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2020 Team Previews!

Discussion in 'Chompion's League' started by Spayer419, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Spayer419

    Spayer419 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2012
    Post them up!
  2. Glen Cieske

    Glen Cieske Walk On

    Jul 2, 2012
    Wisconsin Team Preview

    Depth Chart

    QB: SR. Billy Lopez 6'7" 230 Ovr-98

    HB: JR. Casey Russell 5'9" 204 Ovr-90
    HB: rJR. Johnny Williams 5'11" 211 Ovr-91
    FB: FR Jason Carter 5'11" 225 Ovr- 81

    TE: SO. Kyle Jackson 6'2" 248 Ovr-82
    WR: JR. Cody Green 6'1" 209 Ovr-93
    WR: SR. Robert Young 5'11" 207 Ovr-92
    WR: rJR Chris Robinson 6'2" 221 Ovr-92

    LT: rJR George Spicer 6'2" 272 Ovr-89
    RT: rJR Keith Harris 6'2" 316 Ovr-90
    LG: JR. John Moore 6'1" 360 Ovr-82
    RG: SO. James Smith 6'3" 328 Ovr-84
    C: JR. Dennis Thomas 6'6" 277 Ovr-86

    RE: rJR Derek Alford 6'8" 280 Ovr-87
    DT: rJR Josh Thornburg 6'4" 286 Ovr-85
    DT: rSO Rob Bergstrand 6'3" 305 Ovr-84
    LE: SO. Victor Owens 6'7" 265 Ovr-86

    OLB: rSR. Alex Burton 6'4" 237 Ovr-87
    MLB: SO. Brent Hammond 6'3" 247 Ovr-82
    OLB: rSR. Maurice Thomas 6'7" 254 Ovr-90

    CB: JR. Chip Warren 6' 188 Ovr-90
    CB: rSO Greg Jones 6' 192 Ovr-85
    FS: SO. Robert Ward 6'4" 218 Ovr-82
    SS: JR. Curtis Weaver 6'1" 203 Ovr-83

    KR/PR: Casey Russell

    K: FR. Julian Harris 6' 172 Ovr-84
    P: FR. Ben Bradley 6'2" 215 Ovr-73
    This season the Badgers are going to see a few new faces on the field. A few have waited a long time to get their chances and a few just got done going to prom a few months ago. The Badgers lost D.J. Yates and Dave Keyes to the NFL Draft. D.J. Yates threw for 7,866 Yds and 82 Touchdowns - Completion % of 67 and a QB rating of 170.6 for his career. Yates finished his Sr. year with a QB rating of 190.2, 1.8 behind former Badger Russell Wilson for the school record. Dave Keyes rushed for 4548 Yds on 802 carries with 49 Touchdowns averaging 5.6 YPC in his career.

    Taking their places will be Sr QB Billy Lopez, JR Casey Russell and JR Johnny Williams. Lopez has waited a long time to take the offense into his hands, Lopez got some valuable experience last season, although it was not overly impressive, it will be worth keeping an eye on to see if he can get it together. Russell and Williams both bring the ability to hit the homerun play at any given moment. Both Russell and Williams have played parts on the offense while backing up Keyes. They should combine for an exciting combination in the Badgers back field.

    The Badgers lost their starting MLB, FS, SS and both CB during the offseason. CB Chip Warren who was second in INTs (5) last season (John Jude(7) Rd 5 NFL Draft) will move out from the slot and take over full time, most likely on the oppositions #1 WR. rSO Greg Jones is a transfer who is getting his first action as a Badger after sitting out one year, only time will tell how effective he can be. SS Weaver and FS Ward are unknowns who only saw the field on special teams and will be forced into action immediately. SO Brent Hammond will take over in the middle as the Badgers lost 2 MLBs in the offseason. Hammond, a 4 star recruit, has the potential to be a star in the Badgers new 4-3 defense with his size (6'3 247) speed (80spd, 87accel) and coverage ability (75 ZCV, 67 MCV).



    OLB Maurice Thomas; at 6'7 254 with speed (88) and acceleration (99) he will be all over the field and should put up a stat line that will make NFL GMs drool.

    WR Cody Green; Green has a unique skill set, Green was a 5* ATH when he walked onto campus, most saw him as a RB but with the Badgers already having Russell and Williams at RB, Green got moved to WR. Green has developed quickly (95 CTH, 90 CIT, 92 RTE) but what is impressive about him is his ability after the catch (85 BTK, 84 TRK, 88 ELU). The Badgers faithful are expecting great things from him this season.
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  3. cyhiphopp

    cyhiphopp Walk On

    Aug 2, 2012

    Depth Chart

    QB: rSR. Flash Williams 6'1" 193 Ovr-99

    HB: rSR. Nick Peterson 6'2" 231 Ovr-98
    HB: SO. Mack McCarthy 6' 189 Ovr-83

    TE: JR. Vinny Morales 6'4" 236 Ovr-91
    TE2: SO. Mike McGee 6'4" 263 Ovr-83
    WR: rSR. Kenard Evans 6'2" 209 Ovr-96
    WR: rJR. Kenyon Holley 6'1" 211 Ovr-94
    WR: rSO Kurt Crenshaw 6'2" 198 Ovr-90

    LT: rSR Brandon Stanley 6'2" 278 Ovr-94
    RT: rJR Jon Mitchell 6'4" 349 Ovr-86
    LG: rJR. Chad Robinson 6'4" 347 Ovr-86
    RG: rSO. Blake Richwalski 6'4" 317 Ovr-91
    C: rSR. Julius Jackson 6'3" 330 Ovr-99

    RE: rJR Troy Holt 6'1" 256 Ovr-91
    DT: rJR Matt Thompson 6'1" 283 Ovr-90
    DT: rJR Nate Edwards 6'2" 266 Ovr-88
    LE: rSR. Shawn Williams 6'3" 242 Ovr-95

    OLB: rFR. Garry Taylor 5'11" 224 Ovr-82
    MLB: rJR. Mark Gaines 5'11" 227 Ovr-93
    OLB: rSO. Aaron Miller 5'11" 227 Ovr-77

    CB: rJR. Josh Rivas 6'1'' 187 Ovr-90
    CB: rJR Colton McCormick 5'11'' 175 Ovr-90
    CB: JR Paul O'Neal 5'11'' 217 Ovr-90
    FS: rJR James Starks 6'0" 213 Ovr-96
    SS: rSR Jared Dotson 6'3" 186 Ovr-96
    SS2: rSO Will Sanders 6'0" 185 Ovr-90

    KR/PR: Mack McCarthy

    K: rSR Kenneth Parcell 5'10'' 166 Ovr-98
    P: FR. Shannon Roberts 6' 227 Ovr-84

    An early injury last year caused Flash Williams to miss almost the whole season. He's back at full strength this season and hopes to improve his draft stock by having a great full season for ATM. Jimmy Morris was forced to step up last season as a Redshirt Freshman last year and performed admirably gaining some valuable experience so he will for sure be ready if needed this year.
    Similar injury issues struck the HB position. Nick Peterson had a 5 week injury stretch to 7 weeks before he hit the field again. Mack McCarthy stepped up as a true Freshman and gained over 1000 yards before Nick Returned. A week after Nick was on the field again, Mack was injured and missed the rest of the season. Having both backs available should provide a Thunder and Lightning tandem for A&M. Nick is the big back but has all the necessary skills acquired during his college career. Mack is the pure athlete who had great success running away from defenders last year. Splitting carries will mean that neither will end up with huge stats at the end of the year but it may keep them healthy and the running game as a whole should be great again this year.
    The receiving corps has some new faces. The top two pass catchers from last year have departed for the draft but Kenard Evans is joined by speedsters Holley and Krenshaw atop a deep WR group. They will be joined by two versatile TEs; Morales and McGee. Both TEs excel at both blocking and receiving and are great red zone threats.

    On defense the biggest loss is Jess Rucker. Four year starter at DE who racked up 63 sacks in his time at A&M. Holt and Williams aren't quite as freakishly fast but they will still give opposing OLs fits. The two DTs each specialize in separate tasks; pass rushing and run stuffing, and should compliment each other well. LBer is a bit thinner this year with both top tacklers leaving for the draft. The young guys do have plenty of speed and raw ability though. The top two corners also graduated but the pipeline is pretty stacked so not much will be lost. The top three safeties return to wreak havok against both run and pass.

    Last years struggles with injuries galvanized this team which earned the title the hard way. Oregon and Arkansas are surely out for revenge, but this year both have to come to college station unlike last year. The Pac14 will again provide a huge challenge but this team is built to accept that challenge.

    Projected Team MVPs:
    Offense - Flash Williams: He has something to prove after missing most of last season. A pure dual threat QB who should have plenty of targets in the passing game.
    Defense - Shawn Williams has been in the shadow of Rucker for multiple years and is ready to shine at center stage. He started last year with solid numbers but was overshadowed by the two departing senior sack masters at DE and DT.​
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  4. MrWitness36

    MrWitness36 Walk On

    Mar 1, 2012
    Another year of football in the making with maybe a few surprises this year. This will be a rebuilding season for Michigan as they will have a lot of young talent on the field. The biggest question is who will replace Eric Williams at Qb? Good one that's the position with the youngest guys Coach Witness should have a better idea close to kickoff versus Oregon.

    The projected starter at Qb is Dtew Barber Soph (rs) who shows the ability just no experience on his background. I'm sure it's going to take time but he will do just fine this season. Tailback hands down to Brian Olsen Sr who manages to squeeze into the Heisman race before suffering a season ending injury. He's back Well rested and ready to make another run for that trophy.

    Chris Butler Jr (rs) most experience WR coming back playing a lot of slot last year gets his turn as a full time starter. Blazing speed will get him down the field and good hands will help make or qb job easy. TE (rs) Joel Miller is a beast good speed and great hands nothing else he needs. Been around for a while his experience will help him be one of the best tight ends around this upcoming season.

    ALL-AMERICAN defensive tackle Kevin Brock will lead us from the trenches 3 year starter. Backing him up Sr Spencer Rodgers should be good this year at the defensive end position hopefully can help make a difference. Olb Josh Williams Sr should have a interesting year as he prepares to enter the draft after he graduated this following may. A true senior who has experience under the belt will be a force to reckoning with along Brock.
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