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2032 Draft Review

Discussion in 'The Dugout - OOTP Online League' started by Roggie, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. Roggie

    Roggie Back 2 Back

    Jun 14, 2011
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    (Screencaps and 2nd half to come later)

    1-1: New York Yankees - SP Jeff Sanders

    OOTP had this pick wrong, showing another starter as being the only 5 star prospect in the draft. The Yankees nailed it by getting the #1 player at 1-1. Semi developed, high work ethic, very high ceiling. Three good to great pitchers, fantastic stuff with great movement and control. Should be a top of the staff ace for years.

    1-2: Cincinnati Reds - SP Kyle Tracy

    A right-handed Alexander Maehle with better control and stamina. Potential to outclass division rivals Maehle and David Bush, both high stuff pitchers who have dominated the division for years. Three fantastic pitches with a 4th waste pitch, and throwing 98 MPH, Tracy should lead any staff.

    1-3: Los Angeles Dodgers - SP Ronald Gibbons

    Another high end pitcher, Gibbons is best described as Tracy-lite. Basically identical pitchers, just that Gibbons throws a couple MPH slower, which has him graded out at 75 stuff instead of 80. Paired with current #1 prospect Edwin McCoy, the Dodgers have a potential insane top of a rotation.

    1-4: Chicago White Sox - SP Stephen Walker

    Not a huge fan of this pick with a couple pitchers that I graded out as higher than Walker, but still a good prospect. Maybe not a #1 pitcher, but definitely a 1-A or #2 on a staff. Very good stuff/control with solid movement on his pitches to go with 2 plus pitches and a 3rd solid one, Walker does have youth on his side, being only 17, and could exceed projections.

    1-5: Atlanta Braves - SP Billy Akers

    My #3 prospect, Akers looks like he can carry a staff for years. With his 15.6 K/9 in college, he has the potential to be a top 10 strikeout artist in the majors in the future. Another 3 pitch starter with a 4th pitch just to keep batters off guard. Also has better control than most high stuff pitchers.

    1-6: Pittsburgh Pirates - SP Tony Matthews

    Another guy who I feel was drafted a bit early, Matthews is the first pitcher who doesn't look like a big strikeout pticher taken. Matthews instead is a control specialist with 3 plus pitches. Only 18, he could easily surpass projections, but could also fail to live up to expectations. Seems to be average in work ethic and intelligence, giving no indication of how close to expectations he will get.

    1-7: San Diego Padres - SP John Gullive

    Another pitcher who I felt should have gone earlier, Gullive looks like a future stud. 3 outstanding pitches, one being a cutter that eats right handed batters alive, he should be able to handle batters on both sides of the plate. Only concern is his lack of a work ethic.

    1-8: Kansas City Royals - SP Clyde Hoffman

    Hoffman has a rocket launcher attached at the right shoulder instead of a human arm. He has one of the liveliest fastballs to come out of college in years. Hoffman does need to work on his curveball to be a top flight starter, but with his stuff, he should develop into a #1.

    1-9: Colorado Rockies - SP Mark McLean

    Not a huge fan of this pick. I feel Colorado would have been better off taking a risk on a starter with huge upside over a safe pick with their history of starters. Nothing against McLean, who is a very nice prospect. MeLean has very nice stuff with 3 great pitches and should be a solid #2 at some point.
    1-10: Tampa Bay Rays - SP Daniel Montgomery

    Montgomery looks like a guy who will develop into a possible ace. High stuff to go with 3 plus pitches and a 4th pitch that's actually respectable, unlike most other guys drafted so far. I feel he went too late, but he was projected in the 8-12 range.

    1-11: Cleveland Indians - SP Dave Willits

    Willits is who I would have gone with if I was Colorado. Very high end stuff to go with great movement and 3 outstanding pitches. His control is a bit of a concern, but the upside is tremendous.

    1-12: Boston Red Sox - SP Chris Torres

    Another guy who probably would have gone higher if it wasn't for his laziness, Torres looks like a guy who should have some very good stuff. ANOTHER 3 great pitch pitcher with a 4th crap pitch, and good movement with above average control.

    1-13: Minnesota Twins - CF Stan Burt

    The first batter FINALLY goes! A good contact, high power outfielder with good defense. He is only 18 and is known as being lazy, so it might be years before he makes his mark, but he already can play all 3 outfield positions and should improve defensively.

    1-14: Texas Rangers - SP Nathan Williams

    Williams went top 10 in our mock, so he is a good value pick here. Four good to plus pitches along with high stuff and solid movement and control, Williams is known as a guy who induces a lot of ground balls. Already throws 96 as a 18 year old, he could end up breaking the 100 MPH barrier.

    1-15: Seattle Mariners - Brady Hart

    Very similar to Williams, who went just ahead, without a good 4th pitch but a higher work ethic. Another guy who should turn into a solid starter, although not quite a #1. Another lefty with a sharp cutter who should be good against batters on both sides of the plate.
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    Jul 16, 2010

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