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#3 Oregon @ #2 Arizona State

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Mogriffjr, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
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    #3 Oregon @ #2 Arizona State

    Arizona State was trying to get the monkey off their back going up against Moreecemos's led Oregon Ducks. Under Mo's hands, Oregon is 3-0 against Ramirez led ASU squad. This time, things would be different.

    Oregon had other ideas though as they jumped out to a 21-0 lead. A couple of key sequences...

    - Goodman caught a nice pass from Crowder to break the tie.
    - Down 7-0 and 3 yards away from paydirt and on a 4th down, Coach Ramirez instilled this aggressive playcalling in which he went for it, but they did not score. This and other numerous 4th down calls may have hurt ASU in the end.
    - Eric Sanni would finally stand up as a top LB, intercepting the Lambert pass and returning it 44 yards for the 14-0 lead.
    - Goodman would take the ball from snap for a 60 yard run.

    By then, the Oregon offense seemed to be unstoppable while the ASU unit was demoralized. But on the other end, Coach Ramirez was surely fired up. Less than 2 minutes later, Oregon was up 28-0. Fans were beginning to boo, the players seemed low and as ASU was about to head into halftime with a donut, ASU woke up and a nice drive ended with a Lambert pass to Silva gave ASU some sort of momentum and hope that they could come back from this huge defecit.

    The 2nd half came with Oregon sensing blood. Crowder took the snap, rolled to his right and saw Gerald Goodman wide open running down the sideline. As he threw the ball, the play of the game and possibly season was made when ASU CB Chad Scott grabbed the Crowder floater with one hand, broke 3-4 tackles and scored. The crowd roared and the Oregon team was shocked at the recent turn of events even up by 14, 28-14. Quickly the Oregon offense marched downfield with the help of FR-RB Keith McCarthy's long KR run of as Justin Harrell would punch it in from a yard out to put the score 35-14. ASU changed their offense by this time, opting for more shorter passes, runs and a more conservative offense and this may have been due to their freshman phenom, D.Ham being knocked out the game earlier. Right before the half, ASU would cut the defecit to 14 again with their own TD.

    Tensions rose as the 4th quarter arose. The Oregon defense, which was once stifling, gave up 21 points in the 3rd quarter. That game changing play by ASU LB had the crowd rowdy. Oregon's offense was seemingly chugging along instead of riding smoothly. With the 4th quarter beginning, Oregon continued to make big plays. Crowder made a great read on the ASU defense, opting for a streak over the slower and smaller ASU CB who was covering the 6'4" 94 speed WR Kris Moss. Moss would receive a perfectly placed ball in stride to give Oregon the 42-28 lead.

    It was then that Tramon Atkins showed up to the party. He made two HUGE plays with one being a 57 yard reception for a TD and then on ASU's next possession a 32 yard scamper to tie the game at 42. Oregon's coach never panicked. He simply just stuck to his guns...his main one, and that was RB Gerald Goodman. After the ASU score, Coach went right over to his star RB and said, "do what you do best GG..." Goodman would display the shiftiness and speed that makes him one of the best in collegiate sports. On the HB blast, Goodman juked right...got tangled up with one of his blocker, then shifted left into a small hole in which he snaked through and scampered 70 yards for a huge TD score to give Oregon the 49-42. With 2:52 left, Oregon needed to play defense.

    It was more of a bend but don't break as ASU marched down the field slowly but surely which went like this:

    - 7 yard rush by Atkins
    - -2 yard rush by Atkins
    - Lambert to Silva for 8 yards (1st)
    - Lambert to Silva for 9 yards (1st)
    - Lambert incomplete pass to Moore
    - 3 yard rush by Atkins (1st)
    - Lambert to Silva for 13 yards (1st)
    - Lambert to Atkins for 11 yards (1st)
    - Lambert to Silva for -5 yards
    - Lambert to Love for 7 yards
    - Lambert to Love for 11 yards

    At this point ASU was on Oregon's 11 yard line. 1st down, Lambert threw an incomplete pass to Silva which was almost picked by Oregon FS Joseph Ross. "#$%^$@#!!!" shouted Coach Moreecemos. 2nd down Lambert hit Silva AGAIN for his 5th grab of the drive for 6 yards. 3rd and goal with 4 yards left, Lambert dropped back again, saw TE Singletary crossing the middle, hit him but the pass led him to outstretch his arms and the momentum kept him going towards the sideline instead of towards the endzone! A 2 yard pass was the end result. It was now 4th and goal from the Oregon 3 yard line. Lambert broke the huddle, audibled to a 5 wide shotgun set. Snap, Lambert looked....looked....looked...no one was open! He then begun to run for the endzone but was denied by Freshman phenom FS Robert Cunningham for the win! It was a heartbreaking loss by ASU but you can't deny the effort and the way they fought back after being down 28-0.

    QB Cory Crowder- 13/24, 245yds, 3TD's, INT
    RB Gerald Goodman- 14car, 184yds, 2TD's, 3rec, 49yds, TD
    WR Alonzo Landry- 3rec, 65yds, TD
    WR Kris Moss- 1 rec, 45yds, TD
    MLB Dan Moses- 11 tackles, FL
    FS Robert Cunningham- 9 tackles, 4FL, sack
    CB Victor Randall- 4 tackles, sack
    CB Jerry Richard- 6 tackles, INT
    OLB Eric Sanni- 4 tackles, FL, INT, TD

    QB Dominic Lambert- 26/37, 436yds, 3TD's, INT, 3car, 3yds, TD
    RB Tramon Atkins- 28car, 91yds, TD, 4rec, 126yds, TD
    WR Tommy Silva- 9rec, 120yds, TD
    WR Daniel Love- 7rec, 70yds
    WR Austin Moore- 5rec, 110yds, TD
    CB Chad Scott- 2 tackles, FL, sack, INT, TD
  2. MRamirez

    MRamirez Go Devils!

    Feb 11, 2009
    Yes it was a tough loss......

    Oregon stopped me at the Goal Line twice.......twice!

    Oregon won the Turnover Battle 3-1....

    Outside of two big Oregon runs by Goodman he had stopped moving the ball and he was throwing into heavy coverage the momentum had turned...

    At the end I would have scored again but the clock was down to 10 seconds and I called two bad plays...bummer!

    We will have to see how the Pac-10 plays out now....

    It takes a game like this against your nemesis to gain confidence.... My scheme was right I just had to slow down and play ASU football.
  3. jms493

    jms493 Veteran Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    WOW!!!!!!!! Thats a crazy game. Nice write up mo.....I was getting nervous just reading the last drive....lol
  4. RynoAid

    RynoAid ..

    Feb 9, 2009
    Ramirez game = booty...:D
  5. jfosh

    jfosh Super

    Feb 10, 2009
    HAMM and eggs. 28-0 wow!! Couldn't adjust without that mutant running @ wideout. What an ending to a great game. Can Oregon closeout? Will ASU implode or backdoor in to the confrence championship again? Lots of intrigue remains in the PAC-10 season.
  6. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
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    yeah it's still a long way to go in the Pac-10...heh.

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