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2040 Draft Grades

Discussion in 'The Dugout - OOTP Online League' started by Roggie, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. Roggie

    Roggie Back 2 Back

    Jun 14, 2011
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    1. Washington: SP Francisco Reyes

    Nailed this pick. A top talent in the draft plus he is a left handed pitcher. 3 outstanding pitches, very nice movement, and no real weakness right now. Should contend for Cy Young awards.

    Grade: A+

    2. Florida: SP Roberto Silva

    A top 3 talent in the draft, and the most well rounded of the pitchers in this class. 6 pitches, all at least above average, velocity, and produces ground balls. Only weakness is that he is not known for going deep into games.

    Grade: A

    3. Kansas City: CF Dusty Kelly

    Looked to be the best bat in the draft, but scouts are already second guessing their initial read on him. Looked to be a high contact and power bat who could run and play defense, but scouts no longer see him as a 4 tool player. Our scouts have lost a lot of faith in Kelly, who now, at best, looks to be a defense first guy who can run but useless with the bat. Not sure why KC still signed him, as he was already dying in scout's eyes before taking his signing bonus.

    Grade: F

    4. Cleveland: SP Mark Vaughn

    The most developed arm in the draft was selected by the system known for murdering high draft picks. Vaughn has survived so far and looks to be an ace in the making. Vaughn was the 2nd best player in my eyes, along with being a safe pick. Cleveland got a very nice pick here.

    Grade: A

    5. Boston: SP Jesus Robles

    Another starter goes early in the draft, but as of now, Robles looks to be a little bit behind the three taken ahead of him. Not a knock on him at all, as he still projects as a #1 starter for some teams and a #2 for the rest. Another safe pick who is solidly developed. If he could develop his curveball at all, he'd be a #1 for anyone.

    Grade: A

    6. Pittsburgh: SP Kevin Dreisewerd

    The fifth starter chosen in the first 6. Not at the level of the 4 above him at all, but still projects as a #2. Plus stuff and movement with above average control and 4 above average or better pitches. If he could add a couple MPH to his fastball, he could be in the same tier as the guys above him.

    Grade: A-

    7. Seattle: SS Ben Saunders

    I have no idea, honestly. Mediocre defensively, below average contact, average speed for an infielder. All he has is power. Pick makes even less sense since Seattle has George Murphy in their system. One of the outfielders would have made far more sense here.

    Grade: D

    8. Tampa Bay: SP Arthur O'Moledy

    Good old Ol' Moldy. Projects as a #2. I liked a couple of bats far more, and one other arm more than O'Moledy, but for a team that is not deep at all in pitching prospects, this pick is not bad whatsoever. A little bit of a reach, but still a solid selection.

    Grade: B

    9. Milwaukee: RF/SP Emerson Parks

    This guy should not have been on the board anymore. Better than all 3 players ahead of him as a batter and as a pitcher. A high contact bat who should have an outstanding OBP in his career AND a very good left handed starting pitcher. Milwaukee was given a gift by having Parks still available at this point.

    Grade: A+

    10. New York Mets: SP Mark Watkins

    A pretty hefty reach on this one. Spending a top 10 pick on a reliever who isn't insanely talented is a waste. A starter would have much more value here, and there are still a few high end bats available.

    Grade: D-

    11. San Diego: CF Vern Henderson

    One of those outfielders I've been mentioning. Has plus contact, power, and speed. Good defensively (albeit a few mental lapses leading to errors) and can improve. Might not be a huge OBP guy, but still solid in that regard. A top 8 talent grabbed at 11 is never a bad thing.

    Grade: A

    12. Los Angeles Dodgers: SP Jim Brown

    Here is where the drop off starts for pitchers. Brown is solid, but definitely not worth taking here with some of the bats still left on the board. This is a situation where BPA > Need due to the talent disparity.

    Grade: C-

    13. Atlanta: SS Nicola Raia

    Was a huge reach when selected, and has regressed off of that. Not worth this selection, and Atlanta agreed, not signing him.

    Pick: F (Not Signed)

    14. St. Louis: SP Alfonso Estrada

    Wasn't a big fan of this pick when he was made. He's not good but not bad at anything. Not a guy you see going in the first half of the first round, especially with a couple of solid bats left. Can't see him being anything more than a #4 at best.

    Grade: D+

    15. St. Louis: CF Alan Stephens

    Wasn't a huge fan of him, but he was a good value where selected. He has not meshed well with his coaches in the STL system, however, and scouts are wondering if it will hurt his development.

    Grade: C+

    16. Tampa Bay: SP Hugh O'Gill

    O'Gill is a solid pick for where he was selected. No pitchers at this point are going to be without weakness, but O'Gill was one of the guys who had a bigtime strength. Projects as a high strikeout pitcher with average control and movement. As long as he can keep the ball down in the zone, he should be a successful pitcher.

    Grade: B

    17. Toronto: CF Paul Bowen

    Why is this guy still on the board? Far more talent than the players taken ahead of him. Fast, versatile defender with average contact and above average everything else. Definitely talented enough to be a top 10 pick in this draft.

    Grade: A

    18. New York Yankees: SP Rod Nielsen

    A better starter spec than the last 2 starters chosen in this draft. Not as good as the guy drafted behind him. He is a lefty arm, which are in short supply this year, and is extremely young so who knows how he pans out. Has the talent to turn into a solid #3 starter.

    Grade: B

    19. Detroit: SP John Ellis

    A definite lottery ticket. Guy has a ton of talent and can make the ball dance once he throws it. However, sometimes the ball outdances him and he has no clue where it is going. If he can harness his stuff and get some control, this is a possible Cy Young talent. If he never finds that control, nothing more than a bullpen arm. However, in this draft, that is a lottery ticket worth playing, especially with a deep farm like Detroit has.

    Grade: A

    20. Arizona: SS Lou Dunlap

    Bad player. can't make contact with the ball, and not good enough elsewhere (minus speed) to make up for this. Went unsigned for a good reason.

    Grade: F+

    21. Oakland: CL Jorge Gonzales

    Gonzales has the talent to be a lockdown setup man or closer in the future. With the lack of talented players available, a relief pitcher makes perfect sense. Also a pretty safe pick due to age/development level.

    Grade: A-

    22. Anaheim: 1B Jesus Romero

    Very talented bat who knows how to play first base. Surprised he fell this far. Doesn't look like a superstar, but definitely talented enough to hold a starting gig at first base.

    Grade: B+

    23. Arizona: MR Mark Mueller

    Relievers are starting to go now. While I liked the guy selected next more (at the time of the draft), Mueller does have some solid talent to be a nice setup man in the pen. Still young and should add some MPH to his pitches.

    Grade: B-

    24. Texas: CL Tom Wilson

    Texas grabs the hometown talent in Wilson, who is good enough to be a solid pen arm. However, scouts are questioning his control and health, now that he is throwing softer than in college.

    Grade: B-

    25. San Diego: SS Daniel Field

    Field looks like a solid bat. Not outstanding at any major skill, but not under average at anything either. Good enough defensively with the ability to play all over the infield. Won't be a superstar, but should be a ballplayer.

    Grade: B

    26. San Diego: CL Tracy Harris

    Harris is a great fit for Petco. Throws a cutter that Mariano Rivera would be proud of. But he does not keep it down in the zone enough and can be homer prone, which Petco helps to neutralize. If this pick was by anyone else, I wouldn't like it as much.

    Grade: B+

    27. Chicago White Sox: SS Guillaume Meyer

    Not a big fan of this choice. There was a better infielder on the board. Meyer is decent, but may only make the major leagues due to his defensive ability.

    Grade: C-

    28. Houston: SP Jason Bacon

    Best name in the draft, but the name doesn't do much on the field. Scouts are questioning Bacon now that they have seen him face older, more talented competition. Right now, doesn't look like a major leaguer. But if he rediscovers what he had in college, he could be a #4/5.

    Grade: D-

    29. Chicago Cubs: 2B Dave Donahue

    Best pick in the draft. Absolute stud.

    Kidding. Solid contact bat with a penchant for avoiding strikeouts, and a very good middle infielder who can run. No power, and not known for taking a walk. Players like him have had success lately, but they seem to be hit or miss. Chicago can afford to gamble with their deep farm system.

    Grade: A+++++ (Kidding) B

    30. Cincinnati: MR Juan Rivos

    Looks to be a solid relief prospect. Made the right choice not signing last year and worked his way up almost a full round from late 2nd to late 1st. Has plenty of talent, and has more movement on his pitches than most bullpen arms, but doesn't have the pure stuff they have. Projects as a setup man who could close.

    Grade: B+

    31. Colorado: RF Robert Anthony

    Scouts have warmed up to Anthony since his entering the draft last season. If he keeps turning heads, he could turn into a solid baseball player. But he's a pure lottery ticket right now who would be nothing if he plateaus now.

    Grade: B-

    32. Minnesota: 1B Scott Combs

    Not a first round talent. Went unsigned. This is what happens when you don't make your draft pick in time, kids. You get a bum.

    Grade: F-

    33. Philadelphia: 1B Raul Esquivel

    High power bat with average contact. Slow but a very smart baserunner. Not a guy who is billowing with talent, but nobody is at this point in the draft.

    Grade: C

    34 (Supplemental). San Diego: SP Tom Terry

    Better than a few of the pitchers already drafted. Good control with a bit above average stuff and movement. Should be a solid back of the rotation starter at some point in his career.

    Grade: B

    35 (Supplemental). Minnesota: CL Pablo Perez

    Same as pick 32. MAKE YOUR PICKS, PEOPLE. This is what happens when you don't. You get garbage. Went unsigned.

    Grade: F-
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  2. sawemoff

    sawemoff #FearTheBeard

    Dec 29, 2011

    Good stuff and yes I was very surprised to see Jesus there, and even though he won't be a superstar it was an easy decision to take him.
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