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2038 Dugout RPI: Draft Day

Discussion in 'The Dugout - OOTP Online League' started by HAL9100, Dec 23, 2014.

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    Jul 15, 2011
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    6/11/38 RPI Rankings

    2038 RPI.png
    • Road Issues: It's always expected for teams to do worse on the road than at home, but some teams have been extraordinarily bad on the road and it's hurting their ability to compete for their divisions. Some examples; The Tigers are 22-11 at home and 8-23 on the road. The Rangers own the best record at home in the MLB at 22-7, but are 13-21 on the road. The Brewers, Dodgers and Red Sox are among the worst teams in the MLB record wise so far, but each of the 3 are only 1 game under .500 at home while being 8-22, 9-21, and 9-22 on the road.
    • How Important Are Road Games Really? You may be asking yourself after that first bullet point. The Blue Jays had the worst record in the MLB last year going 51-111. On the road, they went a horrible 20-61. This year, they currently have the 2nd best record in the MLB and are 20-12 on the road. That's right, after 2 months of baseball the Blue Jays have already matched their entire road win total from 2037. And while they've been better at home too, they're on pace for about an extra 30 wins on the road.
    • Okay, But This Is About The RPI, Right? Same old story at the top of the RPI unfortunately. The AL West owns 4 of the top 7 spots and there's only 1 NL team in the top 8. The Rangers even retain the top spot despite being 3rd in their division. However, there's been a lot of movement outside of that. The Cubs and Phillies are both outside of the Top 10 for the first time in Dugout RPI history. The Rays and Blue Jays went from doormats in 2037 to contenders in 2038 with both being in the top 5. The Nationals have jumped up to 11th and have a winning record despite having allowed 42 more runs than they've scored. The Rockies even won the World Series last year but were never in the top 8 of the RPI until now.
    • No Runaways: The Rockies hold the biggest division lead at the moment with just 6 games. Every division is still up for grabs after 1/3 of the season. Roughly 80% of the teams in the MLB still have legitimate shots at winning their division. So it should be very competitive through the rest of the year with some good storylines.

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