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2027 Oakland Trade Block

Discussion in 'Trade Block' started by Confucius Rex, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Confucius Rex

    Confucius Rex Walk On

    Nov 9, 2012
    Devin Burke. First Base.
    Look at this guy's power. This dude is going to be smacking them out of the park very soon. And look at that range and experience at first base. Sure he's not fast, but he don't need to be fast when he's trotting round the bases after hitting a walk-off grand slam. Plus, if you're worried about his future contract demands don't be. He has very high loyalty and very low greed. This guy will be with you forever. Plus his nickname is Quasimodo. What's not to love?

    "But hold up CR," you may interject. "If you like this guy so much, why do you want to trade him?" Simple answer. Burke is 24 years old and ready for the majors. But I already have Song Ju wrapped up in a contract for another six years. It would be a crime against baseball to have a talent like Burke on the bench until he's 30. Per my usual MO, I'm interested in solid young pitching talent. Maybe a starter or a couple good relievers even. I'm also interested in a fast, lead-off outfielder prospects as well right now. So if you're interested hit me up, and we'll rap.
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