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2021 Game Summaries!

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Freakskull, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Freakskull

    Freakskull Lobsters are mermaids to scorpions.

    Sep 10, 2014
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  2. Woody

    Woody Walk On

    Jan 6, 2016
    I'm slacking here. I'll give you 2 in a row. I jot notes down as the game is going on so I can remember some things. There may be missing parts as I either get frustrated or excited and forget to jot some things down. I'll do my best.

    Week 2 - Eagles @ Desperados
    Coming into week 2, nobody really knew what to expect. The Eagles have many new parts in place this year. Is it going to be an off year for them, or will they be able to gel quickly and hang with the better teams in the league?

    After a quick Desperados FG, the Eagles started to grind out 2 long drives. The first was capped off with a short TD pass to WR Chris Conely. The second score was a 20 yard pass to Jordan Matthews in the corner of the endzone. The score at the half was 14-3. The Eagles started to come apart on both sides of the ball second half. They wouldn't be able to muster up any points as the Desperados put up 15 unanswered points. Down 18-14 with 4 minutes left to go in the game and pushed deep in their own territory, Russell Morgan was trying to make something happened and was sacked in the endzone for a safety and that would seal the deal for the Desperados. Final score, Desperados 20, Eagles 14.

    Week 3 - Redskins @ Eagles
    As expected for any NFC East game, this one was a dog fight. There were tons of back and forth. The Eagles dominated early on both sides of the ball. Putting up 3 quick TD's to the Redskins 1. Tre Mason was responsible for the first 3 TD's of the game. 2 rushing and 1 receiving. In the second half Redskins running back, Lenex Brandon took over the game and the Eagles had no answer for him. Late in the 4th quarter, Redskins FB, Lonnie Pryor punched the ball in from the 1 to give the Redskins a 3 point lead. The score was 27 - 24. Backed up their own 26 yard line, the Eagles knew they had to at least get into field goal range to tie the game. QB Russell Morgan dropped back and heaved a pass down the middle of the field to a wide open Zach Ertz for a 74 yard TD. The Eagle took the lead, but did they leave too much time on the clock for the Redskins? The Eagles dug deep and found a way to put a stop to the powerful Redskins offense and came away with the win. Final score, Eagles 31, Redskins 27
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  3. Sir g Neville

    Sir g Neville Walk On

    Feb 8, 2016
    Week 4 - Snowhawks @ Jets

    The jets were missing a key defensive player, MLB Kyle Middlebrooks. They had to make some defensive adjustments for their game this week and the management were a little unsure how a young Jack Griffin would manage in a starting role.

    The game started evenly going 7-7 into the 2nd, but it was the Jets running game that would come out on top, with backup RB Jay ajayi breaking free for a 51 yard TD being the game changer. Putting on a show for his family in attendance Ajayi ran for 109 yards off only 7 carries, when you add this to Shamell Murray rushing for 147 yards on the day you can quickly see how the game got out of hand. The Jets go into the half 28-7.

    The Snowhawks put up a spirited comeback with WR Rashad Dobbins putting on an outrageous 2nd half performance, catching 3 TD's for 190 yards. The highlight being a 95 yard touchdown with 3 broken tackles and one pissed off Jets coach.

    However it was all too little too late, the Jets matched the Snowhawks score for score and the comeback was not to be. Final score, 56-28.
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