beach and Alex Blount leave on the outside, leaving my linebacker corp pretty weak. I may move Chris Watkins (who played SS) to the outside (6'6" 220).

    Captian Tony Hughes leaves and it is thin after him. Loren Harris will be the best corner on the team.

    Mario Jackson is gone, and with Chris Watkins possibly getting moved to linebacker, look for new faces.

    Starters return

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