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2022 Season Previews

Discussion in 'The Flashback' started by hornfaninbama, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. hornfaninbama

    hornfaninbama GT: BulgyTexas

    Oct 21, 2009
    They go here if you're so inclined.
  2. hornfaninbama

    hornfaninbama GT: BulgyTexas

    Oct 21, 2009
    Golden Generation Gone

    Utah Starts Rebuild

    Sale Lake City, UT- The most accomplished graduating class in Utah history just left campus with six first round picks and a third rounder thrown in for good measure. They notched a national title, 3 BCS wins, and 2 Pac 12 titles while on campus. And hopefully they have taught the yonger classes how to sustain that success.

    Matt Harris and Courtney Wyatt have manned the QB spot the past few seasons, but Vincent Duncan took over for a few games last season, and will man the job full time starting this year. The coaching staff planned to redshirt him last year, but Wyatt's injury nixed that plan. Duncan is similar to Wyatt thanks to his speed and stature, and if he can put up similar number the coaches would appreciate it. Backing him up will be redshirt freshman Brian Hairston. Hairston is bigger at 6'5" 220 pounds, but doesn't pass the ball as well and has a penchant for coughing the ball up. The Ute's won't have to change the offense if Duncan gets hurt, but the coaches do hope he stays healthy all season long.

    Brandon Jackson is starting his final season in Utah, the redshirt senior bided his time to win the job full time, and last year he made the most of it. He topped the 2000 yard mark, led the nation in rushing and scored 22 TD's. He's back for his final season, and hopes to top those incredible numbers. The Utah offense will no doubt lean on him more often this season with an inexperienced QB under center. Two players are fighting for the #2 RB spot former JUCO transfer and redshirt junior Jeremy Davis, a speed demon who can score from anywhere and fellow redshirt senior and former :5stars: recruit Ryan Morgan. Morgan is an excellent do it all back, but the coaches may opt for the explosiveness of Davis over the experience of Morgan.

    Brett Stewart, Anthony Harris and Bo Harris will be the top 3 WR's for Utah this season and they are all very fast (94, 96, 99 respectively) Utah made a shift in recruiting a few seasons back and this will be the first season the Utes have all speed receivers on the roster. The coaches are expecting more dropped passes, but also more explosive plays. Brad Bryant and Morgan Young are fighting for the #4 slot. Young is another speedy player, and Bryant isn't slow himself (97 and 94.) The Utah receiving corps will look very different this season compared to the past.

    There may be some new formations on the field this season since the Ute's have 6 TE's on the roster, 4 active and 2 redshirting, but the top 2 on the depth chart are unchanged from last season. Jonathan Patterson and Gabe Thompson. Patterson is beginning his final season in Salt Lake City, and he is a terror once he gets the ball. Thompson is a terror whether he has posession or not. Both Patterson and Thompson have excellent speed 87 and 86 respectively. But Patterson is 6'1 250 and Thompson is 6'6" 260. When the Ute's go with 3 TE's look for redshirt freshman Justin Harris to take the field, Harris is also 6'6" 260 pounds and brings excellent hands and the juke moves he busts out even at his size are almost unbelievable.

    Utah will bring their super class together one last time on the offensive line. The Ute's will start 5 seniors on the offensive line. Greg Edwards and George Horne will hold down the tackle spots, Lionel Payne and Brian Green will man the guards and Luke Ray will play his final season at center. All 5 of them are solid in the ground game and getting into their pass sets, their experience should help the Utah offense be whatever is needed on a week to week basis.

    The Utah staff has known this season would be coming for a while, and unfortunately they have missed on several big prospects on the defensive line for the past few seasons. While the front four used to be a huge advantage for Utah it will become a liability this season. Tyler Riley and Alex Nash take over the defensive end spots, and while Mark Lester and Marcus Crowder will slot in at the defensive tackle spots. Riley is the last in the line of dominant defensive ends that began several seasons ago. Riley is just a redshirt sophomore and the two defensive tackles are juniors. Crowder may be the biggest player in college football this season at 6'4" 372 pounds.

    Last season the linebacking unit was a weak point, this year all 3 starters return with a year of experience under their belt and higher expectations. Sophomores Chip Smith and Maurice White will start at the outside linebacker positions while junior Corey Rawlins mans the middle. All 3 linebackers are solid in coverage, and Smith is very fast. Rawlins will be patrolling the middle at 6'6" and Maurice Smith will tackle anything that moves. They should be a solid unit that can help stop the run, generate pressure and cover underneath.

    Greg Timmons and Will Stephens finally graduated. The dual four year starters have given way to Mark Heinz and Dee Carter, 2 redshirt seniors who will be getting their first action as starters. Heinz is 6'2' and is a lockdown corner with excellent speed and Carter is just 5'11" but doesn't let receivers get away from him in man or zone coverage either. Redshirt sophomore Brandon Cooper and redshirt freshmen Antonio Harris and Steven Price will form the nickel and dime sets. Harris and Price are 6'2" and 6'3" respectively.

    John Andrews and Antonio Bradford will man the safety spots. Bradford was a starter last season, but Andrews will be getting his first meaningful playing time. Andrews is solid in coverage and also attacking the line of scrimmage in the run game. Utah views the safety spots as interchangeable so Bradford is more of the same. Bradford will be a senior this season, and Andrews a junior. Their backups will be Derrick Johnson and Pat Stevenson, both sophomores.

  3. Walter323

    Walter323 Walk On

    Jun 18, 2014
    New Man in Charge In College Station

    Coach Maddox George leaves UNLV after only two years. Some say an investigation was looming after recruiting violations, George says UNLV was just a stepping stone, a place to get his foot in the door and make a name for himself. George said A&M is the perfect fit, "In the best conference(SEC) and the best state for recruiting, what more can I ask for".
    Championships coach George, championships.
    After a good fall camp and one game more is known about the 2022 Aggies. Redshirt Junior Matt Hayward had been in coaches ear all fall talking about how he is a "gunslinger". So coach George gave him will reigns with the playbook Saturday. 8 INTs later I think George will be making the play calls from now on.

    A&M offence looks to be pretty decent with an OL averaging a rating of 90, Junior QB Hayward who is a duel threat at all times, and punishing RB Tommy Larson. Look for Roderick Lester to be a nice change of pace back in the screen and draw game. The biggest question for the A&M offence with be at WR. Lots of fresh faces after graduating 4 seniors last season. Shederick Clark looks to be the go to guy but keep an eye one true freshman Max McDaniel and is 96 speed. The coaching staff said with Max being a true freshman they are having him concentrate on one route, the fly and only the fly.

    The Defence is a mix of true freshman and redshirt seniors. Look for the experience in the secondary (6-8 seniors depending on the formation) to help out the young guys up front.

    Coach George said this is the year to make a statement with all of our seniors. With a large graduating class looming the Agies are going to need to hit the recruiting trail hard this year to fill the void of the last head coach (who the hell has 4 senior SS and no other back ups!!!!!)

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